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Upcoming blood test. SO.FREAKING.SCARED.?
In the next few weeks i'm going to the doctor for a suspected health problem. I will probably have to get some blood drawn. I am absolutely terrified of having my blood drawn.
I can handle getting shots, but this scares me sh*tless for some reason. I definitely want to have it done because I would really like to see if i'm sick or not, but I am so terrified.
And it doesn't help that my mother has always talked about how horrible getting your blood drawn is.
What's the procedure like? Does it hurt? Will I pass out? Will they find a vein quick? Will it take a long time? What are some tips you can give me to make it not so bad?
Additional Details
Edit: Wow, thanks for all the answers guys!

doc lawrence
hi there! Im a phlebotomist(take blood) and it really it is a simple process..... it only takes seconds and you should tell your plebotomist your nervous so they can take the right actions..... a little inside tip is ask them to use a butterfly needle and you wont feel a thing..... you will be fine.. and to be honest with you i dislike parents that make a big deal out of blood draw its almost like they brainwash you with out even knowing it..... so if you get scared just breath deep and shut your eyes and relax..... trust me.......love your phlebotomist

Mari Girl
Don't you worry. It doesn't hurt one bit. Pinch the inner of your elbow then hold it there for ten seconds. That's sort of what it feels like. And no you wont pass out, They take as little blood as passable don't worry. And when you get there ask for someone who's been there for a longer period of time. They tend to find the vain faster. And if you can just forget about it. make a place in your mind where no on can disturb you. I told my brother this and he's not afraid anymore. Don't worry everything will be fine.

Call the lab or doctor's office a day ahead of time and ask them if you have to fast. If not, be sure to eat and drink something ahead of time. This will help you avoid dehydration, so it will be easier to find a vein. Also you will be less likely to get faint or lightheaded or nauseated.

Don't be shy about telling the nurse that you are fearful. Lots of people find it unpleasant. Don't look when the needle is inserted and don't look until it's taken out and they tell you to apply pressure to your arm. Also listen when they tell you to make a fist (makes the veins stand out) and when they tell you to relax your hand.

I have this done fairly often. Sometimes it is painful, sometimes I don't feel a thing. Sometimes they have a hard time finding a vein, maybe because I have to fast, but I'm not sure. Usually it's no big deal and it's over very quickly. Remember they are taking blood from the vein, not an artery, so it's not under much pressure and it's not going to squirt out like in Kill Bill. It's too bad your mom is telling you these stories, because the more relaxed and less fearful you are, the easier it will be.

La Mexicana... ;)
havent u ever had to have blood tests earlier?? well, no it doesnt hurt. it just like, imagine a small tiny needle that pinches u. they will probably take a band and wrap it around ur arm and the inflate it so that then can see the vein better. then they will ask you to relax, then they will insert the shot draw some blood, and thats it. its better if u look at another place and think of something positive( i look away because i dont like to see the blood, but if i see it nothing happens either) its not like a terrible hurting pain, its just like an everyday normal thing. dont worry ull be ok=)

P.S. while i was taking some pills that the doctor recomended me against( i forgot what it was, lol) i had to have my blood drawn every month to see if i was ok. again, dont worry, its nothing out of the ordinary=D

Well, first off you will not die. That was a stupid answer. It doesn't hurt and looking away helps. Try thinking of something fun that you like to do. I was so scarred one time that I did pass out. It was only because I was so frightened though. Now I try to remain calm and it really only takes a few minutes.

getting blood drawn isn't that bad. best thing i can tell you is dring a lot of water in the next few weeks. its easier and quicker for them to find veins if you're hydrated.

I'm pretty scared of it too and I've had it done about 4 times now in my life. I did pass out once. Be sure youre laying down because when I passed out these idiots werent watching very carefully and I almost got seriously hurt. So just make sure youre laying down and try to think about something else. It doesnt hurt very bad, kind of like a regular shot, and it takes about 1 minute usually. Ive never had them poke all over trying to find veins but I have vascular arms. You'll be fine!

