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This happens to me almost every morning. does it happen to you?
the majority of my mornings, my alarm clock goes off. i hit "snooze" and i guess i might fall back asleep, or i might be thinking. i don't know

but i think to myself that i get up, get dressed, brush my teeth, and i'm ready to go to work. but then my alarm goes back off and i'm still in bed!

it happens almost every morning!
does this happen to you?

Oh yeah all the time! I'm not a morning person at all.

That happens to me in the middle of the night when I need to pee really bad...I dream that I've gone to potty but I really HAVEN'T!

Luckily I haven't wet the bed since I was like 5...

hahha yeah always.. its annoying once i actually get up tho because it's like damn, i wish it was that easy

susie :-))

yea, it happened to me quite a few times, but now that i go to bed earlier and get more sleep it stopped, so maybe that might work 4 u too.

uhh, not really. Only like once or twice.

its anoying. unfortunetly i don't think it can be stopped. Actually there is a way to alter dreams but i think its hard. One time it happened 7 times in the same dream.

heck yea. that happens to me when it time to go to school in the mornings. sometimes i be late.. my suggestion is to go to bed at 8 if u have to,


these sleeves hide scars better
yeah in my mind i imagine myself doing that weird...........

It happens to me.

Yes!!!! like every morning! lol. I used to set my alarm to 6:30, but now I have to set it to 5:30, b/c I always go back to sleep for like an hour- hour and a half!!!!

yes.. its completely normal...
just dreaming about what you have to do...

That is one thing that happens to me. Other annoying morning rituals: Turning of the alarm in my sleep....several times. Turning alarm up to prevent previous problem = falling out of bed when it goes off. Solutions I've found are to put the alarm faaar out of reach, forcing me to actually get up.

Cassey W
yh sometimes nt too often thoo
its weird int it except its my mum shouting me and me thinkin i have got up and gone down stairs to get my breakfast

Somtimes it does, especially when I'm working long hours, maybe you need a break.

10w2d until we meet Grant Ray
No, I put my alarm clock all the way across the room so I force myself to get up at 4:10am! Either that or I would probably do the same thing as you!

You need to get someone to come in and wake you up in addition to the alarm clock. You are falling asleep again.

jOyCe W
All the time!

No, not any more.

♪♫Just Me♪♫
Yes! On more than one occassion!

Wouldn't You Like To Know...
It has in the past ... and it is so annoying. You think you are done and ready to go, and then you realize wait, I haven't done anything yet. I hate that!

Not quite like that, but yes a lot of strange stuff goes off in my head within that 5 minute period. I've gone to the kitdhen to get that cup of coffee I dreamed I brewed. Weird stuff, and to think we drive cars. I scare me sometimes.

More than once here, but I agree.....put your alarm across the room, or far enough that you have to get up in order to turn it off

yessss all the time!
i think i have gotten up... gotten ready for school (i need to wake up at 6) and next thing i know its 6:50!
i hate it but i can't help it.
i think i fall back and dream that, but i am not completely sure

my alarm goes off half an hour early because i'm chronically addicted to snooze.

Yeh it does, i think i am actually doing something but im not im lying there then its like dam all over again when the alarm goes off!

All the time!!!
Isn't it the weirdest??

Fred T
yeah. but i have learned to discipline myself. u have to get up the first time it rings. NO SNOOZE! i love it just as much as u but it will ruin ur mornig.


place the alarm clock far enough from your bed that you'd have to WALK over in order to snooze it..

it worked for me... hope this helps

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