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Uhh how do you make yourself throw up?
im not bulimic or anything
but im REAAALLY not feeling good lol.
ive tried my finger and a toothbrush?
but they both didnt work?
any ideas!? :(

you may have diarrria if u really feel sick just let it come out

Theres a pill i think that can make you throw up...maybe laxatives would be better if you dont feel good-to empty your stomach...im not a health expert or anything so im not sure how safe this advice is...but i dont know how to make myself throw up either lol

Jeff D
ummm...ur stupid u dont ever try to make urself throw up... ur body will do what it needs to do for you.

Don't. Trust me. Take some anacid tablets like Tums. I'm sure your parent's have some. Rest, drink juice, take an Ibuprofen, tell someone you aren't feeling well, go to a doctor. Just DO NOT make yourself throw up. That will further along the problem.

1. epicac syrup. It woks every time!!

2. Drink straight salt water

3. Or castor Oil. (it is supposed to be like a laxative, but, I am gagging just thinking about it!!

dont start now

drink musturd, milk, and ketchup blended trust me it worked on my cusin!

stick ur finger further!! if u throw up then ok if u dont then just stop.

Don't try to make yourself vomit unless you've ingested a particular poisin!

go to a doctor.

Syrup of Ipecac does the trick.

Just Bein' Me
Take Maalox or something for your upset stomach. Maybe you just need to have a bowel movement.

Your body will throw up on its own if it really needs to. Just concentrate on the nausea and let it happen...

Try something thicker than a toothbrush or your finger like a marker or something.

You need to touch your uvula, that dangly thing in your throat. If that doesn't let you throw up, then you don't really have anything TO throw up.

even if you are not any of those i would not throw up just wait till you get really sick then do that!!!!!!!!!!! hope you get feeling better!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan F

Steve J
Tell ur brother or sister or parents to poop, and after they come out go in...And BLAHHH!

You could try getting drunk. That works for me. JK. There is some syrup that you can take. (ipicat ) SP? You might end up feeling worse after. Sometimes if I cough a lot it makes me puke.

Li Tho
Go to your local pharmacy and ask them, there use to be this stuff you could drink and parents could give to children who had bad tummy aches

Cavin G
Rub the back of your throat for a long time until you throw up.

dont know much
I look at my credit card bill ... that always make me sick..If that doesnt work you could try salty water Ugh!

look at your bestfriends face that'll help.

Nick K
well you take a thermometer in your mouth like your taking your temperature then you gag (try like 3 times) you'll know what im talking about once you try

don't make urself throw up cuz then u'll hurt urself even more and it doesn't feel good. yeah maybe you should go to ur parents and say ur not feeling well.

my 2¢ worth
Nice. No gag reflex.

drink about 2-3 glasses of water and stick some thing long and round in the back of your throat

If it's meant to come back up then it will. Don't force it you can really hurt yourself.

Try my mother-in-law's meatloaf.................


It's a natural bodily response to throw up..

If you're gona barf.. let your body do it.. You'll only make yourself feel worse.

get a tooth brush and put in your mouth, u know the little thing that hangs down in the back of your mouth? well hit that till your throw up, it works everytime lol. Im not bulimic, my friends are and they talk to me about it.

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