There is nothing to be scared of as it dont hurt, you will not pass out

In God We Trust
From one person who doesn't like the old blood test, be calm. Why not tell the doctor what your concerns are about? He will listen to all of your problems and calmly and quickly administer the much needed blood test. He will also give you a definite answer about your health problems. Believe me, your blood tests are very important to determine what you are afflicted with. God has blessed me over and over just because he knows that I have faith in him. What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us? - Romans 8:31. The Lord daily loadeth us with benefits, even the God of our salvation. Selah. - Psalm 68:19. Between you and me, upon entering the room of any building quietly say, "Peace be to this house." - Luke 10:5. Peace and God Bless.

i had my blood drawn before
it's really not that bad
they will have to tie a thing around your arm to make your veins more visable and if you have a good doctor/ nurse then it won't take long to find a vein at all and you can even request someone with a lot of experience to ensure that it will be fast and as painless as possible
and it really doesn't take very long only about a minute actually a little less
just don't look at the blood filling up in the canister and you'll be fine
and try having someone there with you that you can talk to even if what you are saying is really random and makes no sense - it'll help and it'll keep your mind off of what's going on

good luck

Hey, I don't like it either. It really doesn't hurt. They will try to distract you while it's being done, and get you talking about something else. It's not as bad as it seems.
Good luck,

Relax, it is uncomfortable but but you're not going to pass out, I don't think. If you're cooperative with the Doctor/Staff the procedure will be fast and easy, if you fight it you are only going to make hard.

I hope everything goes well. Good luck!

There is no need to be worried. Don't listen to your mum, listen to is. I never had my blood drawn till I was 18 and I really nervous about it but the nurse did everything really quickly and kept my mind occupied on other things. It was just a small pinch which lasted a few seconds. Since that day I have had several IV's, blood tests, and I am now a regular blood donor and the best thing you can do beforehand is to drink plenty of water as it helps the veins stand out abit better and whatever you do don't have caffine. Caffine always make my veins run away and hide.

Good luck, be brave :-)

I get blood drawn twice a year and it's no big deal at all - don't worry. This is what will happen. You will be called into a small room and will be asked to sit on a chair. The doctor will make small talk with you and you will see him taking out a rubber band. He will ask you to make a fist in your arm (usually your right arm). Then he will tie the rubber band around your arm tightly (it can hurt a little, but it's not a big deal). Then he will hold your arm and tap with his fingers the area of the inside of your elbow. This will make the vein protrude more, so that he will be able to find it quicker. He will then tell you to sit still. When he tells you this - a word of advice - close your eyes, turn your head away from him and just "zone out" for a minute - make yourself not think about anything or think about something pleasant. When he will insert the needle, it will only hurt for one second and it will feel like a pinch and a bit of a sting.

After a few seconds you will not feel much but you may feel a bit of a tingly sensation in your arm - just ignore it and keep your eyes closed and your mind focused on something else. After about a minute the doctor will withdraw the needle from your arm and he will then place a bandaid on the small puncture wound and will then ask you to bend your arm towards you and hold it in that position for a few seconds - this is to minimize bleeding, which will be minimal anyway. Sometimes the vein is not found right away and it takes a bit longer - if you listen to your doctor's instructions carefully and follow them when he asks you to hold your fist, etc... it will help the vein show more and will minimize the chances of him not finding the vein quick.

In terms of passing out, it depends on the person. I have never passed out, but a friend of mine passes out sometimes when she gets her blood drawn. Try not to be too nervous, because that could make you pass out. Also, if you're anemic, you may want to drink some orange juice before getting your blood drawn - or anything else with vitamin C, like tomato or mango (unless your doctor tells you not to consume anything before), and eat some foods with vitamin B12 and B6 - like milk or milk product, fish, or nuts, and have some food with iron - like an apple, chicken/turkey breast, tofu, beef, eggs, or leafy green vegetables. Any of these foods will prevent you from passing out during the blood test - it's best to have at least one item from each category.

