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by the way i'm a girl....

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but im REAAALLY not feeling good lol.
ive tried my finger and a toothbrush?
but they both didnt work?
any ideas!? :(

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 Do u prefer showers or baths?

People who smoke pot or know anything about it?

What kind of question is this or is it a question. And if it is I think you need to ask it with a little more meaning and understanding for others to answer it correctly.

lol wats the question hahaha

lol. I love you man.

judging from ur question i'd say ur using it because it makes no sense.......no offense

pot is a drug that removes all your common sense. you then engage in abnormal conduct that most peiopl find abnormal and disgusting. in many cases criminal, i know who have ruined thier life as well as thier famlies life

Butterfly Girl
I honestly never tried it, although I have had many oppurtunities. Something about being out of control and the unknown scared me. I heard it gives you the munchies though.

it settles in the fatty tissues of your body; causes problems with focus and leads often to harder drugs. can get you into a lot of trouble.

Clint S
It causes munchies. Keep Scooby snacks handy.

I'm laughing hysterically at these answers to your ummmmm.....well you know what you were saying. oh man....please...you guys stop! Cant quit laughing and no, I have not smoked weed since my youth.

Daniel W
My former room mate smoked a Dub a day. He was a foul smelling, morbidly obease, sofa lump.

mike m
it's tripy

there is no question, nor is there a sentance......


I am a DA officer. Please surrender or i will shot ecstasy pills after you :)

What is a dumb question, Alex Trebeck for 200

Drugs? Just say KNOW.
You may find what you're looking for at
www.The Naked Truth About Drugs.com

Rick V
pot is stupid. Try a real drug like crystal meth. Of course you must know you will die very soon.

okie... what is the question?

yes if u smoke it a green monster will grow out ur noes and be there forever..... everytime u try and have a nice meal he will eat it on u

pot is a herb that grows from the ground such as a plant... it's then dried out and hung... when you smoke it ,, it's herb floats threw your body. leaving you in a really mellow mood.. it can also leave you felling nerves but that would be because the person smokin it is nerves to begin with about something... The herb that is in it hits nerves that you don't use all the time,, such as be sooooo active ,, or feeling you wont to laugh the whole time you on cloud 9,,, as you come down from there, you notice that you feel tired and hungry it's because like I said your so active,,,, it outside playing sports you would feel the same way,,, difference is playing sports you lose weight ,, if watching TV smoking it you gain it.. loll ...... hope this help ,,,,

yes? why? what would you like to know?

it can cause short-term memory loss.

thats proof that pot damages brain cells...lol

With a question asked like that I think you already know all about pot smoking......lol

Noone i
Smoking pot has been found to have prolonged psychiatric effects on users. A medical study released in the 80s showed that verbatim, many users quit using pot because they were experiencing increased anxiety, increased paranoia, and increased emotional instability.

Perhaps that may well explain the emotional status of the world today?

What about it. Maybe you had too much of it.

ankita d
i guess u have a problem in framing questions

mhhh, what do you mean exactily?

shanda c
Please do not do it if you have not already. It makes you forget things if you smoke for a long time also you will go broke.

Are you an undercover cop?

I don't smoke pot and I wouldn't want to.

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