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Jessica P
Is weed bad for you when you have a cold?

weed isn't really bad for you per say

just be smart about using it

it will probably even help make you feel less pain if you have pain from coughing or anything.

I think so it will make your throat more sore if you smoke anything.

Weed is bad for, period!

people will argue the "dangers" of weed all f-ing day, but bottom line (to actually ANSWER your question and not lecture you about smoking)... it won't make your cold any worse

Miss De Vill
Gee, I don't know. It sure as heck makes the cold bearable (not that I know, mind you ).

Unless you have strep throat, you're probably fine. Smoking weed makes me feel better when I'm sick- you probably don't want to share (more for you!) or smoke out of a pipe (unless you can boil it). Happy smoking!

I think it bad for you wether you have a cold or not

Mama Moose
No dope head keep smoking!!!!

Makes cough worse but it's no more 'bad' for you to smoke it sick than healthy. I have a cough now and I still smoke all the time.

Well, it still kills brain cells... =S

The fact that you are asking this question is proof of the brain damage it has already done. put intoxicants aside and live a happy life free of dependencies.

Not Really because a cold is bad enough already. However, CRACK-cokain seems to be the new antidote for misery.

It probably will make you have more conjestion. Unlike cigars weed has no filters so it damages the lungs more so when you cough it will probably be worse for you so you should probably watch the amount you do while you have a cold.

Tough Guy
Doesn't matter if it is bad or not....it's illegal.

Weed is bad for you whether or not you have a cold. Don;t do it.

Rubber Ducky
It's bad for you everyday why wouldent it be bad for you when your sick.... dumbass

It's bad for you no matter what! It kills brain cells!!

Dude what the heck are you doing with a cold?

Legalize not Legal Lies
No. its not even as bad as people say even without a cold. (when people disagree with this, dont listen cuz they dont know . Their wrong)

Josh A
i don't know whats worse playing football which you can cause a serious head injury(concussions) or death. or to take a hit, i don't smoke anything or drink myself but i just see it as smoking a cigarette. there is no scientific studies on the effects of weed being bad for you bec. the gov. has outlawed it. so i wouldn't exactly say its bad for you unless your addicted, it just makes you high, just like drinking or smoking a cigarette. but when you get medication for your cold medicine ask the doctor what the possible effects are, or you can avoid the doctor and just drink orange juice and water and just rest.

Dean C
Weed is bad for you period. This is not an anti drug thing here. Smoking weed is just as bad for you or worse than smoking tobacco.

It will make your stuffed up nose feel worst, but other than that no other negatives, as far as I remember.

Weed is ALWAYS bad for you .

sam f
It is always bad for you in many ways.

It makes the uncomfortableness of the cold not so overwhelming.
Make sure you are legal, if not you can get busted, cold or not. A cold is not a medical problem that would qualify someone.

Marijuana dilates your bronchial tubes when you smoke it, so contrary to being 'bad' for your cold, it will actually help relieve your congestion.

weed is bad for u nomatter what!! duh!

Ruben I
a lot of you guys that are saying that marijuana is bad and blah blah blah and it ruined this and that are ***** stupid
you guys are ******* idiots
please get youre facts right and actually know that marijuana isnt ****
there are other drugs out there that are wayyyyy worse and ruin ppls lives, whoever said that marijuana ruined your familys lives is ***** retarded, wutta naive *****

It's never really "good" for you.

Weed is bad for you two times. When you have a cold and when you don't have one

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