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 Do you prefer a shower or a bath?

 Will I be okay?
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Resuscitation or not? What would you want in this situation?
If you were really ill and the doctors and nurses had been trying to treat you to the point that you were enduring uncomfortable interventions but still struggling to make any sort of real recovery. Would you want them to attempt resuscitation if you were to stop breathing and/or your heart stopped? The alternative would be that they allowed you to have a peaceful and dignified death rather than exposing your body and performing CPR and giving emergency (last resort) drugs. Is the level of intervention in critical care undigified enough...so they may as well carry on and attempt resus 'cause you never know? Would you rather live with any organ impairment (brain, heart, kidneys etc) because of the cardiac arrest, than die because no resus was attempted? What are your thoughts and experiences?
Additional Details
What if you had not been ill for ages but were suddenly to deteriorate rapidly?

I think if my quality of life and general prognosis was poor, and therefore making the lives of those I love very poor as a result then I would rather be left alone. I have already had this conversation with my husband and we agree that as far as possible we would not wish to subject one another to any kind of life that would be undiginifed, painful or torturous (for want of a better word).

I would be hoping the Cryonic suspension team would be there by then getting ready for cooldown

I would not want to be stopped from moving on, ie I don't wan't to be saved, would be time to go.

I would wanna go, I have got some good people waiting for me on the other side.

in a situation like that i would choose not to be resuscitated.

Pink n Wise
I am a cancer sufferer. At the moment I am on my second course of chemo. and every day its just a struggle to get out of bed. Should the time come when chemo isn't working any more and I am in considerable pain which can't be relieved, I have managedto stash quite a lot of sedatives, sleeping pills and anti-depressants....enough to give me a quiet dignified end. I have told my MacMillan nurse and my close family. Thankfully I hope it won't be for quite a while yet as I have many plans for the future, but I have thought hard about this and would rather spend my last hours comfortable at home in bed than in a hospital bed wearing a number on my arm.
For everyone its different but I know whats best for ME.
God Bless anyone on chemo at the mo.

DNR all the way if it is my time to go let me go in peace

I would rather die, if any could not live a normal life with all my dignity in tack I would rather not live.
Life is for living and I feel it would be very selfish to burden my family with all the aspects of caring for a sick person, feeding, washing, running me around for appointments, having to move in with a family member, the list just goes on and these are just the basic implications. The whole thing is a horrible experience and turns the lives upside down for all those related. Been through it 3 times already before the age of 40 and it really can have a huge effect on you and yours. So if I was left with the decision for another it would be a serous soul searching time. But for my self? Live every day like it's you last, tell those close to you, you love them dearly and pull the plug!

harvest all bits and pieces that could be useful to someone, cut a pound of flesh from my backside and send it to the taxman, then shove me over the edge and start a party for my friends

If i was in pain, then no, let me go. If i was just uncomfortable then yes, I would like to be with my family for as long as I could, unless i was a burden on them

the flour man
when the man upstairs comes with a ticket and your number is on it its time to go i would not want to be resuscitated

Just let me go naturally thank you

It depends on what was going in my life. If, for example, I had a pregnant wife I would hang on through several months of hellish pain and awful bodily degeneration to see my child once before I died.
If I had nothing urgent to live for in the immediate future then I would prefer to move on rather than stay in a husk of a body just for the sake of it.

I think I would prefer not to be resusitated and to let die with dignity,I recently lost my nan she went peacefully after a long illness but would have hated to see her treated in such a way.

I would do anything to stay alive and see what happens in pain if need be especially brain impairment, but that is me and I would not like to see anyone else in that situation or me for that matter, but you spend along time dead. Life is about experience good and bad.

This is a choice that many of us will be forced to look at when the time comes.
There are many factors that come into play here. One looks at age, how much life is there left to live. Is family involved, are there children? How much discomfort is there as compared to actual pain? All the factors are going to be different for each human being....and the solutions are going to be different also. There is no pat answer.
Now that my children are grown, and more of my life is behind me than is ahead of me, I would opt for a "no code" status, in other words, no heroic measures. But I know too, that when I was younger and had a family to worry about, I wanted anything possible done to stay alive. I think that no two people will feel the same way on this issue.

My mother chose No resuscitation after a life time of illness and disability! She made us all aware of it and even asked me to promise her I'd abide by her wishes. Luckily I didn't have to make the choice as she died peacefully in her sleep one night.
I also have told my children that No resuscitation is what I want after a certain age! getting old and becoming a burden to my children isn't what I want! As a care-worker I see how it effects people all the time! I'm also sure that I'll know when the time to let go is right. I have no fear of death...... just a dread of the method leading to it!

let me die, why would i want to stay here anyway.

