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 I'm 12 and I'm 5'3and a bit". Am I gonna grow any more?

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by the way i'm a girl....

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Is it bad to be short like 5"4?

sugar and spice
hey!! its no probs is being 5"4..its actually a good height. maybe you have Friends who r taller than you that is why u r feeling that way....but you have a good height, thank god for that!!

no not really.thats average for girls..it's better then being 6"4 being a girl, then yall get dogged on..lol

No theres no such thing as being to short, you shouldn't worry about things like that. That's who you are. Bet that no-one pays much attention to your size

Nope. I'm 5'3. I think a lot of guys prefer petite women.

i actually feel short also i'm 5'6 but my sister is 5'8 or 5'9 and i wish i could be that tall, that would be sweet

nope. around 5'2-5'6 = perfect =)


No its not bad to be short, I'm only 5'3 and happy enough :)

I'm 5"4 and no I don't think it's a bad thing. Personally I don't it'that short....

Jen Hates Evil Empire Starbucks
You are not short.

hey, i am 5'3" and 3/4"-your taller than me! It's great!

No, there are good and bad points.

thats not short .tks for the 2points

men like short women

Well I personaly like women who are short, it make them more adoreable and cuddly.. LOL
My Gf is 5'3, and I'm 6'2
We get along perfect
One think i like is when a blub is blown in the house, she calls me :D and then I laugh at her
Short people are sweet
DOnt wory
and besides if you were tall, how would you wear Heels!
Tall pep's cant wear heels!
but Short ones can! Thats one of you advantages being 5'4"

no im 5'2

It is an advantage to be taller.

I am 5"4 and I think that's a great height.

thats not short..thats medium height for a normal person

No. It's not bad to be 4'11" or 4'10" or 3'2" for that matter. It's not bad to be short, or tall, or inbetween.

No it is what nature made you.
Sometimes I think it a hardship to be tall.

Jinx U
Heck, no!

I'm 5 ft 2, and lovin' it. We don't hit our heads on low-hanging branches, light fixtures, ect - and short people are just plain old cute. :)

Dawn A
yeah I am also 4"11 and very happy..

5'4" isn't so short.

I am 4'11" and perfectly happy!!

No 5'3" is average for females so you're an inch up on the norm!

No, I'm 5'3" and doing great. Besides when you're short people tend to want to help you out more. Petite women seem to inspire a protective vibe in men and women too sometimes.

I would love to be 5' 4". I'm only 5' 1"

If you're trying out for the NBA it could pose a problem. Otherwise, it's fine.

actually the average height for a woman in the u.s. is about 5'4 to 5'5.(i'm 12 and i'm 5'4...im tall)

hotty body
no it's not! i'm about5'4" 5'5" and perfectly happy

Ryans Mom
Not a problem. As long as you're happy and healthy it doesn't matter. Besides, you can always wear heels if you want to add to your height.

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