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Is smoking a cigar once every 2 weeks bad for your health?
sometimes my dad smokes and i want to know if a cigar every 2 weeks is bad for u. he usually doesnt have a whole one though,only a quarter to 3 quaters

Smoking at all is terrible for you.

Cigars are even worse than cigarettes.

If he really wants to be healthy, the best choice is for him to not smoke at all.

His smoking pattern most likely will not cause death, but will probably cause health issues.

any kind of smoking is bad in my opinion, no matter how little... it always adds up in the end.

Smoking is bad all the time,but once every 2 weeks or so won't hurt to bad.
Unlike me who smokes all the time and can hardly breathe,please don't start.

smoking one cigar every three weeks is bad, cuz there is not filter, its just raw murder to ur lungs, im sorry to hear your dad smokes that much

All in all SMOKING is bad period.
I saw somewhere in a recent research paper
that everystick of a ciggerette subtracts seconds-minutes of you life span -.- some crazy sh*t!

how much more a cigar.

smoking is bad for your health period

smoking at all is bad :(

catie baby
any smoking is bad...but every 2 weeks...noit probably wont do anything it depends on the way his body functions.

Christina C
yea bacicly any thing u put in your mouth to smoke can #1 cancer and #2 4 cigars u can get mouth cancer and it doesnt matter how much or how long u smoke annything and even worse can kill u evenif u smoke them or it every 2 weeks ur risking ur health......

Dimples D
Smoking in any language is bad for your health ,it doesn't matter how often you smoke.

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I lover
Look at this page there you can get a detailed answer:


smoking - alone is a bad thinng

It might not be as bad as smoking one every day... but smoking is smoking and still even if you only smoke one every 2 weeks i just think that it could be playing with fire...

smoking is bad in general. no matter what its bad for you. its even worse for the ppl around you when smoking. hope you never consider smoking.

author, KLS
smoking is bad for u no matter how often, after one ur poisoned (being dramatic). but yes 2 a week is healthier than 3 a day or one everyday, etc. quiting is the healthiest for ppl. and second hand smoke is a sad thing as well.

smoking anything no matter how little is bad for your health and it accumulates as the years go by you will have the same effects as any smoker it will just take longer for the effects of smoking even a cigar to hit you

it does accumulate, and there is always the chance that you will have a bad day someday and start turning to the cigars for comfort.

Kait M
it can be but thats allot better than every day try every 2 months

key k
Not as bad as smoking cigarettes since you tend to puff cigars and not inhale them. It's still not healthy, puff on some carrot sticks or Celery instead.

Joshua H
Not much if he's young, though if he's getting to heart attack age (50 on) he should be aware that he's upping his heart attack risk significantly.

yeah sure aint a great thing but alot of people i know who are old and have been smoking all their lives and they are as fit as a flea, nothing wrong with them, i dont think its tht bad :)

yes i'm smoking a cigar now

I don't see a health risk posed there.

Guess Who
I am 45 years old, been smoking for 25 years, I am still alive, and doing great.

Is there ANY health risks with smoking a cigar every 2 weeks... Sure.

But in the grand scheme of things... There are a lot worse things you could be doing to your body. The thing you need to watch is not getting to where you need one every week... then every few days... then every day... etc. So, if smoking an occasional cigar gives you and your Dad a lot of pleasure and you can keep it an "occasional" cigar... Well then enjoy yourselves.

No smoking is good for you, but it you can show restraint, like you obviously have,its like drinking, occasionally a drink and a cigar is fine.

technically, yes. but if that's all he's doing, he's probably not doing anything too serious.

Baby no.2 Sydney due anytime now
Technically you are not supposed to inhale a cigar when you smoke it!! But if he does and as much as he does it which is not a lot he would be fine.

Chad C
well, its not great for you, but you dont inhale cigars. I personally like cigars also. MIchael Jordan smokes them, many people smoke them. All these people saying its horrible have their opinions, but I gotta tell you.......the air quality in NYC, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh that EVERYONE is breathing in is probably worse for you then smoking a cigar is!

Smoking a cigar once every two weeks is not going to be bad for you. A good cigar will relax you and reduce stress. Plus you dont inhale cigars, they are ment to be puffed on. Your dad will be fine.

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