Nope. Pull the plug.

I wouldn't want to be resuscitated if I died in the hospital after being sick for months. Leave me be.

But, if something happened to me on the street for example and I was rushed to the hospital, then yes, resuscitate me. But only if I can live a decent life.

no i would want the plug pulled i wouldn't want my family to go through the pain of looking after me.

No, if it gets to that stage then just let me go. I don't see the point of lingering in pain, not being able to look after myself and being a burden on family who would have to take care of me and the NHS who would be footing the bill.
I can understand how perhaps other family members may be reluctant to let go and want intervention at any cost, but you have to look at the big picture.

nope times up let me go

I did actually speak about this subject years ago with my parents when everything was ok and we all said, if resus meant being kept alive when someone had to do everything for us eg., ( no quality of life) then we don't want it. Both my parents have now passed away at 55 and 65, young at heart and my 5 sisters and I respected their wishes although very difficult. I would want the same for myself and would NOT want to be resusitated to wait and see if a cure came about!

Id rather not survive, let me go peacefully and let the doctors use any organs which are viable to improve and help someone. Also, why prolong the suffering of your loved ones who are watching you suffer.

Nancy M.
My ex got cancer in 1999 and the cancer went into remission. The cancer came back in 2001 but only worse.He had found out that he only had a year left to live.My two sons asked him if he would like to be kept alive with machines and he told them no.He went into the hospital in 2001.He would do good for a while then get worse.We thought that he would eventually get out of the hospital. He eventually ended up on a ventilator.The doctors decided to turn the ventilator off because he wasn't doing any good and only getting worse.

sweet sue
As a RN and a CPR suvivor I say it's he indivuals choice but they shold take a few things into consideration. Do they have a life threatening illness like cancer that will not resolve anyway, Did they have a life altering illness like a stroke. How old are they.
see so many 94 year olds that are still a "full code" and I just feel so bad for them and their familys by having to do this bone breaking and degrading thing to them. CPR is just given to a body, You don't really think of the person while doing a "Code." I survived 3 CPR's when I was 40 due to pneumonia. I had the potential for a good outcome and full recovery, I was young and in good condition, I was not suffering from an enstage illness. With this type of event I agree with CPR. Also I was in the hospital at the time. Unfortunately most people want CPR or do't have their wishes in writing. CPR started "in the field" (home) is almost never sucessful.

My mother gave orders when she was healthy to NOT go to any measures to stop her from dying if her heart stopped. She had it in writing and on file with her doctor and my lawyer.

Why? Because her mother was on a respirator for three months and in horrible pain and was not allowed to die even after she had a stroke that stopped her from being able to breathe or swallow. This haunted her and me. I saw my grandmother go from a fun little old lady to a withered corpse being forced to breathe by machines even when she begged to die.

My family knows... let me go with a smile and dignity. Remember me as I lived, not how I died.

NO CPR if I am in that situation. Let me go peacefully and with dignity. I am a nurse and I have seen too many families that refuse to let a loved one go peacefully and keep sending them to the hospital time after time after time or keep them alive with tube feedings when the resident themselves have said they don't want it but the power of attorney form has been activated so the resident has no say so legally. Let me go and be done with it.

Order the pine box and let me go. Get the fire going. I expect cremation and friends roasting marshmallows at the same time.

as a family we decided against it for our mum(her choice not ours), it was such a hard decision but she had been resuscitated before and asked us why we let the doctors do it? the answer to that was simple,obviously because we loved her and did'nt want to lose her. she was'nt having any of it, she was so angry with us because she was'nt having the life she wanted,constantly on an oxygen machine, not being able to go to the toilet herself and so on.. she pleaded that if it happened again just to leave her go, so that's exactly what we did.. i am glad it was her choice and it's what she wanted but after 8 years it doesnt stop us missing her terribly and wondering, what if? ... if u know what i mean?
on the other hand, if it were me making that choice for myself, i dont think i would be as brave , to want to go.it's the thought of the unknown that scares me.
but if i had to make a choice for someone who was unable to make the choice for themselves,i honestly dont know what i would do... it would probably have to be a lot of counciling, doctors and family advise before even thinking about it....
i have been here for a long time trying to answer this question,deleting bits that dont sound right but it's from the heart and my opinion.hope i have'nt affended anyone..xxx

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