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Is 5 3" to short for a girl?
I have stopped growing and my family (all tall atleast 5 8") tease me and tell me I'm short. I want to know if it considered short or average.

Yes. You are short.

I'm 48 and only 5'4" - I'm the shortest in my family I think it's average)

most girls i know are about 5'5. so thats about normal.

[email protected]
don't ever let anyone convice you that your appearance is more significant than your personality.

Let them tease, and smile coz you know it's irrelevant.

~i love ME~
well im 5' even and im also the shortest but everyone is really tall but my doc says im under a little

That is about average. So, you are the shortest person in your family. Tell them it hurts you when they make fun of you, and if they love you (which I am sure they do), they will stop.

It depends how old you are.

5'3"-5'4" is the hieght of the average woman, so I would say join the club!! =)

my wife is only 5'1" so dont feel bad. lol

Stephanie M
You are just fine!

It's on the short side of average. Does your family know that their <coughs> teasing bothers you?

I'm not that much taller than you are.

average . my mom's that tall

im that height. i think its average.

Your height is fine. Don't worry about it. If the teasing bothers you just tell them and they will most likely stop.

Bad Kitty!
You can always tease them about being tall!
No it's not too short. You height is about average, and in Asia you'd probably be tall. As long as your legs reach all the way to the floor, you're fine!

Average is defined differently in different areas. I was on a shorter side in the city I was growing up, but now I moved and now I see a lot of shorter people around me.

5'3 is not short for dailly life. If I think that average is 5'3-5'8 than you're within average, just on the other end of it than the rest of your family. If you want to be a model and you see it as a career than yes 5'3 is too short and you'll have a harder time to get to the top. But other than that - no, you're not short.

You know, fasion changes. Strangely enough, height is subject to fasion. (Ridiculous, heh?) 150 years ago in Russia it was difficult for a girl from well off family to marry if she's tall. Short was considered to be classy. Go figure...

ur fine.

I know woman who r like 4.6 ur plenty tall.
Just ignore ur familys remarks. They will eventually stop.

I am 5'1 and have been since I was 17. I like being short.

You can stand tall and proud whatever your height.

I think 5'3" is average, however, to answer your question :)

For a Female is a fair and average height and certainly not short.

Don't worry.

Short girls are in, haven't you heard, guys love tiny girls......they are jealous of you that's all.

Good things come in small packages-think diamonds.
We love you just the way you are and tell that family of yours to quit with the teasing already-that's ABUSIVE BEHAVIOR and doesn't belong in a family.

Sounds like pretty normal for me.

NO, if the boy is 5 feet 2 inches
YES, if the boy is 5 feet 4 inches


sounds pretty average to me. i have a friend who is 4' 10"..so thats tall compared to her lol


i think your average,honestly I am the shortest in my family, and im 5 feet7.

elaine p
no your just right for yourself.

I LOVE SHORT CHICKS IF THEY HAVE A NICE BODY makes them seem more delicate and make you want to care for them more.... that's just me, I'm 15

5'3" is not too short for a girl. It is just short of average statistically and is short enough to get you teased by your family. My wife of many years is 5'2", and I like her just fine.

Who cares? There are always pros and cons to being tall or short. If you are comfortable in your own skin, that is what counts!

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