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Live Life LOUD
Smoking ban??
what does everyone think about the smoking ban starting 1st of july? i have heard alot of people say most people will not quit and some others say people will begin to smoke more indoors around children etc.

I think it's a bloody liberty! Interesting to note that the politicians that are so concerned about our health can still smoke in their bars but we can't. As already stated it should be down to individual pub owners whether they have a smoking/non smoking pub.As for kids - they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near licensed premises - keep your feral brats at home please.

As a non-smoker i am so pleased! i am tired of being put in the line of poison when i have actively chosen not to smoke! Most smoker are not aware of the fact that they are smoking filtered smoke but the people around them are being exposed to non-filtered smoke and that it is this that makes it more likely for a non-smoker to develop lung illnesses! i am so happy that I will be able to go out to pubs and night clubs and not worry about my health! Frankly it's about time we joined the developed world on this law!

I think it's ridiculous. So many people in pubs are smokers - I don't see why they can't have smoking sections and non-smoking sections, or landlords can choose whether to be non-smoking or not. Pubs aren't owned by the government, they're private enterprises, so why should they be forced to have a non smoking rule if they don't want to? If you don't like the smoke in pubs, don't go into smoking pubs, its as simple as that!

And as for people smoking outside the pubs instead, the streets will be littered with butts and rammed full of drunk people probably starting fights with each other.

Offices / factories etc have always had designated outside smoking areas - non-smokers dont have to go there, so where is the problem?

I really don't understand the smoking ban - there are usually designated smoking and non smoking areas in public buildings and no one forces non smokers to go into smoking areas. People will give up when they're ready to, not when they're forced to

I live in Scotland and it has been great. Come home at night without stinking of cigarettes. A downside is that all smokers stand in the entrance to bars, restaurants, offices, etc so you have to hold you breath to get past them. Other areas should be supplied. More people smoking in street.

I think its great. As a reformed smoker I hate going to places where there is a stink of smoke. What really annoys me is that our local shopping centre has a no smoking policy but allows smoking in restaurants....DOH!!!!
If people smoke around children anyway this ban will make no difference. The responsible parents smoke outside the house!

smoking ban has been in place in wales since April 2nd
as a smoker , I find it a little annoying , but must admit that the pubs and restaurants are a much more pleasant place , I enjoy a ciggy , but not the smell , I never smoke inside my house or any one elses . one drawback of the ban is that there is a lot of *** butts now outside public places , as there are no ashtrays and the pavements etc look pretty grim

I am all for it. It means I can take my children to resturants without worrying about smoke.
Cant beleive smokers are campaigning about their right to smoke......what about the non smokers right not to passive smoke?

This is in answer to Joanne, who thinks its a good idea for smoking and no smoking sections.

Most pubs, bars, restaurants and cafe's that have these sections, the smoke just wafts into the non smoking section, and we have to put up with it.

Why should the non smokers have to put up with a habit that is effectively lethal. You want to smoke, do it on your own time, in your own home or away from people that don't want to smoke.

It's bad enough that in my own home, the neighbours smoke like crazy and I can't even open the windows or doors because the smoke is constantly wafting through the open doors and windows, and it's not just normal cigarette smoke, but other things as well.

So if I can't have a private place such as my own home safe from smoking, why should I have to put up with it in bars, pubs, restaurants and cafe's just because you don't have the guts to quit.

You want to kill yourself, kill yourself. But don't pull the trigger and take me with you.

I have enough at home, without being able to go out and enjoy a good night out, without stinking clothes, sore throat and sore eyes.

I agree with extracts from most of the answers on here already. I agree non smokers shouldn't be forced to inhale second hand smoke. However as it has been pointed out this is supposed to be a free country (obviously not) and we all have rights and place within society.

I feel that there should be smoking and non smoking areas and strict sign posting so that non smokers do not wonder into smoking areas.and visa versa. I think there should be strict guidelines as to how these areas are ventilated and how and who they are cleaned.

I would also like to point out that there has been no concrete evidence that smoking cause diseases such as cancer emphicemia and other such diseases. Although there is prove that smoking does damage lungs and can cause decreased lung functionality.

Now would also be a good time to ask the question how is the NHS funded? A hell of a lot of it comes of the extortionate taxes in place for cigarettes. What some people seem to forget is that if eveyone who smokes was to quit over night, one the NHS would actually be serverely crippled if not bankrupted and two the country itself would find it has a serious deficit in its economy. They would have to find the tax from somewhere else, fuel alcohol stamp duty places like that.

I just think that instead of taking peoples human right to choose how they live their life's, we should be working towards a compromise as I suggested earlier.

I am a smoker have been for a few years now ever sense I turned 20. though I dont plan to quit just because I have to step outside to smoke I do think the ban is a great idea and I am in full support of it. everybody knows smoking kills be it first or second hand smoke, why do non smokers have to suffer for our habit? I believe smoking is my choice, its not healthy but it is still my choice. why damage somebody elses lungs against there own will?

I support the ban - overdue. The cigarette-ends in the entry argument is specious. Freedom is not for antisocial behaviours, it is for the (majority) of the population, including children, who should have the freedom to breath clean air.

Lorraine B
i don't agree with the no smoking ban its taking away our rights in a food place then i think this is ok but the rest i don't agree

john n
I like the way Freedom2Choose is protesting this. Does Freedom2Choose also support the freedom to choose not to be poisoned or have your meal out ruined by some inconsiderate person's cigarettes?

