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My Boyfriend is a clean fellow, and of course, showers regularly. Is it normal to have yellow toe nails?
They arent digusting like the ones shown on T.V. for the fungus commercials, but is there still somthing i can do about it?

staple remover
The representations you see on tv are probably fungus at its worst. You can still have a fungus even if your toenails are just a little yellow. He should have it looked at while it is still mild and can be treated quickly.

The Lamisil tablet is what is prescribed for toenail fungus.

It can be a fungus or a vitamin deficiency, it has nothing to do with being clean...Tell him to ask his Dr.

it may not be as advanced as what they show on tv, but it may be a fungal infection.

**you could wait until he falls asleep and paint them a pretty shade of pink, and if he doesn't like it tell him to make an appointment with a toe doctor.

Mr. Guy
Take him in for a pedicure.

it's not normal but it's common yes it's a nail fungus ,poor diet and can be a symtom of something else. those pills on t.v. make the cure sound worse the problem if you figure out how to drag him in to the doctor for something most men deem silly let me know my old man has it too at least try to get him to ask about it if he is in the doctors for some thing else

He can try some nail gel to treat fungus, if not he will need medication.

There are several nail disease that can make his nails yellow... he should see a doctor. They will give him a pill or a creme to help it.

no its a fungus. yellow = infection.

Has he done anything for fungus? It takes a long time for that to go away. He has to keep up the treatments.

Sounds like he has a fungus. If they aren't thick or misshapen, he hasn't had it for too long. If it is bothersome, have him check with a Doctor or Podiatrist. There are also over-the-counter meds you can use. I cheated, I soaked my feet in Listerine, killed it, but I had blue toenails til they grew out. LOL! Now they have the Citrus flavored stuff. It's orange! I would still have had yellow-orange toenails! Besides, I have found that guys have this "If it's not broke, don't fix it" thing going for them. Good luck in clearing things up!

Its normal.

He prolly has a toe fungus...get him to go to the doctor.

He's got a fungus on his toe nail, tell him to get an antifungus medicine for feet.

lol my husband is the same and its wierd!!! he is clean too, but each toe nail is a different shade of yellow!!! gross!!

uhm dose he wear socks all day?

It may be a fungal infection. Take him to a dermatologist who can prescribe anti-Fungal medication and then cream to soften the nail. It will then just grow out and normal nail will come through.

he should see a podiatrist just to be safe

umm if he keeps his toes cut really low then it will fade away other than that ur toe nail is a natural grown fungus...all those commercial medicines dont work he has to keep trimming them....sorry

does he smoke? fingernails, toenails, teeth usually tend to become yellow if you are a smoker.

Probably a fungus infection, just not as advanced as the deformed ones. Another possibility is that his socks dye his toenails. He should see a doctor, because the sooner he treats a fungus infection, the easier it is to get rid of.

He could have a toe fungus. The only way to find out is to see a doctor. There are topical medications as well as oral antibiotics such as sporonox to help treat it. It does not necessarily mean that a person has poor hygene, he could have picked up the fungus in a gym shower/locker room.

My first thought is a fungus, but maybe nothing. Your boyfriend's nails could be perfectly normal. See a doctor to be sure.

it's a fungus

Dr Dee
he has a vitamin deficiency

I don't think it is. It could still be fungus even if it doesn't look like what's on tv... he should see a doctor, if for no other reason than because it bothers you.

this is a disease of the onyx( nails) there are ways to treat it.. as i can't see what they look like.. he could have them bleached. but as stated earlier it is a keratin deficiancy. have him take vitaimins with keratin. this will help in the long run.. but as for this minute you can have them bleached or you can paint them for him.. to cover it but nail polish stains nails too. so. best luck would be the vitaimin

jst b,coz he loves u

It is normal he probably does not eat right or it could be genetics. Tell him to drink milk.

Patrick S
hes probably has a nail deficiency

Miss Interpreted
its normal, that means theres a fungal infedction but its very minor and very common, its underneath the nail so it cant spread, and if you really dont like it there are precription pills to take which will clear up nails in about 3 to 6 months, but they're purely cosmetic because the fungal infection does no harm whatsoever.

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