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Is your tap water safe to drink?
I don't mean does it taste good or do you drink expensive bottled water as a fad. I mean is the water really unsafe to drink. It would be interesting to see how many out there have access to a computer but not safe drinking water.

NO we live in the city and our water is treated. I drink gallons of it daily. or so it seems. LOL

It is a myth that it is not..It is generally safe to drink unless there is a water main break in your area you have to boil it.

The Drunken Fool
in the UK pretty much all tap water is potable, if not that tasty.

bottled water tends to be percieved as healthier though.

i dont drink water on its own, but when i do, its tap water.

Fat Kids Are Hard To Kidnap
I've never risked it, lol ...i use the filter on the fridge ;)

When one goes to another country , the tap water in that country could make you very sick when you drink it for the first time. This does not mean that the foreign water has germs; but it is different its' chemical make-up is different, and completely different to what you have been use to drinking.

There is an old saying.. "Daniel Boon drank mud water and lived to be shot" People have drank worse things and lived healthy lives.. Yes I believe the water that comes from the tap is safe to drink..

i don't think so because it contain other staff that comes from different places

We filter tap water.Just as a precaution.

Mr. Chi
Yes in the US it is.

Dr Dee

well iv just had some & im still breathing so il take it its ok

ronnie m
It depends on where you live. It's safe in UK, USA, Canada, Singapore and most of Western Europe. Elsewhere you're taking a bit of a chance. Of course, if you're used to it then you'll have an immunity to any local organisms. Also the different mineral content may cause diarrhoea

everybody loves raymond
i think and hope so

Troubled Joe(the ghost of)
my tap water is certainly not safe to drink. i am a landlord of a building containing six flatlets. i would like to get rid of the tenants so i can sell the building for enormous profit but they are refusing to budge. i have slowly been introducing various toxic chemicals to the water tank to ensure a slow but certain death to them, so i can make a mint. so i don't know about yours.....but don't knock at my door and ask for a glass of water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kevin ? gent
yes don't taste to bad
i've been drinking it since 1958 and i'm still here
not very nice first thing you cantaste the chlorine

j d
mine is. my nan insists on filtering hers (don't taste any different)

my tap waters fine. i've been drinking it from the tap 4 14 years. i don't get people that have to have bottled. What snobs!!!!!!

Chav Princess
My tap water is safe - at least I hope it is as i make my coffee with it every morning. . . . . .

Mine isn't. I mean, it's not directly contagious, but there are too many particles, like tiny sand grits, that don't get properly sifted somewhere, and I think those collect into the kidneys. I drink bottled water as a rule, rotating the brands. I even give bottled water to my cat.

My water is safe to drink... and tastes grreat.. mmm im gonna have a glass now.

Nope. I've to use a water purifier like aquaguard.

You'll have to tell us where you are.

Our water is NOT potable. It comes from a sewage treatment plant and has so much chlorine in it that it burns your delicate mucous membranes. It has an overload of heavy metals and other harmful things. Most city "drinking" water is not actually safe to drink.

Yes but I still filter it before drinking.

it depends on where you live. but for the most part it may even be safer because the standards are stricter.

Mobidus Lee
In my country, tap water is very safe. I have been drinking it for the last 13 years.

NOOOO! Ours is sooo bad, it's like over half chlorine and bleach. I'm not kidding, if it gets in your eyes it burns....it kills fish!!!! Don't drink my water!!! haha

Tap water is okay if U like chlorine and hog-farm runoff and pesticide/herbicide runoff. Yum yum what don't kill ya makes U stronger. Oh wait, yes it does kill ya.

vj s
yes it is safe if the pipe line is clear,and water flow is ok without mixing of draniage water , and if all the preservative are mixed in that.

Not if you are diabetic. For the same reason fish can't live in tap water. Today, water in major cities is recycled sewer water. Problem - Aids patients, carcinogens, worms, I don't want to think about it. But, it's suppose to be safe. Because it's not...they had to recently add - Chloramines, Chlorine, & Ammonia. Enjoy.

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