Smoking and non smoking areas indoors don't work because smoke travels anyway. Anyone whose ever taken a train in the carraige next to the smoking carraige can testify to this.

The idea that the smoking ban will destroy pubs etc is absolute unfounded nonsense - just go to Ireland or Scotland if you want the proof.

Smoking is nasty and disgusting. It makes people ill and smelly.

Hooray for the ban!

Roll on 1st July, I say. Why do smokers think that they have the right to affect non-smokers' health. I read this morning that a group of smokers is going to court to challenge the ban. They say it infringes their "rights". So what about the rights of non-smokers, who have chosen not to smoke because it is a health risk. Why should they have their "rights" violated. I dont say smokers should stop smoking.....fill your boots people.....but dont smoke anywhere near me, or other non-smokers, who would rather not die of lung cancer, or develop asthma or other breathing disorders. Our health is important to us, just because you don't care about yours, dont put us at risk.

I live in Scotland and the ban has been a great success here, its nice to be able to eat in a restaurant without someone elses smoke floating around.
I understand some smokers think their civil liberties are being infringed but non smokers should not be forced to breathe in smoke from others either. I am sure the debate will go on for many years yet but as a non smoker I think its great especially for kids who do not always have the choice of where mum and dad decide to take them.

I think it will be a good thing because people wont want to move to smoke unless they have to.. therefore going without. It keeps other people safe aswell. I hate smelling smoke in a cafe or anywhere indoors it gets everywhere even if your not near it you go home stinking of it. If they are responsible people they wont smoke around children.

Pleasant Peter Perkins
Anybody who deliberately smokes around children deserves to be shot. Ban or no ban.

I think it is a good thing. People say it is an infingement of their rights banning them from smoking in enclosed public places, but what about the rights of non smokers? We shouldn't have to be subjected to the risks from passive smoking.
If people choose to smoke more at home that is their choice and if they smoke more infront of children then I think that is selfish. Children should never be subjected to passive smoking.

The Smoking Ban is not to get people to stop ,but to protect the non-smokers.
But as most Chest/Lung illness is Smoking Related,the Ban could save the NHS millions.

I'm a smoker, but still agree with the ban. Smoke drifts and cant be kept in one area unless enclosed. Hopefully it will discourage young people from starting in the first place.

dels replies
It's a bit of all of these. Lots of people are giving up. They have wanted to stop for a while but this ban has given them the incentive to do something about it.Whether people will irresponsibly smoke more near children I don't know. I hope not. There is no ban on smoking as such,only where it is not permitted. The open air is OK. but places like schools and hospitals have banned smoking within their grounds athough they might be extensive open areas. There is also some controversy over places like bus stops, where people who are waiting may object to a smoker, although technically it is in the open.It will all settle down in time and smokers will find their solutions and non smokers will not have the noxious smoke whereever they are.

I agree with what Joanne said, What ever happened to free will!?
People are going to stop going out, and instead stay in and have people over to their houses and smoke round the kids, cos afterall you cant help it if the government are favouring people!
Pubs are going to be run out of business! and instead people should open their own bars in their houses, buy some beer kegs, bottles etc and flog it to their mates, and smoke to their hearts content!

On another note, if the rule was to be at pub owners descretion then i wouldnt be too bothered about it, I Don't agree with smoking in restaurants as its quite sick to be eating while there is smoke around, but in a public house, where alcohol is being served and Children aren't allowed anyway - i really dont see the problem!

Tony J
Why not make bars etc. declare if they are non smoking or not. That way the public could choose the ones that suit them and frequent them accordingly. The bars would then determine if they were making more money as a smoking bar or non smoking and change their status as they see fit. Staff in smoking bars would know they were going to be working in a smoking establishment and could either take the job or not.

Smoking is the easy option because smokers can be avoided but when are we going to do something about car exhaust fumes that are totally unavoidable?

Dazed n Confucious
The ban is a good idea. Smokers can always go outside to smoke, whereas non-smokers are often trapped inside in smoky environments where they have to be. Unlike some other self-harming practises, smoking directly harms those in the environment of the smoker. If a smoker wants to harm themself by smoking, they have that right, but they should not be empowered to affect others by being able to smoke around them in enclosed environments.

Has anyone thought about how the government are going to carrying on paying the NHS, they reckon that most of the money from smoking goes that way, so if everyone stops, how high will people's tax go up!!!!!

Everyone should have the right to choose to smoke ......or not too.........it is not an illegal substance.
The probles is that too many people think they have the right to stuff there ways and ideas down uther peoples throats.
But i do beleve that they should have the common sence NOT to smoke where it will affect other people !

I think "lauralove" has hit the nail on the head !!.......freedom.....what freedom ?

I'm a smoker and I'm in too minds about it, when I'm drinking i smoke a lot more, so not being able to will be a bonus. but on the other hand i disagree with people not having the freedom to choose. I'm not planning on stopping smoking because of the ban. just hoping to smoke less!!

Hiya, I live in Scotland and am now quite used to the smoking ban, as it started here over a year ago however, it did cause a lot of problems initially, and there was a huge increase in aggressive attacks in public houses etc. my feeling on the matter - another government decision that enforces the fact that we do NOT live in a free country.

don't stop the music ♪
It's a step in the right direction. As a non-smoker, I'm very happy about it.

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