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Tattoos: Are they attractive or nasty?
I personally don't find tattoos to be attractive. But to each his own!
Additional Details
How about lower-back tattoos on women? Just to throw out one example...

They can be attractive if done tastefully and they need to have a meaning! I am a mother of two and I have seven tattoos. They are placed in discrete places and each one has a specific meaning. The design needs to "mean" the same thing the day you get one as the day you die, because they will last that long.
So, if you are thinking about getting a tattoo put some thought in to what it would mean to you in five or fifty years. You might want to even design your own.
Tattoo artist can draw up a design for you using your ideas!
Good luck!

I think there is a limit! A couple of tatoos maybe, if they could be covered up, but not like all over - i don't understand why people do that. I have 1 tattoo on my lower back and no its not a tramp stamp! I was a senior in high school and going thru the stage i want a tattoo! My boyfriends mom went with me for my graduation present! That was 5 years ago, but shes gonna be my mother n law soon! Yep we are getting married in June, I'm excited, but anyways... it still looks good, and it can be covered up. They are only trashy to me when people take them to far and like cover their whole arm or something, that to me is nasty...and they are not really attractive i don't guess, but I guess it tells you something about a person! The same as peircings it think. I mean you can take it to far where it looks trashy, but a few looks good!

I think small ones put in discrete places can be pretty! I hate big gody ones where people are just covered in them though.

I have a complete body tattoo of a human being on me.

Nah , they're nasty .


I don't find them attractive neccessarily, but as long as it's not too out of hand, like 30% or more covered, I don't have a problem with it. It's not something I would do to myself though.

Not really diggin' tats. Skin is good, but why "decorate" it with a permanent solution. People are so fickle, how can they get a tattoo and NEVER regret it. I think that is why the tattoo removal business is booming.

i think they are hot when applied in moderation.

I have a tatoo of a Dove/songbird on my shoulder and my fiance' has Arch angel wings on his back - both tatoos are only in black ink no colors -and both are very attractive tatoos we get compliments all the time especially from people who dont like tattoos - The point is as long as it is something tasteful/simple and not crazy looking than a tatoo can be attractive -

On you?
Fing hot!
but keep it small

and no CARTOONS for chrissake (unless you live in a trailer and never plan to move)

Full Of Questions
I find tattoos to be attractive if it is something that truely represents the person If the person is not into their ink believe u me it shows I have seen older men with their military tattoos and I do not think that the ink was nasty Granted life is going step in and do its thing However I do NOT find people riddled in tats attractive I have gotten a couple of tats myself and I have never had anyone complain I have a 1/2 tribal wrap around that I designed My best friend has the other 1/2 this was our way to get something to show our bf commitment I know its sad but its something that NO ONE can take away from us }we r platonic bfs{

Yes..i think ..its attractive.., not all over body tho.., but just one..., n it can be on any part of once body..depends on once liking.., on womans back..is good place to have one. But....its kind of trend to have one.., once the trend is off.., it 'ld be dificult to get rid of one..will have to go under laser surgery..n its painful..., wel now..one has to diced. R u rady take take the risk?

poison ivy
they were attractive when i was younger
but now not anymore
i have 1 on my lower back, and i totally REGRET it!
when my skin loose its elasticity, i wonder what's gonna happen to my tattoo =)

First thing: If a person takes care of their body, art work will not improve their looks.

Most tattoos are not well though out, just a last minute dare or a in memory of type.

The only female I have seen which it enhanced her looks, was a lady with a real thin Ivy which wraped around along her bikini line and followed the contour of her body.
It looked great on her.

I follow the rule, "Less is more".

Minimal, on a young person, alright
but those mega tatto-ed individuals, yes, those are indeed, nasty

Nasty. They get worse with age, are distracting in the sack and cause impotence in men.

Proud Mommy
I think tattoos are nasty because people over do it. I think if someone gets a tattoo they should put it somewhere it can be hidden at all times, and that it should be very small.
I had a friend who had one on the side of the base of her foot. It was a very small dolphin. Where it is located it is always hidden unless she doesn't have shoes on. She even wore a pair of sandals that day to make sure she could hide the tattoo with the strap.

Tattoos turn me RIGHT OFF!

Nope. Tattoos don't do anything for me either.
How about those disc or ring things that some have embedded in their ear lobes? Merrrcy Sadie!!

But,...like you said--"to each his own!"

EVERYBODY out there in Y!A "land"--Have a great day!!!!!

I do not find them attractive at all. I would never sit through the pain of someone continually sticking a needle in me to do their "artwork" on me. Not to mention the potential health risks.

I can go either way .. it depends on the tattoo, the person, the location, etc. And some thought as to what it's going to look like when you're 70 is important, too, I think. "Grandma! What's that ugly big vulture on your leg?" .. "It used to be a pretty little butterfly" :)

I've thought about getting my girls' initials put in small letters on my shoulder. But they're almost four and I haven't done it yet, so I'm not positive that it'll ever happen.

Depends on what it is and where it is.

I don't think they're too attractive and in my career field it's not very professional. But, lots of my friends have them. So, to each his own!

I don't mind tattooes on women, as long as they don't end up looking like a superdyke. I have tattooes and I like em, and I want to get more..

overdoing body art can get ugly...but SOME people look very nice with tats...

i prefer not to have any though...for numerous reasons...

It is a turn off to me. I don't want to see daddy's girl on a girl am going to marry lol

it could be atractive or nasty.
nasty: covered in tattoos (gross)
atractive: tiny ones that could be hidden
i have one thats a little butterfly on my ankle but THATS ALL!

Depends on what they are of and where and on a guy or girl.

I like tattoos if they are tastefully done and small. There is such a thing as too big and too many.

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