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Prevention or medication?
So far it seems we rely a lot on medication.

People don't want prevention. They want to drink, smoke, eat crap food and not exercise. Even something as simple as drinking enough fluids everyday, people just aren't interested.
Then they want all the 'miracle' cures which can't always solve the problem.

you do have to rely on medicine after you've had major heart surgery so i guess you haven't an option

I'd prefer prevention but you cant always rely on that like for cancer etc even if you are the healthiest person alive and dont smoke or drink you cannot prevent it happening in which case you'd need the medication.

prevention is better than cure

medication, most are too lazy to prevent

Prevention is better than cure - sometimes there IS no cure.

I have never used any vitamins, i eat a lot of fruit and vegetables even though i do not like veggies. We eat a lot of fish and i feel if you are healthy why do you need to take vitamins. If you don't need them , don't use them. I will go so far as to say i would take a Zinc tab but that is it. If you take care of yourself you do not need all those tabs.:)))

Boudica Warrior Queen
The point is surely that some people have to have medication not only to prevent an illness progressing but also prevent them from dying. However, I agree and from my own experience have found that eating plenty of healthy foods such as green vegetables and eating a healthy diet can prevent many insidious illnesses and can protect vital organs from being destroyed by toxins.

Do you know that most vitamin supplements are synthetic and therefore contain a certain level of toxins. so good food is best...better than all the rest.

Rob E
Both, at the right times.

Perhaps medication to 'encourage' people off certain substances, such as when they are eating too much of a bad thing etc, the med's could make further excess totally unappealing, perhaps sickening, to the point of being unable to consume more.

Life-style excess prevention medication. Thus getting prevention through medication.

Prevention is better than cure.

I want cakes
I vote prevention. I take steps not to fall into the unhealthy lifestyle but if I ever contract an incurable illness then it's just my bad luck and I will need medication.

prevention is better than cure
sounds nice but
driving half mile to the job paying for parking,patrol and congestion charges and ... more pollution lazy life style ...find cure for this
why not
walk or ride a bike to the work place no expanses good exercise cleaner and you prevented may be Hypertension, arthritis ... and you prevented ...

Ray B
Prevention every time! However it is not possible to prevent most things. Left alone, i.e. without medication and without consulting a doctor, most minor aliments with cure themselves within about a week.

Some of us have no choice but to rely on medication AFTER a particular medical problem is identified, however - prevention is much better if it is possible.

Prevention of course.Unfortunately some complaints can only be controlled with medication.
It`s better than the old days when people had to suffer without relief.

Absolutely right! We rely far too much on medication rather than leading a lifestyle which prevents illness. Life is too fast, too greedy, too materialistic, too individualistic, too stressful... Calm that lot down and we'd all be a lot happier and a lot healthier.

the drug company's want medication, if every one ate healthy exercised regularly,this would help prevention. so we wou;d take less medication and recover more quickly.

Prevention is much better than medication. With prevention you need no medication, or much less. But doctors and pharmaceutical cos will push pills at us for a "quick fix" as long as they can make money. We need to go back to slower, healthier lifestyles instead of reaching for that (expensive) pill.

Ask the people opposing the smoking ban!

busy girl
I'm sorry but it depends what for?????
myself have to take medication for the rest of my life as had a Thyroid problem for the past 10 years got fed up with being a Guinea pig and had radioactive Iodine to kill my Thyroid 5 years ago so on Thyroid tablets for life i would tell any one going threw the same or pondering to have it done or not to do it i feel a hell of lot better, got my life back.... feel great now...


Definitely prevention, medication should be a last resort.

Lady Claire of Current Events
Prevention would be better because it would lessent the already stretched NHS for a start.

If people were able to know more about healthy eating (and it was cheaper than junk food) then there would be less cancers, heart disease and obesity.

Think of the money saved in the long run

Definately prevention.


Prevention is better than cure.

Prevention is a lot cheaper and better for you than medication. I agree that a lot of people rely far too much on pills.

clever investor
Prevention is the way forward but most are too lazy to think about this and it is fairly simple to do. You dont need to take any form of tablets or vitamin additives you just need to concentrate on a good healthy diet with plenty of fibre,vegtables and fruit and after that the body will function on providing exactly what it needs.
There are alot of diffrent situations though, I was reliant on medication due to a major injury I suffered and my doctors know I was hating life on the medications which I was taking for 5 years, having to change from one to the other every three months. Eventually the proffesors of phsyciatry spent a day with me discussing my situation, that is how low I had gone. It was after this conversation they decided to pass me to neurosergery and they solved my problems and now I dont need medication any longer.
As for the rest of the human race as medications are being used more and more there are becoming strains of certain viruses that are immune to the medications. Has this gone too far already that when prevention fails medication wont be able to help.

ken b
Theres no money to be made in prevention. Theres a fortune to be made selling you a crap lifestyle then patching you up when you start to fall apart.

However it up to people to take responsibility for there own health not the role of government.

I think medication only treats the symptoms, in order to prevent the issue you need to find the root cause. For example you have a headache so you take Paracetamol which whilst curing your headache for a few hours is also doing undesirable things to your liver. But you keep getting headaches so you keep taking the Paracetamol and subsequently keep damaging you liver, building up a tolerance and become addicted.
Actually the cause of your headaches is dehydration, or a deterioration in you eye sight. Wouldn't you rather explore the cause than rely on medication to cure the symptoms?

Number 3
Prevention is the answer.

We really need to tackle the 'it'll never happen to me' feeling that it seems many people have. People seem to ignore the risks of smoking, drinking, recreational drugs, lack of exercise and poor diet. I don't think education is the answer, we all know the risks. Something needs to be done to get people to accept the risks. We seem to have developed in to a society that buries its head in the sand and pretends that these things will never strike us down. We are not invincible and if we take risks there is a high chance we will pay for it.

Switching to a Prevention Over Cure system would initially be more expensive, but over time I am sure that it would be a much more cost effective system. Take the dental system for example, people seem to be more aware of the risks and take more preventative measures. Any dentist will tell you that the people who brush, floss and have regular check ups have to spend less on treatment.

Medication should be available where needed of course, but we really need to hit this nail on the head, and deal with the unhealthy lifestyle issues that contribute so much to the ill health of the nation. It isn't just the obvious problems, we need more information about healthy footwear for example, and how to care for your eyesight.

Education needs to start young - there should be a new syllabus introduced in primary schools. I also promote an increased level and qaulity of food technology lessons for all our children, as well as more physical education lessons.

More GP surgeries should offer the 'exercise and diet on prescription' services - obese people benefit more from information on healthy eating, support from weight loss groups and regular exercise than they do from weight loss drugs such as Orlistat.

We also need to see more efficent monitoring of our nation - when was the last time you had your blood pressure or cholesteral checked? Most illness/conditions are much more treatable when caught early, and we need to increase our screening efforts for things like cancer, diabetes and hypertension.

We need to improve accsess to mental health services - we need to offer people more 'talking therapies'. There shouldn't be such long waiting lists for counselling and physcotherapy - the longer these conditions are left untreated, the worse they become.

A healthier nation would be more productive and much more happy - surely that is the way to go?

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