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 I get really sick when i smoke. please explain why?
i recently started smoking and only smoke just one or two in a week. but everytime i do it, i get really really sick. I immediately feel dizzy and feel like i am going to faint. sometimes i get ...

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 I cant sleep at night please help me?
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i ...

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 Is it weird to like the smell of sweat?
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 If I smoked May 2nd and will smoke again on May 8th and 9th, will I be clean for a drug test in the?
week of May 12-16th?
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It's for a job at WalGreen'...

 How can i grow taller naturally?
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please help me... I'm not willing to use any none-natural ways to ...

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 Do you sleep on your stomach, side, or back??
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 When people die,would'nt it be cheaper to bury them in a carboard coffin?
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 Do you think smoking should be banned in all public places?
Or,should smokers be allowed to smoke when and where they want?
Express your opinion......

 What don't you like about your face?

 Does anyone else have a sore dry throat when waking up in the morning?
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 Is it nasty not to wear underwear? (Just asking)?

Rethabz M
Is it healthy to sleep with various people but using protection?

Well if your just sleeping the worst that can happy is you will catch a cold...lol....now what you do when your awake is a different story.... exchanging body fluids can be hazardous to your health....:)

Yes please me next

sssure it isss, dude if'n yaa got a flippin death wish what r u? 10 er just not the brightest bulb in the chandelier? raa row, sorry didn't mean Ta be ugly very early in the mornin peace victoriap69 ;-)~

Of course it is! Its a brilliant form of exercise, it promotes a good social life and unless unlucky, if the right protection is used, then totally harmless!

Roger B
I do, and I'm very healthy.

do it till u catch something

Always use protection, with one or many people do not make a difference.

I think it is healty if you sleep with various people, one at the time. It not healty to do it at the same time.

No!! promiscuity is never a good thing.

Mentally? Nope.

Buzz s
No. That is not the way we were designed physically or psychologically.

Each to their own, as long as you are safe and happy!!

Not at the same time with the same protection......................

I think so. But it depends. Healthy physically or mentally? If you are safe and enjoy yourself, why not?

Well now sleep with as many people as you like!

Just make sure your willy is protected!

Enjoy your love making sessions!

[email protected]
Yee why not !!
Be safe though !!!

pick your partners carefully and never ever go without precautions. there's nothing wrong in sowing your wild oats.

ofcourse it is, nothing wrong if you use protection

don't worry enjoy it



i think thats called a healthy appetite! lol. i think as long as yuo use protection and you both want the same thing how can that not be healthy?

Mom, is that you?


Charlie Brigante
Of course it is! Whoo-ha. Wouldn't we all want to......

well as long as by protection you mean condoms and not just a contraceptive pill then... whatever floats your boat! only a condom will protect you from an S.T.I

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