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Is drinking my own urine bad for me?

David K
I would say yes

No, Its actually suposed to be one of the BEST things you can drink, Not for taste of corse lol. I think I may have heard that it is better for you than water!

Dr Frank
Of course,it contains all the toxins and waste products that your kidneys have worked hard to eliminate from your body!

Yes, but, it's better than dehydrating, so if you are trapped...drink up!

Oh, no it's not bad for you. Drink up! (kidding of course)

Muthu S
Urine therapy exists.Your food shoud be non-toxic & consult a urine therapist.

Sabrina Devareoux
it is said to be sterile, so in therory its safe, but its just gross.

John G
the first 2x is OK it is sterile. not the 3rd because then there is toxin in it, not enough fluids. if u were lost in the wild and had nothing else to drink it would keep u alive, if u can get by the smell image. what do u think hard core military are trained to do?

So do you just get bored and think of insanly strange questions to put on here just to see what people will say?
yea i think so

it's not bad for your body, but it's nasty.

why on earth would you want to?

: ) [ R.I.P Isaac Hayes ]
naaah ya think

nope its fine just dont drink some1 elses thats bad can cause problems but your own is actually fine a fresh 1 in the morning is the best

You rancid man Bobby

Not sure why you'd want to however it has been said if you are stranded without food or water, you can, as you say drink your own urine. Not something I would reccommend but I don't think I will harm you too badly if survivor type people say you can drink it if you are without food and water for long periods of time.

YES!! that is very disgusting!! you want urine out of your body, not in your body!!

Drinking your own urine is actually hazardous to your health. Because it contains toxins from human waste, so you're doing more harm than good for your body.

You can actually drink your urine up to 3 times before it becomes TOXIC. By the third time your body has filtered the same substance and it cant filter any more, so it is actually bad for you.

●[∂ є ν ι єє]●
I think you meant beer.

skunk masta
Dont see why it should be, locals been selling piss for years, nobody dead yet.

It's bad for you in the girlfriend department.

Munki nutz
I used to do it all the time when i was growing in my mothers womb so it cant be that bad

I remember watching a program that was talking about this and aparantly its not bad for you, if its filtered in a proper way you can drink as much as you like as long as you can handle the taste and smell!

what ever floats your boat ...i bet your breath stinks

There is an actress that has been drinking her own pee for about 30 years now, she thinks it does her good but has said , It is the worst thing she has ever tasted !! Knock yourself out love,

if your life depended on it maybe two or three times. for just general purpose, gargle than spit it out.

Smoky Joe
Yes , drinking anyones urine is bad for you. Urine has toxins that your kidneys removed from your body, you dont want those toxins back in your body. And why on earth would you want to drink urine?

No its really good for you, go ahead enjoy yourself - have a piss up!

If drinking your own urine is part of survival training then it can't be.

old know all
You must be taking the piss

If it is necessary for survival then you can do it for a total of 2-3 times before it becomes toxic. This would only be in an extreme case to keep from dehydrating. Otherwise, remember that this is your body's waste...what wasn't needed...the leftovers that had no use. If you want to consume it that is entirely up to you; but, it holds no added benefit for you. If you needed what was in it then your body would not have eliminated it.

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