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Was i drugged?
I need help. Last night i was offered pot by some of my boyfriends friends. I had smoked before and kept bragging about how it never effects me. I took a few puffs. My heart started racing and i felt like i was gonna throw up. My mouth got dry. My friend came to the bathroom. He tried to give me a cold rag. I told them all to go away. I ended up leaving the house and walking barefoot in the cold. His two friends chased me down in the car lauging. I felt like i was in hell. My bad deeds flashed before me. I knocked on these girls house. They were laughing and not wanted to help. I felt like i was gonna die. Two times i felt like killing myself to escape. I finally made it to the hospital. A hundred people kept talking to me, the police, etc. I am still paranoid today and shaking. My heart is beating fast. Was it laced with something? Please just be nice.

sounds like it... no more drugs for you missy.

be good.

Serves you right for taking drugs in the first place.

And as for 'were you drugged'... of course you were. You drugged yourself.

maybe it wasnt pot...it could have been something else!! yes sounds like you were!

Yes, it does sound like it was laced.

Now you know you can't trust those people who you toked with and were laughing at your reaction. Find new friends and only toke if you know the source well enough to risk it. Never smoke dope at a party, unless you bring your own ;)

Try to calm down now, and realize the panic reaction is residue of the "Mickey" you were slipped.

Be safe, be paranoid.

Shredded Cottage Cheese
were you drugged?! You smoked pot. What do you think?! Yeah it was probably laced with PCP or something. Congrats. You parents must be so proud!

Newt from Aliens
Yes, it was laced. Did you file a police report? These people are NOT your friends!

Yes and probably because you said it had no effect on you.

Yes you were drugged,take care next time,choose your friends,I'll remind you again,you are so respected lady in the society.

Julie T
I am so sorry to hear this happend to you. Anytime you smoke pot (unless you get it from the same person everytime) there is a chance it could be laced with something. And all pot seems to be different, I had a similar experience but it was the first time I smoked it. Just try and calm yourself down and realize you can't die from smoking pot, however if it was laced with something, you could be having a reaction to whatever it is. I would try taking Benadryl, it will make you tired, but it good for allergic reactions. I am an EMT and this is the best advice I can give you, I'm not a Dr. so this is just my advice. If you still feel this way after a day I would suggest you go to your Dr. Hope this helped and feel better soon.

[email protected]
Sometimes pot cigarettes are dipped in other things...such as acid,and other chemicals.You probley got one that was dipped in something.

Learn your lesson.Don't smoke again.Also don't hang out with your boyfriends' friends again.They obviously don't care about your well being.

It is a possibility that it was lace but there still is a possibility that you just had a different type of marijuana. There are over ten different kinds I can think of and some are stronger than others. You may have had a mid grade or higher version which is when they add extra chemicals to make the marijuana stronger. Your body is going through withdrawal's and it will for awhile. You will feel the side affects and flash backs for a while but eventually with time it will stop. Each person varies it depends on what kind they smoked and how well there body responds. It happened to me before and I had flashbacks and anxiety attacks for the remaining of the year! Just don't do it again your body does not respond well to drugs next time it could be more serious! After my experience I NEVER did that again and it has been almost 20 years ago....You don't wanna play around with your heart!Be Careful!!!!!

maybe with acid, what did the hospital say?

Laced with PCP perhaps?

Benjamin R
I've had a similar experience with ecstasy. Needless to say i never did that again. also i found out the hard way that i was allergic to perkasets. I'm not gonna preach to ya about what you should-shouldn't do, but just be careful. Pot is pretty harmless but the things people will put with it can be lethal.
experimenting can be fun and seem cool, but when you look back at your life in years to come you'll be asking yourself why did i ever do that stupid crap.
My best friend and i grew up together through our teenage years. We experimented, thought it was cool, I grew up went to college got married and have babies on the way.
My friend decided that partying was more important, now he is addicted to Methadone, can't hold a job, drives a ragged out truck, has lost all contact with friends and family, and has little control of his life.

So ask yourself: Do i want a happy fulfilling life Or do i want to be out of control.

I'm 23 and still smoke mary J. but i grew up.

angeldust is my only guess

If you went to the hospital as you say in your question, then they should have been able to test you and see what was in your system.

I remember that the first few times Ismoked it had no effect on me also. That is pretty common. I also remember the first time it did have effect....and it can be way more intense than that. It sounds like you just got the effect of getting high for the first time. It does not stay so intense after that...but you decide if you want to keep trying or not.

NO, you were not. What you described is basically every ones first time to get high. Trust me it will only be like that the first 2 or 3 times. You will beg god not to let you die. After that it has a much more mild effect.

did they draw blood at the hospital? toxicology results should let you know what was in it for sure. best wishes

Mr. 74
I have a CA Cannibus Club card, and even there I can't get pot good enough to do ANY of that, and I've been smoking for over 10 years. You definately smoked some laced pot. Most likely it was Cocaine or possibly PCP. If you hallucinated, it was the latter. If you went to the hospital, did they not take blood from you? Their lab could have perfomed tests to determine what toxins you've ingested. From there, they would try to detox you. I think you'd still be hospitalized and under observation at this point.

I work in a hospital ER and have seen this kind of thing before.

Good story, but I'm sensing it's lacking some truth. Email me if I'm wrong, or provide me with more details.

And a rule of thumb for Pot-smokers: Never smoke with someone you don't know, and ESPECIALLY don't smoke a joint a stranger offers you, if you did not see them roll it. You never know what might be in it! Also, if you're unsure, watch to see how they react to it, then make a choice.

POINT 2: As far as the other say about "cutting" other drugs into pot to make it cheaper...that only happens with Cocaine, crank (meth) and crack. Chemicals added to it so the seller can make more profit with less of the actual drug. You can't really do that with marijuana, since it's a plant. Sure, someone could add Oregano or something, so if you're bag of pot smells like a spice cabinet, it's no good.

People, don't give advice if you don't know what the hell you're talking about! And quit putting this person down for experimenting a little. You act as if you have never done anything outside the lines!

it probably wasn't laced but it sounds like you got some dank *** weed. I wish I could find some like that. Sometimes it doesn't affect you the first few times you smoke. You probably weren't drugged, the paranoia and dry mouth are common. If you just take a second and chill out once you're high, it will get better, just don't worry about it, listen to some good music and have a good time.

My guess is it was some good s.

Most people don't get high the first few times. Then they get sleepy. Then you got a hold of some good s and you got way stoned and way paranoid. It's happened to me. Keep away from those people. Get some common sense. And don't do drugs.

Fox On Fire (Dig In!)
agreed ^

It could have been stronger then you thought it would be

If it tasted like an herb, it was probably just strong weed. Marijuana is an hallucinogen, so if you are not a "frequent" user it can, affect you like what you describe. The affects of marijuana last 24 hours. During this time you'll be "high" for a couple hours the rest of the effects are from the body processing the chemicals you've ingested. If you tasted something else that was unnatural you got "laced" weed. It sounds like anxiety for the event, (not lacing), allow time to get your body and mind together. Peer pressure is underrated I think it's the hardest thing to deal with, stay away from those guys and drugs.

i agree, the good stuff makes me really paranoid

Most likely laced. Amphetamine or angel dust (Cocaine). Sorry about your night.

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