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your thoughts?


Okay i have pretty much the most random question everrr..?
i have always wanted to be left handed. i dont know why, but i always thought it would be better to be left handed better than dominant in my right. anyway, since now i have summer vacation and a lot of extra time, is it possible to practice writing with my left hand and eventually become somewhat dominant in it? what do you think?
Additional Details
and i know that i will never become dominant in my left hand, i just would like to be ambidextrous to make it easier to do some things or to just see things and do things from a different perspective.

I dunno, just try it

Anythings possible and a great way to spend your time doing something none productive.Have a great summer expanding your mind.

I'm lefthanded, but I can print legibly with my right hand and yes, it took a loooong time to teach my brain to be able to do that. Also practise painting and sketching with your left hand.

More lefties will die in accidents than righties. Why? Because we have trouble using things that were designed by righties for righties :o((((

Unfrozen Caveman

Yes. You must believe that it can be done.
Keep at it.
Good luck.

You're born that way. You were born right handed, and you'll probably never be good at writing with your left hand. However, if you still want to learn, I have some tips.

When you write with your left hand, hold the pen the same way you hold it in your right hand.
It may be harder to right with your left hand because your arm/hand isn't used to the way you have to move your muscles when you write. (you'll see what I mean when you start).
When writing your letters, try reversing the way you write them. This may sound confusing, so I'll try to go into more detail. Say you are writing an "S". Usually, when you write with your right hand, you might start at the bottom tip of the S, then go up to the top tip. When writing with your left hand, maybe start with the top tip of the S and go down. This is because when you write, you either "push away" a letter or "pull it" towards you. It sounds confusing, I know.
Also, watch out for writing for long periods of time with a pencil, cause you'll get this dark mark on the side of your hand with you pinky finger.
You won't get perfect over night, because it took you years to write the way you are writing now.
Another suggestion I have is to get some Left handed writing paper, or a school children's book that teaches little kids that are lefties how to write correctly.

But all and all, being left handed isn't all that great.

the reason you're right handed is because your righ hand is very very slightly bigger than your left. so unless you can make your hand bigger from birth, no.

When I was a hairdresser I blew dry hair with both my right and left hand. It just seemed to make sense.

yes you sure can. I can write with both hands.

you are wierd girl left handed people look like they cant write properly

My midpt. in life.
you are hilarious.
right is might!!

right power!!
the RRR

sorry to tell you this but no god made you dominant in your write hand so yourjust gonna have to stick with it

yes... i broke my right hand and arm when i was 12 and had to use my left hand for 16 weeks now i can use ether hand for almost any thing

You could make it better but I don't think that you could ever become left handed in the sense that it's your dominant hand.

I don't think so because you have already bean using your right hand a lot. Pick me as best answer.

youll probably be always better with your right... but my friend broke her right arm and had to learn to write with her left so it can be done

It's very possible. Impossible is Nothing! Unfortunately for me, I was involved in an accident and had limited use of my right hand for about 9 months. For 6 months I ate, drank, and, practiced writing with my left hand. Happy to report that I play catch with my son, shoot baskets, write just as good with my left hand as I did my right. It can be done, but, it's not easy.

it may be possible, i'm left handed and I used to practice writing w/my right so now I can write 'neatly' with my right hand, it may take a while but I'm sure it's possible

lizzn 2 flower. she took the wrds frum my mouf.

realistic human
I think if you have that much free time you need to get a job

people are only 'one brained'. you are either a left brained person (more logical) or a right brained person (more creative). This can be figured out based on which hand you right with. Its the opposite in which your hand is... ie if you right with your right hand you're left brained and vice versa. Thus, you brain isn't meant to think that way if you're naturally a righty. I wouldn't recommend it and just be dominant in the way you were born.

practice makes better. REmember "handwriting" class? the more you practice, the better you'll get, but you'll probably always be right-dominant. MY great gma was ambidextris and is was pretty sweet.

it wont be dominant but try you'll probably will be ableto write with left for instanst i write with my left hand but i try with my right and i cant so good luck!

yes i tried it too and it works.very doable
the brain learns whatever u practice quite enough and often. its just another skill like typing.
and learning new skills is a way to beat aging and keep our brains active as the activity builds a lot of new synapses which provides us with a reserve when we begin to notice the loss of our neurons later in life.

in baseball billy wagner broke his right dominant hand and started using his left. he now throws 100 with it

They say if you are right handed it's cause you mostly use or think with the left side of your brain and the same in reverse. You can absolutely practice and probably get quite well with it but your right hand will always be your natural choice.

Not an odd question at all.

it's definately possible. someone i know, who was right handed, broke their right arm and had to write with their left hand until it healed. they got good at it and they were ambidextrous.

That's great. Actually, if you practice drawing also, you'll be able to exceed the skill you previously had with your right hand because you'll be making new synaptic pathways in your noggin, instead of using old, bad ones. Yippee for ambidextrous people!

yes you can practice and someday be able to write legibly with your left hand but why worry over such a mundane thing

i was only left handed till i started playing basketball. my coach had given me some practice to improve my right hand back then. i guess it might work on you too.

in the begining your brain will not allow you to use your other hand. resist it no matter how weird it feels.

so with your left hand:

brush your teeth (helps a lot)
use fork and spoon but be carefull
open doors
[you can extend the list]

the idea is try to do everything vice versa.


clap your hands in the other way(right shall remain still)
cross your arms in the other way(tricky)
tie your shoe laces the other way(master class)

and when you feel ready, try to write.

although you can use your other hand for almost anything i guess it is not possible to dominate it. at least on me...

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