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Loosing my virginity...?
My boyfriend is ready, I am not. I'm not planning on loosing my virginity until I am married, but I still would like to know the following:

What happens "down there" the first time?
(this is the main question I want the answer to)

How bad does it hurt?
(my guy says it won't hurt that bad, but I'm not sure about that one)

Is there anything to be afraid of besides pregnancy, STD's, or emotional tolls?

Good for you. God is very happy too. Consider yourself as one of the few elite moral women in the world.

it dont hurt that much but a little dont do it if you dont think your ready how old are you anyways......all he is going to do is stick it in no you shouldnt worrie but make shure he dont have std's frist hope this answers your questions bye

Jack Kerouac
why not worry about all these things after you get married...in about 10 years or so.

you should wait till ur ready, if he cant wait he doesnt love you, also, expect some bleeding and pain at first, u should let him finger u first to open it a little then do the real thing.

Don't let him push you into doing it! You said it yourself that you are not ready, and the only thing you should be afraid of it regretting saving it.

do not do it
do you want to be a momma?

Is there anything to be afraid of besides pregnancy, STD's, or emotional tolls?

What, that isn't a freaking nuff?

Tell him to use his hand.

Girl, you keep those legs closed.

Crap. I sound like my parents.

Seriously, If you are not ready, don't let him talk you into it. Tell him to buy a ring and propose or fsck off.

if u have that many worries u r doing the rite thing by saying ur not ready. the first time u will bleed, alot of people say that it does hurt the first time but if u tell ur b/f not 2 do it hard it may not hurt. u purdy much summed it up 4 wat 2 be afraid of. MAKE SURE HE WEARS A CONDOM!!!! GOOD LUCK!

try it when you're married only

You boyfriend is only out to add another notch to his belt. Explain to him what your plans are and ask him to respect you and your plans.

If you are afraid of pain in the breaking of your hymen, then before your wedding ask your obgyn for some help. She will be able to stretch it so that penetration will be more comfortable for both of you

Ditto to dizy!. I'm happy to hear you're waiting until marriage.

if your not ready and he's pressuring you leave the trash in the gutter.
good for you for wanting to wait till you get married your not missing out on much and you will get to do it so enjoy your youth while you got it

If YOU are not ready, then tell him, he will understand... If he don't understand then he don't love you. For all the other stuffs ask you doctor for a test if you'r realy scared, but there is a not too big risk if you use contraseptives.

THanks for asking,
they say, you will only be remembered by the actions you take.
whether good or bad. i believe you are smart, and thats why you asked. i appreciate your concern for yourself.
to the point itself.
Dont!, are you married?or you have any plans of doing so? if not Dont go for it, coz you dont know what may pop up. yeah you are concerned, of the concequence, either getting pregnant, or STD, (which is worst of all) what about an emotional toll? who knows what may come up,
sorry to say this, Consider this, may be you end up doing the so act, you become pregnant, you get STD, then your boyfriend leave you,(opps!) emotions of what you gonna do about all those things.
i hope i answered your first question.
but i cat answer you second one and third one.
coz i dont know.
be safe.

the conqueror
ın my opinion you're right in your decision because you cannot know whwther he will leave you after he has ****** you or not

Will vary person to person and couple to couple. If you are not ready, then don't. Chances are that if you are not comfortable or ready, then the experience will not be pleasant. If your boyfriend truly loves you, he will understand.

wait till marrige dear
best decision

don't do it, save yourself

Wait girl because it not worth the risk getting pregnant or a std.
I lost my virginity at 13 and I cried like hell and now I have three year old twins.

candy l
Honey, men will tell you anything to get you there.
Some women it hurts a lot-but the main point is-once you loose it, you can never get it back.
And I hate to tell you,but there WILL be other boyfriends.
Just think-you live with you all your life-let NO ONE make your choices for you.
Good luck.

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