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Quick survey for the ladies present...........?
Men with any type of facial hair, Whether it be long, short, bushy or bumfluff.

Like or Dislike???

dislike, as i love kissing


Depends on the guy, if a woman truly loves her man it dosen't matter.

takers dreamcatcher

depends, I'd say - on some men it can look good, but it's irritating when kissing. So if it's someone I just want to drool over ;-) sure, go ahead, but I like my partner clean shaven, so I don't get speared when I kiss him... :-P

Hmmm I like both.......Sometimes....I prefer clean shaven....but then a little is kinda Mmmmm.....lol

Generally dislike... but if it's just a goatee (trimmed)... it guess it would be ok.

I like cleanshaven but i don't mind if my husband goes a few days without shaving as he is entitled to have a break from it sometimes and he looks cute with stubble.

But any kind of designs, little beards, poncey little patches on chin..... no no no

Generally dislike. V. scratchy.

goatee is fine, any more than that i dont like
imho, your facial hair is to long, but to each his own, lol : )

Tracy K
Like, but it needs to be kept neat and trimmed.

A bit of stubble on the face is very nice. But only if it's the original colour and not grey.

stubble is pants as gets rashes from it......

bumfluff is funny its like trying to prove you can grow some when it looks pants and should be shaved!!

think short would be best though i cant comment as i tend to sway towards clean shaven men more!

Dislike, and by the look of your pic, you could do without it.

Luv a man with a nice trimmed mustache!
a short styled beard isn't too bad...goatee? guess the name speaks for itself. lol

Barbie Girl
Mmm stubbley!

like short

MISS ******
Like - but he would have to have less than you - eewwwww.


dislike very much



I like it when my guy has a hairy face, not bushy but when it needs to be shaved.

lil t
dislike!! i hate a man with hair on his face makes me feel like im touching a cactus. but u should really base that on the woman some women like men with facial hair. and some dont.

Lynn M
like facial hair

The only hair I like on a man is on his chest, grrrr! Hair on the face? Let me go kiss a cactus. No facial hair at all.


None at all, definitely. I mean, only a handful of guys can actually pull it off and still look hot.

Lisa D
Depends on the guy...it suits some men.

I didnt like it but my Boyf's always had it, it suits him,I couldnt imagine him without it.

1 Things for sure - its got to be well-kept, short & tidy,no bits of food in beard...nothing like Hagrid from Harry Potter.

don't like it generally. clean shaven usually means the guy looks after himself and that's nice. but my fella looks good with a bit of stubble too..so it must depend on the guy. clean either way I think is best.

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