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your thoughts?


crack head
dont do it
much love

enhances your senses like a super hero the first time. second time, just makes you feel weird. third time, you body has become addicted to you, and while it used to make your body greater, it now starts to destroy it. thats what i think when i here the word.

never thought about it, dont plan to either

Helps your eyesight

alex l
ITS WHAT people use to be "happy" and to run away from there problems.

It should only be given in pill or tincture form for the terminally ill and aching. Otherwise, you're an idiot for doing it.


if used sparingly it does jack **** to you. its not a method of running away from your problems because it doesnt make you forget it just makes you feel open a little woozy and happy.there really isnt any harm behind it as long as you dont spend a lot of money or lead on to other drugs

Greatest thing on Earth...God's Gift.

Peace and Love

amanda c
i use to smoke but quit.
i support it 100% though.

its funny all the negative comment ppl put up here when they say they never tryed it. lmao weak. some ppl r just so ignorant.

no thoughts FROM it :)

The Biggest Idiot

Good, there are worse things out there

Phil Deese
it`s mostly maui wowy but it`s got some labrador in it.

awesome for the first 5 years or so then u get too used to it and it doesnt affect u as much

really fun tho especially if u are in high school or college

Well if it doesnt kill you, why not? personally i dont do this nor any drug for that matter but all my friends smoke that sh*t and it really expands there minds.Im not lying! One of my good friends is a DUMBASS without it, but with it....A GENIUS!!!!!!!im not inforcing anyone to smoke a joint. I dont. But i guess just like a regular drug it has side effects. some good....some bad. And we ALL know the bad news travels faster....

Legalize, tax, regulate & this will take billions in revenue away from drug dealers so we can use the money to:

1. Re-balance the budget
2. Solar power research
3. Stimulate the economy in general (jobs, etc...)

it grows out of the ground. it's not about the drug. it's about the people of use it. stoners are people too. some are smart some are dumb. some are nice some are mean.

it is OK if you use it responsibly like alcohol
but people are not going to

Candy C
It should be legal. The government could tax the heck out of it, get us out of debt, and prevent drug wars. I am definitely for it even though I'd never smoke it, but I don't drink either. If people didn't have to sneak around and be "dangerous", they probably wouldn't do it either.

soo funny sometimes...

helps me go to sleep and have crazy dreams.

Love it even thou its bad for diets! I have some great stuff from this new dealer and I cantget enough! Lol

Sean B.
illegal..good times tho!

David B
A natural medicine that God created that can be abused just like anything else God created - like sugar.

Puff Puff give

Mr. X
It gets the job done yes?

is not as big of a deal as people make it out to be. I personally don't do it, but I really don't see anything wrong with it.

gift from above

it's cool

My thoughts: if it weren't illegal, more people would do it.

good for relaxing and in moderation

Should be legalized because it is less dangerous than alcohol.

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