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Dave S
Is age 30 still young/youngish?
30s seems like a weird age where people around 18 think it's kind of old but people 40+ think it's young.They say 18-34 is young adult but I don't know.

You are as young as you feel.

30's was much harder for me than turning 40 was

30 is still young. I am 53 and I wish that I was still 30 then maybe I would be getting along with my 38 year old husband

I'm 22 and I think 30 is still young. people are living longer today plus you're as young as you feel. Today most people are just getting married and having kids and 30!

You are young if you think you are young
:) That's the best phrase ive ever heard.

If you're going to listen to anyone, listen to those that have been there. 30 is young and it's a good age too.

You are only as old as you feel.

UnderGrad Student
It's strange I tease my friends that have reached 30, but in reality I don't want to be 30 myself (I have several years to go). Man life really goes quick after 21, and just gains speed after that.

Yea, still young.

age doesnt determine how young or old you are you have to be young within.

That depends on who you are asking and who is being asked about. You see I feel like 30 isn't very old...for men...they just start getting good at about 35! Women however, that's a different story, we are usually about DONE at 30, unless by chance, we were blessed and then we are still done and over at 35...its the truth. Think about it!
Either way you look at it 30 is considered an adult. All the young kids that you see EVERYWHERE you look, That is the first sign of adulthood. Its sad, I know. Its True!!!

you answered it.. you're old compered to being 18 and young compered to being 40+
so a happy medium i guess.

It's all in the eye of the person you ask i guess...I am 20 and I think that 30 is still young.

statistically you have more than 50% of your life still ahead of you

im about to turn 30 on the 21st...it is weird, im to old to be cool to the 20-29 crowed and the older folks think im a joke..like a kid playing house..im freakin out buying face creams and big sunglasses.. working out more and eating as many "anti oxidents as poss." yup time is creepin up there. ;)

30 is young.

i would say so.

Thirty years of age? It's young.

for men they say life begins at 40, your only in your 30's so you are still considered young, enjoy being young and playful, coz you cannot stay young forever

I think it depends on who you ask. Im 18. I wouldnt consider anyone over 27-28 young.

It's still quite young. If you think about it, the normal lifespan in the 1800's was like 40 or something (I don't know for sure, I'm just generalizing) and now the average lifespan is like 80 or something... Dude, you're young, too young to have a midlife crisis. P.S. You're only old when you start telling yourself you're old...

yes its still youngish compared to the alternative be happy!!!!

Its all about how you feel, I am 29 but nobody would guess thst becouse I act like Im 19. 30 is the new 20 so embrace it.

well lets just say im 31 and look young for my age ( have been guessed at 19 before) it depends on your health and how you feel about yourself. Plus if you act all stuffy people just assume that you are older, but if you let loose and be free every once in awhile.... well then your havin fun.

Soccer Maniac
matters within ur pride, doesnt matter about ur age, if u think ur young ur young its not the outside that matters but how u feel and think


Jimmy Pete
30 is young!! 40 is young!! It just depends on which side you're viewing it from!

h kylee
its real real real real real real old

its just number your as young as you feel

I'm 30 and I feel young, fresh, and fabulous. 30 is the age where you begin to establish yourself not only with your growing family, but your career, and church life as well.

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