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david l
In what way would you fear the most dying?
I would hate to think i would die drowning, sorry for any people i offend, just wondering what other people fear.

Im not a person living life in fear lol, just a question i thought i might ask

I left
I'm not really AFRAID of dying itself. I do want my ducks in a row, spiritually speaking. I guess the worse way to die would be a long and painful one. I'll have God's strength no matter how.

To be honest, I don't fear death, I guess it's the actually pain that we may be afraid of, or the feeling of not getting your breath, obviously different things effect different people's mind's. I am a Born-Again-Christian and unless you know Jesus Christ as your Saviour and sak Him into your life, the Holy Spirit will strengthen you and give you wisdom, understanding, as well as the knowledge of what is right and what is wrong. What to be afraid of and what is not, then ask Him to give you His protection, strength and most of all the Power of God.

I am sharing this with you because I have been in near death conditions when I served in the Army as well as Civilian Life. I can honestly say, I wouldn't be here if God did not protect me and Save me from what was certain death.

being cut up into tiny chunks bit by bit by someone i love

burning would be terrifying. drowning would be too I guess.
I try not to think about it too much.

candi k
i would like to die intact, so decapitation is not my chosen way to go (not like i will have a choice) i wouldnt like to die in a fire though either i mean burning not the smoke. i know decap is quick but i would still prefer to keep my head.
i guess i would just like to go in my sleep after a happy day with my family, but this isnt fairyland is it.

Not Ecky Boy

I agree with drowning. I dont know about being painful but not beith able to breathe automatically kicks in the "fight or flight" syndrome.

if my death is meant to be in anyway ... no fear at all

The Sam
In my sleep, I want to die horrifically and/or heroically.

just pain and fear like most of us,i just want to pop of in my sleep

i am not really afraid of dying but i am affraid for the people i leave behind like my kids.

Drowning....has always been an absolute dreaded fear, My heart pounds when I watch titantic or old submarine war films..plus also how terrible to die in a Tsunami...I will never forget the lady who had to let go of one of her children to try and save her own life and that of her second child...my God what a thing to have to do...No I would rather die alone in this way..because I am fearful that I would fight for my own survival and forget everyone around me. I am such a poor swimmer.

We were on holiday this year and my daughter was being swept out to sea in her rubber dinghy...I just had to dive in and go for it...the adrenaline rush allowed me to swim further than I had ever done before, by time I reached her I was exhausted...but I prayed that the ring would stay afloat with both of us and made my way slowly to shore.......I tell you now...I thought I was going to die...and that old titanic, Tsunami thing kept me going.

Mind you I could not talk for an hour afterwards...was still deep breathing...

Choked!!!That's what i fear most...
My neighbour died because she was choked by eating an apple pie!!!

I think any death involving a long, drawn out time is worst.

My Grandfather died in the middle of the street one day whilst perfectly healthy.
4 years later on exactly the same day my grandmother died iwhilst in the bank.

I want to go that way - I hope I have inherited it!

Like Steve Irwin I want to go out being me,
not a shadow of what I used to be.

ashley h
fire would be the worst thing to die from

Why would anyone focus on that.....try living in the "present".....get it. Today and the present is a gift....don't waste it. There is too much suffering out there and those people must learn to live in the present and not worry about anything but maintaining as positive and happy a world as they can. Why don't you start doing a gratitude list every day.....at least 5 things a day and journaling would be great too. Then you can actually move on to real meditation. Have a GREAT DAY!

I almost drowned when I was three, so I have a very healthy respect for water. I don't go near it if I can avoid it. I would hate to drown, burn to death would be bad, but then if I were in a fire, I would probably choke on the smoke first. (i've also been in a fire).
To be honest, any death which is premature is not going to be nice, because the body and the mind will do what it can to escape the situation. It must be awful for all those people who have been in those situations where, when peril and danger stare them in the face, there was absolutely no escape. Gives me the willies.

Anyway that involved a lot of pain.

[email protected]
Drowning is first, burning to death is second.

Sreekumar C
burried alive

Texas T
drowning, then fire

Mary S
Death is a natural process and nothing to be feared the fear comes from the unknown as most people don't know what lies ahead. I don't fear death itself, the best way to die though is in your sleep. after you lived a long fruitful life.

Suffocating and burning to death at the same time. While being shot.

Sorry. Just had to take it one step further.

At the end of the day, there are a lot of nerves in the human body. So there are probably a lot of ways you could devise to damage as many of them as possible (thus causing pain) while killing someone.

Morbidity ....fascinating, isn't it?

I know what you mean about drowning. I wouldnt like to die that way at all. In fact the olny worse way in my opinion is all alone. I would like to die in someone i loved arms if i had to die at all.

tony m
I fear getting run over on my way to collect my Lottery jackpot.

sarah k
I'm with you on the drowning thing. I nearly drowned when I was a child and ever since then it has scared me to the point of not being able to swim.

i fear dying a very painful death, when i go, i want to go peacefully in my sleep.

yohan m
burning would be a lot worse.....if you drowned you'd just get a really, really sharp pain but then just kind of drift out.....being on fire, all over would be a lot more painful

probably drowning it happens pretty often or suffocating

i think it would be burning to death

pepzi_bandit 2
fire, MUST be the worse or one of the worse

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