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Is it nasty not to wear underwear? (Just asking)?

Bambi J
Hell yeah, that's NASTY!!!!!!

naked would seem best ,,lol

No, it's called going commando. People do it all the time. I don't think I can, but if you like it, more power to you.

noy having proper hygiene and the right clothing.

55 and trying
I know in the summer my neighbor says she likes to wear her long sundress and no bra or panties. I wonder if she has any idea how turned on I get to see her in a sundress now?

The Raging Monkey
If you get a hard-on, then all the chicks will see it.

outta sight
or U R a Stinker!

or something...

Unless you don't mind getting zippered in

no, its actually very comfortable. Just as long as you're not wearing a very short skirt, that might be dangerous :)

Go Commando!!

no, the real tragedy would be if you fail to take advantage of your open air experience, you know an accidental flash to your neighbourhood bus driver, retail store clerk, drycleaner, city worker.

some stuff you cant wear underwear

joe s
Its all about personal preference. If you choose not to, then you don't have to.

not if you keep it to yourself?
meaning dont expose yourself and make
everyone aware of it.!

but i personally do wear underwear everyday

yeah to put it simply think about it you go to the bathroom and then slide ur jeans back on and wear them the rest of the day ew

There's nothing wrong with not wearing underwear...Just as long as you are discreet about it.


First L
No, just that you have to wash your pants more often. If you wear dress/skirt, wash the seat of the chair also.

well it is kinda wierd

Only when diarrhea occurs!! I think its best to put some panties on!!

judith r
not if you are wearing a swim suit or are in bed .

not if noone knows about it

***____ //_ \\_____***
i bliv it is

what country are you from?

only if your not a hygenic person.

Yeah who doesn't wear underwear,if you don't thats just plain disgusting.


not at all..nb.

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