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[email protected]
OKay, this may seem a little gross and disgusting, but i need your help!! ? My...?
My poo (ewwww! i know!) is comming out watery-like and in small chunks.

This has been going on for 2-3 days.

Whats wrong with me?? (not that i am only askin a question about crap!)

and how can i get ''back on track''??

Additional Details
Also, I'm only 13 so please don't scare me by saying that I have CANCER!!!

It could be norovirus (stomach bug) you get it with that.

arsenic sauce
looks like diarrhea. did you eat something unfamiliar recently? maybe you shouldn't eat it again.

you got da bug... eat very little for a few days... its all over the news.......( norovirus)

you might have cancer thats what happend to my grandmother she ended up having cancer in her bladder see a doctor

You probably just picked up some bugs in something you ate and it will get back on track before long. If you ate out or takeaway that is the most likley cause.

sara p (hugs trees)
Well, it's totally NOT cancer.

You have some diarrhea. Probably from something you ate. If it doesn't clear up in 24hrs call your doc to see what over the counter you can take. In the mean time, try some yogurt, make sure there are active cultures.

captian clammy
if u r sick with flu like symptoms shouldnt last more than that if your eating improper change diet dont take otc's get a stool test could be infection or it could be aggravated colon if the stool smellsw strongly foul it is a infection needed to be treated accordingly to its source

Warren Bennett
orange juice.

you may be sick

Have you been very stressed or anxious lately? I've found that stress and anxiety can make poop come out weird.

Another possibilty is that you ate something to throw off your digestive system.

Michael Angputra
eat: banana, papaya.
i got these too, but mine is because of mushroom growing on the intestines. try banana n papaya, eat it in chunks, not as smoothies / juice.

You may be overhydrated. That or you have a very weak virus going in your stomach.

If its overhydration, your body is just trying to get rid of excess water. A little extra salt on your food should help, but don't overdo it.

You might also have a weak virus. Not strong enough to make you feel sick, but enough to worry your stomach. To be on the safe side your stomach may be "flushing" out its contents to make sure the virus can't do any damage when it is flushed out along with all the other food products you've eaten.

Hmmm....here's what I would do:

Stop eating for 24 hours.

Drink some water and fruit juices during that 24 hours. (don't over do it)

Then slowly start back on solid foods.

Go and by some psyllium fiber.....like Metamucil....but store brands are just as good. Read the instructions which should say something like: one teaspoon in a glass of water, stir and drink immediately. Do this in AM and PM for about 3 days then you should see a change in your BM (bowel movement)

If not then it's time to call a doctor. The dr's that deal with this sort of thing are called gastrologists.

I believe your diet is short on iron and fibre .... you may want to try iron tablets and eat more cereals and fruit .... the problem you're having at the moment is probably a combination of a stomach bug and a bad diet ....

Honey Pot
Could be the stomach flu

sounds bad....you may want to go to the doctor on that note!!!

Change your diet to more fresh foods. You may be eating too much processed food with no real nutrution. Eat things like fresh baked potatoes, broccoli, corn and lots of leafy greens. This should help get you back to normal.

Hard Boiled eggs will bind you up!!

Sounds like a bug or bacteria. If it doesn't clear up within the next few days see a doctor for tests. Otherwise drink losts of fluids and keep yourself hydrated!

try immodium?

Have you been eating anything different in your diet? I sounds like you may have had some different eating patterns. Did you change anything you were drinking, like drink different water, or any other liquids that you don't normally drink?

First Stop Drinking Milk. Take a glass of hot water, put lot of salt in it and drink. Do you have pain? Drink lot of water. Restrict your food to good hot rice soup for two days. Avoid any oily food for couple of days. It will be OK. Immodium is also good. IF IT IS ONLY DIARRHEA THIS WILL TAKE CARE. if IT IS DYSENTERY, THEN YOU WILL HAVE TO HAVE A COURSE OF ANTIBIOTICS.

There are a few medicines that will ``dry you out`` Colace, or Immodium. I`m surprised your mom didn`t tell you about them.

You might have a stomach virus.....The same thing happend to me! You should see your local doctor, he can give you some medication to make you poo (hehe)get back on track!

First of all you need to find out why this is happening to you...did you eat something that didn't agree with you maybe? Or maybe you're having this diarrhea for another reason...maybe you have a stomach virus or something like that?
What you might want to try is to eat something that is "binding" or that will make your stools harder and formed...
Cheese will do this, and so will bananas...peanut butter is another thing that will bind you up....
If it continues....you may want to try taking some immodium...but it's not a good idea to take a lot of it....
If all of this fails...then I suggest that you go to the doctor and get him to run some tests....take a sample of the stool to the office with you and ask him to run some tests on it....

eat good foods what are you eating that is messing up your stomach

good luck

Sparky L
try taking Imodium and eat cheese and bananas

if its been 2-3 days and the same thing, change diet, if you have been eating the same things. Drink water, mayb be dehydrated. And if also vomiting and with the stoel possibly food poisoning or you are just plan sick with the stomach flu. if it consist for more then a week seek treatment. may lead to more things.

Cherry Coke™
idk, but i think you have diarea ....... this question is gross =/ LOL

Ur nt eating enough veggies etc- start eating those and ur poo will bind up and won't give u any more worries. Btw it happens to most people in their life time so don't be embarrassed! ^^

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