The whole procedure takes about 2-3 minutes, depending on your doctor, how much blood they're drawing, and how quickly the vein is found, and it takes about a minute from the time the needle is put into the vein till the time it is taken out. Some people are more squemish than others, and some overexxagurate things, so just because someone had a bad experience, doesn't mean you will too. Tell your mother to stop telling you about her bad experience with getting her blood drawn because it does not help you and only puts you in a negative frame of mind. Honestly, the one part that hurts the most from all of this is later on removing the bandaid they put on your arm - they use cheap bandaids which are hard to peel off and will feel like you're waxing your arm - it hurts more than getting the blood drawn. So a word of advice, either shave the area on your arm where blood will be drawn to prevent the hairs on your arm from getting ripped when you'll be peeling the bandaid off, or just bring your own bandaid with you and ask the doctor to use that one on you instead (tell him at the beginning of the visit). So the only discomfort may be a little pinch that lasts for a few seconds - nothing to be scared of at all. The worrisome anticipation of the blood test is worst that the blood test itself, so don't worry yourself needlessly. Nothing bad will happen and it will be over in a flash. Best of luck to you. *hugs*

I think that getting your blood drawn is less painful than having a shot. Don't watch if you are afraid. Let the tech know you are afraid so they can be prepared. It's fast and simple. Think of something pleasant. I usually try to do the alphabet backwards when I have to face something unpleasant. Worth a try.

It's no big deal!
OK, this is what you do: just do not look at what they are doing. Close your eyes and do not open them until they are done. Chances are you'll not even notice anything.

Bring you IPOD and look the other way when they start is the best thing. Yes it will hurt a little, breaking a bone hurts MUCH worse. Yes they might have to dig around in there a little, that hurts too, but jamming your toe into the table leg hurts worse! When I go they usually take 3 tubes of blood, they stick me once and then just change tubes until they are done. When I gave Platelets they stuck me in both arms and hooked me up to a machine for over 2 hours. It felt like they were sticking a ball point pen in there, it was HUGE!!!! Yours will be tiny, smaller than a sewing needle.

Just make sure a nurse does it because doctors are notoriously bad at drawing blood.

It's usually very quick and fairly painless. If you already know of a place where you have a vein naturally sticking up don't be afraid to tell them.

They will wrap a rubber strip around your bicep and tell you to squeeze your fist. You can look away while they stick the needle in and in less than a minute you are done.

I get blood drawn all the time and it's no sweat! Stop fretting over it, you'll do fine.

Dave D
dont worry and don't watch the needle go in make sure not to tense your muscle where the needle is going because if you do that for the next few days it'll be EXTREMLY sore most of all just stay calm your not gonna die from loosing a little blood i had a heart diasese when i was born i got surgery when i was a month old so trust me if people didn't draw blood i would be dead

D and G Gifts Etc
When you go in to get your blood drawn tell the phlebotomist (blood drawer) that you are scared about getting it done. It should only take a few mins to get the blood that they need. A good phlebotomist will only take a second to find the vein. If you happen to get one that takes longer or seems to be looking for the vein once the needle is in speak up. Tell them that you would like someone else.

Having blood drawn is less painful than mosquito bite. I always sit and relax for just a second and look at something other than the proceedure. Concentrate on something else and it will be over in 2 seconds.

relax, look the other way, have a friend with you, it stings a tiny bit at first and thats about it. i get a blood test 2 times a year, im used to it now but years ago i was like you. hang in there and good luck.

r. d. naples
I remember the first time I had blood drawn. I was in the exact same position. I was SO nervous!

To my surprise everything went WAY easier than I had expected. I absolutely hate being dizzy or feeling sick and I've heard that giving blood can cause both... I neither felt sick nor dizzy from giving blood. It was surprisingly easy!

Dont be scared at i have had it done, to me it feels like a little pinch. It may help if you dont look when they put the needle in. It doesnt take to long if they get to the vein on the first try. Dont worry you'll be fine. Think happy thoughts.:)

Everybodys different. In my experience very few people find it distressing. When we say just a scratch, thats all it is, if that.
Also it depends how good your veins are but 99% of folk give up their blood easily. If you are still worried then u can have some mild anaesthetic cream put on your arm.This takes about 30 - 45 mins to work but u wont feel a thing. Ask your practice nurse about this. Do Not believe all the horror stories. Talk through the procedure about holidays etc and it will be done b4 u know it

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