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Should fat Women wear bikini's?
why do they stroll about with all that fat bulging out making everyone feel sick?
surely there is alternative swim wear for big momma's?

alec c
Maybe you should try a different beach

Beach and whale come to mind when i see one.

no nonsence
my god when dictatorship tries to govern what people should and shouldn't be doing people revolt and demand freedom.We should be able to live our lives peacefully and happily (no i am not fat myself) grow up you Muppet

!x! Sxc Lil.C !x!

Each to their own...
These woman pay the same amount to go on holiday as you or me...once there, Who gives a toss what they look like.
Each to their own I suppose but who knows how we all will be in years to come.

please no

m j
no....stick with the one piece

Only as a form of punishing others!

People should dress to make themselves look appealing/ desirable and in a manner that affords them the most comfort.

That having been said, bikinis are not appealing on even moderately fat people, and they CAN'T be comfortable.

So, "No."

Go with an attractive one piece.

Mel C
Personally I think seeing fat people wearing revealing clothes can be a good thing. It may look minging but it sure is good motivation when you're trying to lose a few pounds.

well they have a right to wear whatever they want, but yeah its pretty gross. At least wear a one piece and I'm not talking about a little overweight, Im talking about women who wear the bikinis and the bikinis like "get lost" between the rolls, ya know. They know that's wrong. :)

Absolutely yes. Why shouldn't a fat woman wear a bikini on the beach. Beauty is inside not outside. Anyway, I get sick and tired of looking at anorexic women swanning around looking like Victoria Beckham. They are a bad role model for young girls, and they look ill. I am not overweight but I am curvy, but even if I was bigger, which I have been I would wear what the hell I wanted to. What a woman wears on the beach is entirely up to her. Should we ask the same question that men shouldn't wear trunks if they are overweight with small d**ks.

there is, but they cost more.

but no matter, bigger people should still wear appropriate attire, and not try to wear something that is most unpleasant to the general public to witness.

No they shouldn't your right, thats what swimming suits are made for. My question to you is why do the companys make bikinis in those bigger sizes anyway isn't that like saying hello fat people wear one of these?


What a thrill to see!!! You bet they should! They have SO MUCH more to show than those skinny little girls who look like they are starving.

Buffulo gals! BRING 'EM ON!!!

What does it matter what people wear, as long as they feel comfortable with themselves, your question really is quite rude and one minded, Im not fat but I wear what ever the heck i want and I dont care what people think or say!!!, Well Done to those big girls out there who do, I say Go For It, , If you dont like it stop looking at them!!!

Shahbaz ..........
sure fat women don need swim wear ....

Polete Brasil
Get a life! It´s none of your business what other people wear, as long as they are appropriate to the place. If a fat woman wants to wear a bikini to the beach or swimming pool, that´s her business.

No - a swimsuit would be more suitable attire!

Andrea P
It is each persons choice.

walk like a panther
I guess they can wear what they want but lets face it most of us don't really want to look at it, and all those who have siad "leave fat people alone" to this question know that if they saw one wearing a bikini in the flesh they'd be disgusted Gillian McKeith would soon point out they dont do any exercise and eat unhelthly, it's our natural instinict to be attracted to healthy people and er well fat people arent

Much depends on your definition of 'fat'. Anorexic and Bulimia people claim they are 'fat' and have bulges all over the place. I like many women do not closely resemble the models I envy in the magazines, and would claim I am fat, where as others would say I was womanly and curvaceous.
So you see it depends on your outlook.
As for the practicalities - there's nothing in the world to stop large women exposing as much skin as they like in a bikini - after all manufacturers actively encourage it by making bikin's in their sizes!
On the other hand, one would hope that such ladies might have more self respect than to flounce their way across the beach.
However, if we were all perfectly shaped and came in one size, what's left to moan about on the beach - how fast our ice creams melt?!!!

no..it's not cute...This is coming from a full figured women..me. I like the way I am but we have to be realistic.

3 Hugs 2 kisses 1 love
well, like everyone else, they don't hav to give a **** what people think. and theres nothing wrong with wanting a tan. not everyone in this world is a kate moss you know!

absolutely - imagine them naked...

Gee, what a shallow idiot you are.
And this is definitely a stupid question meant to air your biases against fat people.

They can wear what they want maybe they don't want to look at peoples skinny legs and ugle faces

that's mean..if u dont like it don't look. there is somebody for everyone.

Believe it or not, some people just don't CARE how they look!

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