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Should smoking be banned completly?
since, it is now generally excepted as a bloody stupid thing to do? why do people continue to smoke? are they ignorant or just plain stupid? so its tough to give up but many haver done it. there's nothing i hate more than being surrounded by a bunch of idiots causing my lungs irreparable damage. does any support my views? (by the way, i would answer this question with a resounding YES). why doesn't the government just tax it all to hell and put the money towards the NHS? (or, in places where the isn't one, start one). would that be a good idea?


i believe people should smoke if they wish to. I am trying to give up but still think it is wromg to ban it

YES, I think what people do in their own homes is entirely up to them. BUT do not inflict smoking onto other people. Smoke yourself to death, by all means, but do it at home. The trouble is this government wants the revenue/tax smoking creates !!!!!!

It should be banned and shortly will be banned in public places.
As to peoples' right to smoke. As long as they are nowhere near me or any of my family that it OK. Up on top of a mountain would be fine by me

I myself am a smoker and agree that it is selfish and irresponsible of people to smoke in the presence of non smokers. I don't want to be reponsible for causing someone else any harm due to my addiction and that's why I smoke away from non smokers. I agree with the smoking ban in public places as the more difficult you make it for people to smoke the better. I doubt if taxing tobacco any more would help as they are expensive as it is and if your a die hard smoker you'll find the money for them if you wanted.

Danny P
Nope not at all. We are still living in a free world and have free spirits so they can't take that away from us

No they won't ban it completely because they have too much money in it. If it was banned completely or super-mega-taxed it, people would still find a way+ there'd be even more of a illegal market going on+ back street deals going on. If that happens the goverment will miss out on that profit. + just like smoking- money, profit + greed is also addictive.

Why is it smokers are continuously made to feel like lepers. It's a drug, most would like to give up but we can't. Others have drying out clinics, drug rehabilitation centres what support do we get some chewing gum and a patch. STOP THIS DISCRIMINATION.

michael b
Yes in all public places, including the entrance areas of public buildings. Can't stand the stink of smoke or smokers !

jackie d
well Matthew when you buy my cigarettes for me then you can complain, I'm off for a tab now

I understand that smoking is to be banned next year. I have heard that since smoking was banned in Ireland, non-smokers have been using pubs in increasing numbers. Perhaps that will happen here.

There are those smokers who welcome this ban because it will help them to stop smoking.

I understand u completely, And I don't smoke, and I never will, I don't like when people smoke, BUT imagine people not being able to smoke, you think this world is bad, when those Nicotine monkeys start jumping in their backs, and they wont be able to smoke, we are going to be in some serious TROUBLE. So for now even if it is a dream of mine, that when I go by some one, the smokey air of theirs wont hit me in the face like a cement dodge ball, I am willing to take it in order to keep the bit of peace that we have now.

My source is one equation that mathematicians can't make sense out of, but for me, its completely clear.

yes yes ban it why should i go to my local pub and come out smelling like a dirty ash tray.

Firstly I would point out to you that out of the cost of a packet of cigarettes which are approximately £5.00p for 20, £4.75p of that is paid to the government in tax. I would call that taxing it to hell as you put it already. Secondly if smoking is such a bad thing then why did they knight the person that first brought it to this country, (Sir Walter Raleigh) And thirdly if all people that smoked were given the "magic pill" and all of them gave up overnight how would you feel about your income tax bill rising by about 50% to cover the revenue lost from tobacco tax? And finally there are so many places that have banned smoking nowadays so if you are worried about being surrounded by "idiots smoking" as you put it why not go somewhere that has a ban on smoking instead of being the "idiot" standing in the middle? I would also like to point out that even though i'm an "idiot smoker" I am able to spell correctly which is more than you can from looking at the words completely and haver??? so perhaps you should light up a smoke before asking your next question.

The government already taxes it to hell.
I smoke and I think if it was banned then the government would have to bump up the tax on everything else to cover the money they would lose if no-one bought cigarettes so we are actually doing you a favour.
Considering that the government takes about £4.00 in tax off every packet of 20 cigarettes sold and that 30% of people in the UK smoke then they are making billions of pounds a year from smokers and most of this money is pumped directly into the NHS.
The NHS would be on its knees if everyone stopped smoking even taking into account that the number of smoking related diseases would be reduced.
Theres now a smoking ban in public places and I expect that soon you wont be able to smoke outside so the non-smokers have got their way.
Maybe its time to leave the smokers alone?

And what about someones rights to be able to smoke?

I agree that smoking in public places should be banned, I'm a smoker and I hated it in a restaurant when someone would start smoking at a table next to me, and I am a considerate smoker, I don't smoke around other people ... but I want the right to be able to smoke in my own home, and I think that is my right to be able to do!

I have never smoked... not even tried it. But I don't think it can be banned. My father smokes and has tried giving up many times. He knows how bad it is, but it's a drug and can't be stopped that easily.

If it was banned, then can you imagine the underground dealings going on with tabaco? There are many fake tabaco products out there, and some are very dangerous due to the mix of chemicals used.

