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Omg is this bad?
lastnight i did 2 pills of e ( yellow n brown pills ), smoked alot of marijuana,and a little bit of cocaine ( or dmt ) i dont know what that guy was saying when he gave me some. but while i was on e,i was seeing stuff,is this normal for a first timer? and the next day i was heating up,real bad,and shaking,is this bad?? im soo worried!!
Additional Details

yea the bad thing is you did drugs you fricken idiot!

anything that has to do with drugs is bad

get a clue. DRUGS ARE BAD RETARD!!!!!

Annonymous <3
yeah it is bad... there's a reason that drugs are illegal you know...

Loose Change™¢
Besides TCB 32, I seem to be the only other one able to recognize a joke when I see it. So LOL.

Rhonda W
yes it is bad,you could end up killing yourself,you may need to go the hospital.

Ask your parents and see what they tell you. Or ask the cops and see what they say. If you still don't get an answer then Go to the doctor and ash them about it. It doesn't take a genius to know drugs are bad for you.

Freaky One
Of course it's bad. You know that. You're headed down a scary scary path girl. Careful where you tread your feet because ya might get stuck in quicksand and it'll take years to overcome. .... as for what to do right now?....drink lots and lots of water..lay in bed with your thoughts rambling in both excitement and fear until the side effects wear off. And why oh why would you stick something up your nose not knowing what it was? Be smarter. Drugs won't make you cool.

Damn Pocket Protector
Yes...that would be called a case of "overkill" for your first time...

And now Uncle Pocket Protector is sending you to your room...grounded for life...no T.V...and on Sunday I will expect to see you in church falling down on your hands and knees and begging God for forgiveness...

Next time...just stick with the pot...and don't let any guys give you anything...you're swimming with sharks, young lady...and they WILL make it so your next question will be...

Could I be pregnant?

Bad girl! Bad...Bad...Spank Spank...

one of the few goodguys left.
first off, I think this is a b.s. question and feel you're lying, BUT if you're telling the truth, you've got alot of growing up to do and are an idiot. Do you feel you're cool for doing drugs?? you can die, moron. Especially drugs as bad as coke and extacy...You're a loser and should really be getting help for your lack of character. Grow up and get a life...

E will definetly heat you up.
When people overdose on it, they are in a sense cooking themselves. Cut it out, before something bad happens to you.

welcome to the balck parade
It depends are you were all those drugs are legal? Wait let me answer that. No so yes its bad. Don't do drugs

Chelsey K
wow!!!! Don't do drugs...I tried Marijuana at 14 and it wasn't that bad but I don't do it anymore...but anyway don't do drugs

are you just ready to go to ur grave?

your shaking b/c ur body can't handle it, && continue this, u'll soon SEE ur grave.

uhh yeah i'd say that's pretty bad.

I hope this scared you enough not to do it again. Yes it is bad. You could die next time.

TCB 32

Let Love Be
Stop doing drugs. DUH.

Geaux Tigers
oh my gosh, don't take any drugs...!!!

dude....why are you doing drugs in the first place, i hope you've learned your lesson.

You need some goals in life. Drugs are for losers. Haven't you heard?

yes it is!

Queen Shiggedy
Your NOT fine. you NEED HELP NOW

Rehab, ever heard of it?

I know I'm not helpful.
But just look at yourself.

You're an idiot..and that's bad.

Wow, two whole pills of it? Thats really stupid.
You are only supposed to do like half of one..
Go to the doctor.

Too bad...you were supposed to die...guess God has plans for you

Yes it's bad. Stop doing it. Mixing drugs can lead to fatal consequences. End of Story.

any drugs are bad retard

Hell Raiser
wow u druggy

get a life

wat have ur parents taught u?

Your screwed, go to the doctors... your fault for taking that stuff it will kill you and destroy your body

Someome get this lady a brain QUICK!!

lol, if you can't handle it. then dont do it.

you took way to much stuff. you dont need 2 pills of Ecstasy. 1/2 is enough. your body can't handle all of the chemicals at once. i can't stop you from doing drugs but if your going to do them at least do them responsibly.

if you think your making your high better by doing so much .. your not. do things one at a time.

what exactly did you think E was going to do to you?

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