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Should I stop smoking?

if you just started, you should stop before you get hooked. if you have a stronger constitution than, i you should stop. that is one of the hardest things to do. the sooner you stop, the better. good luck to you. have a long and healthy life.

tabbyz t

such a hard choice............


Its entirely up to you!!
I exercise regularly, but since this summer when out with certain mates have found myself enjoying my old vice a GOOD Cigar!!
@ the time i enjoy it ( or them!! ) BUT next morning i think to myself YOU CO_K!!! & THE AFTER TASTE its like my cats curled one off on my tongue while i was asleep.
My pooe girlfriend having to be near me when i,ve had 1 of those fu_kin things.

My former neighbors (I've since moved) could have been the poster couple for not smoking: they smelled badly (you could smell the stench from quite a ways away), the wife died a slow painful death (hacking and hacking until one day she hacked and then fell over and died--this is true), and the husband had 4 heart surgeries and was clearly on his way out when I moved away.

It was so sad to watch what years of smoking had done to them: they were not that old and the contrast between them and other older couples who were healthy was dramatic. Others I knew played tennis, jogged or biked, travelled. These folks had trouble going up and down the apartment steps to do their laundry.

If you care about your quality of life and if you care about the quality of life of those around you (children, loved ones), then yes, please quit. And get some support: it is a very difficult addiction to recover from. All the best to you.

A Guy
yes, simple as that

Dover Soles

Yes! Unless you enjoy speeding up your death process. It's gross, and there are so many more negative affects then positive, it's not worth it. It will be hard, but I think it will be well worth it in the end. Good Luck! = )

if you dont youll die eventually you decide

yes you know it would be a lot better on your health and more money in your pocket' good luck

yes!of course you should..my grandad died of lung cancer because he smoked...believe me...he suffered...take care of your health mann

Throat and Lung cancer are not causeing a suddent death remember !!! You would suffer for few years before eventually die. Yes we all die in the end but die suffering is one thing that we all want to avoid if possible. I had asthma when I was a child and the pain of having difficulty to breath is not something I hope not to experience again. If you have not any sign of the disease quit now before it is too late, can you imagine yourselves having oxygen tube for the rest of your life or having a tube on your throat for help you breathing and talking. I had 3 close relatives who die of throat and lung cancer, one of them is only 53 years old, so I know the feeling of sitting there watching one of them die. It was relief in the end when they died after few years of suffering as watching them die are not more suffering then watching them lying there suffer for few months or years. So the choise is yours whilst you have.

Yes do it right now. You will find your health improves and also more money in your pocket. No more ashtray breath, or yellow fingers, clothes smell nicer too.

Yes! Smoking is NOT COOL.

No one 'should'... That word should is a shaming word.
Why not ask yourself Can I? Would I? Will I? When?

There are many ways to quit, but the best way I ever heard was:
You will quit smoking when you stop putting lit cigarettes in your mouth!

Anyone can quite, but it is harder to stay quit.

Good luck



yes, i,m trying to.

Susan P
Yes, both for the sake of yourself and others around you.

crazy bird
Don't you just hate preachers who always know better. But they are right you should stop, you can only do it if you want to and if your asking if you should, then your not sure.

Kiri D
if you even have to ask....you know you should.

It depends on how long you want to live.

Yes. Why? For your health. For the health of others around you. To save lots of money you could otherwise spend on fun stuff. To stop burning holes in your clothes. To have fresh smelling breath. To stop having yellow fingers from holding your cigarettes. I can think of lots more. How 'bout you? I quit, almost 10 years ago, and I don't regret it one little bit. I sing so much better since quitting. That was good enough for me. <*)))><

yes! it stinks and you will get ill. why do you have to ask?!

I could tell you the sensible answer.. bu it really is up to you... I smoke so im really not one to say anything!!

we should stop together :o)

yea you definatly should your not only hurting yourself your hurting the people around you from second hand smoke

I quite and I recommend it.

I feel better, smell better, and look better. But don't do it cuz we told you to. Do it cuz you wanna.

I'm a smoker so I can't really preach at you. But yeah, you should. We both should.

ulster scooby
no keep smoking after all everyone that loves you really wants you to die

quit now and stay quitted for the sake of those who love you

David W
Yes, if you can.

Here's some help.

Quitting smoking is a great opportunity to learn about ourselves.
Congratulate yourself on having the desire to stop - then you are over the worst, but still need to maintain your resolve. It's just so easy to start thinking that just one won't hurt, but it does. Just one achieves nothing except feeling the need for another. Whatever you do, don't have just one. Beware - alcohol will weaken your resolve.
Here's a few home-brewed tips that might be useful.
It's not just Nicotine addiction - there are 50+ chemicals in cigarettes. Also the main problem is habit.
We have been used to having body sensations which we translate as 'my body needs something', which we have attempted to satisfy by having a cigarette.
When we try to stop smoking, we still get these 'my body needs something' sensations, and we still feel that we want a cigarette. We have to train our body to be more selective. When we feel we need something, we have to work out what it is that we actually need.
A glass of water is an excellent substitute if nothing else comes to mind, as it helps with the clearance of the toxic substances in our body. Another good substitute is a bag of salted peanuts, used in combination with the water.
Another thing to do is to find an activity which occupies the mind or body. Go swimming - nobody wants to smoke while they are swimming. Slowly, as our body adjusts and translates the 'want something' feelings into something other than cigarettes, then the feelings begin to go away. We know its not a cigarette that the body really needs, because as soon as we've had one we still have the feeling, and want another!
We will have a few bouts of feeling or even being short tempered. We must try to bite our lip, and control; ourselves. Recognise the short temper as being the removal of toxins which are trying to find a way out. They went in through the mouth, and they try to get out that way to. We must learn to keep our mouth closed, and force the toxins out the other way.

After we have stopped for a while we will begin to feel that just one wont to any harm.
All that leads to is a desire for just another one. We must guard very strongly against the desire to have just one.

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