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Is it weird to like the smell of sweat?
i dont know its weird but i kind of like the smell of sweat. its gross i know. is that a weird problem or something with my smelling senses or something?

Hayley H
Well haha
i dunno.
I never really smelled sweat before.
Well yeah i have haha but im not so sure if its a problem,
Yes its weird haha but i think everyones weird
Take my friends for instance they dont like bananas but they will have a banana smoothie .
Thats just life for yeah haha i dont think anyones normall

its really weird and disgusting. Please get some help.

Melony 57
Unusual yes weird I wouldn't say that, I love the smell of a sweaty horse but not everyone is the same or the world would be really boring! If you like the smell of sweat good luck to you as there is plenty of sweaty people around for you to smell and some you don't even need to get close to to smell. lol ;-)

yeah my sister has that and she had to doctors they said to put on deotorent and she 9yrs old and they may have to give her something because she still smells so ask your doctor. oh and that guy that said he likes the smell of his girlfriend's sport bra is sick so i hope he gets a life.

Ginger R
Everyone on this planet is "weird". You can't help what you like.

Don't think of it as weird, think of it as unique. Everyone loves a smell others hate. But, if you mean B.O., I would have to say I have never heard that one before. For me, I love the smell of Pipe cigars. Have Fun! And God Bless!

i don't think it's weird, but kinds might make fun of you for it. i don't think you should be open about it you would just get teased.

O.o lol Um...heh. Yeah....a little....a lot

But its only wierd, theres nothing wrong with your senses ^^ Everybody has their own tastse... or smells. lol

No. There are all sorts of pheromones mixed in there DESIGNED to get you feelin thangs! Mine used to smell like strawberries when I was young. Not so much now. But sometimes people tell me I smell sweet when I sweat. Mind you not ALL the TIME! Now that I have given you TMI, you can give me the 10 points. Ha! Good day. Keep your nose clean.

At least u don't like the smell of a guy in my school...its fine he smells like rotten onions!

F (*_*)
in my opinion, i definitely think it's weird

well whats your really wierd?? and what really is normal?? that is the question u should be asking

Some people like the sweat smell of their loved ones. It is a kind of emotional bond to a person close to you. But it does not happen in every relationship, I guess.

That does sound wierd but there are all kinds of people out there in the world so I guess doesn't really matter.

belinda M
I presume that to like the smell of sweat is just a sign of our animal side, though if it bothers you and is no compatible with your style, then you should seek medical help urgently

well i like the smell of sweaty feet (girls feet only) haha.. but email me maybe we can make a deal !!!!

vitamin water
not at all - like after a guy works out and hugs you...

Alberto R
yes it is

No don't see why its to do with pheromones. Stale sweat is gross fresh is not.Worse is yucky perfumes people use to cover the smell.

Mike J
No, it's normal. That's pheromones. We are supposed to like the smell of sweat. It's only when the bacteria multiplies in the sweat that it smells as badly as it does. Then we think we are supposed to hate it. If your body is clean when you sweat, and you shower after, there is no bad smell and I like it too, as long as it belongs to me or a woman I love.
Other guys - no thanks. They stink.

Your normal, Everyone has an odd smell they're fond of for some underlying reason they probably aren't quite aware of...I like the smell of dried hair grease and worn hats...reminds me of my father lol

Na, it just means you into jocks.

no, it just means that you will probably always workout. and that is a good thing.

Italian Soccer God
no not really weird

Blackeye Battery
It's nothing out of the ordinary. Different people like different things.

its perfectly fine

Some people secrete pheromones in their sweat, so NO, you are not weird. It could be that you like the scent because of the pheromones.~

Its not weird I like the smell of my sweat but I don't like ANYBODY elses SWEAT smell.If it is someone elses sweat smell it is so sick

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