What I think would be better is to ban smoking in ALL public places. I was in Gatwick airport once, and I was eating in a restaurant when some guy behind me started smoking. I told him that it was a no smoking area and he stood up and threatend to punch me!

Then, someone else sitting nearby said "Who gives a s**t if it's no smoking. Get lost you do gooder!"

I couldn't believe the whole situation. I was about to inform a member of the airport staff, when I saw a Gatwick security person smoking too!

Odessa R
Ban smoking alcohol enough deaths caused by drunk drivers prescription drugs that can get you high , people have gone crazy and harm others while on drugs legal or other wise better yet make people buy a license to use all three maybe let he government regulate who can and who cant use these things ...I don't smoke drink once in a while medication only when I have to have it but ...my thinking is smoking is the least of my worries . in this day and age

While I would say yes is the answer, I won't.

First off - have you ever tried to quit smoking? It is really, really difficult - I am sure any smoker or ex-smoker will back me up there. sadly i don't have the willpower to carry it through, but I do intend to. This is why people continue to smoke - it's addictive. Just as is alcohol, drugs, binge eating etc.

Secondly - why do you socialise in places that are smoky - don't do it. this leads me on to my third point - freedom of choice.

Third - People who smoke have freedom of choice - as do non-smokers. Why should there be seperate rules? You don't like a smoky pub? Drink somewhere else! I personally would not drink in a non-smoking bar. But that's my choice. You are the one surrounding yourself with "idiots" smoking, no-one else. Don't like it? Move on.

I agree with you - it is a bloody stupid to do, and I am fully aware of the physical and financial consequences. We are old enough and civilised enough to make our own choices based on the facts we are given.

If smoking is banned in pubs, you will find one of a few things happening:

1. Smokers will not drink in bars. This will lose the government revenue, and taxes will go up elsewhere. This will also cause pubs and clubs to push up their prices due to a loss of revenue.
2. Smokers will quit. Again, government taxes will rise.
3. Chances are tax on tobacco will rise - we will therefore see a rise in contraband material which undercuts the taxing system totally.

Why will this happen? Because do-gooders like yourself have forced the government to listen to you. So, there you have it - freedom of choice is what it boils down to..................

Dark Horse
Although I no longer smoke and I'm glad I've stopped, I do believe in freedom of choice. Smoking has already been completely banned in all public places in Ireland and Scotland and it won't be long before England follows suit (unless the government wimps out). BTW the tax gleaned from cigarettes is probably what's keeping the NHS afloat. If the government were to completely ban smoking, there would be no funding for the NHS unless they increased taxes on everyone.

It's all a matter of personal choice. For me, smoking should be allowed by confined to certain areas when in public places. Like, some restaurants have an area just for smoking customers.

but then you have to put up with all my bans:
domestic cats;
any minority demanding "rights";
the NHS;
Any politician speaking without being attached to a lie detector;
TV soap operas;

There are more, but these are on my "non-negotiable" list.
Otherwise, shut up and go away.

What happened to personal choice. Shall we ban driving? more and more people are killed on the road every year, they endanger my life every time a walk to the shops, and they pollute the air damaging my lungs, and the environment as a whole. Let people make their own choice. Ban public smoking maybe but don't dictate what individuals can do in their own home.

Sure. If they ban drinking as well as it is just as harmful and costs the NHS just as much.

If you're going to ban smoking what about alcohol? Or junk food? They all have negative impacts on people's health.

I accept the rights of others not to have to breathe in my second hand smoke. However, do you travel by car, bus or train? Do you ever take a plane? If, as I suspect, you do one or more of those things, what should the Government do to protect me from the air pollution caused by your activities - should travel be taxed so it's beyond your reach ?

Ever hear of 'compromise' ?

probably so, however you have a choice you have a choice to move your body elsewhere, it might do you some good to research why smokers are ADDICTED to cigarettes and have a very hard time quitting..what is in the cigarettes that make the person addicted to it?

your personal opinion is that all people who smoke cigarettes pipes cigars are IDIOTS, IGNORANT AND STUPID? IDIOTS, IGNORANT AND STUPID as in for smoking? i can see that to an extent ONLY for the smoking, but alot of people didn't recognize what or why when they first tried it.

just so that i know i am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume, like you have assumed, that you are not literally calling people who smoke IDIOTS IGNORANT AND STUPID. only THE ACTIONS of smoking NOT the actual person themselves... it will save you a hell of a headache if you clear that one up...

you have a choice to move your physical body away from anything you do not want to be around with the exception of maybe a car crash and you are pinned or a person is whooping you..then you can't physically move..

since you have never smoked (or maybe you tried it and didn't like it) you have absolutely no idea junior about the ramifications and how extremely difficult it is to quit.

****ing too early for a dam debate especially on ****ing smoking

pat.rob00 Chef U.K.
I gave up Smoking because i wanted to.....I don't like drinking so like you should i come on here shouting my views to have that banned too. If people like you put your efforts into getting rid of drugs that is ruining the lives of countless youngsters in this country, we would maybe appreciate your views more.
Why don't you switch your attention to Religion, plenty there who like to ram their opinion down peoples throat, i think you will fit in well.

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