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 Should smoking be banned completly?
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When you start wearing glasses to correct short sightedness, is it true that your eyes progressively get worse and you need stronger and stronger prescriptions?

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 Do you consider yourself someone who takes caffeine daily?
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 What is a good way to release stress?

 I cant sleep at night please help me?
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i ...

 Does anyone have cures for insomnia?

 Are you happy it's Friday!?

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 If I smoked May 2nd and will smoke again on May 8th and 9th, will I be clean for a drug test in the?
week of May 12-16th?
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It's for a job at WalGreen'...

 How can i grow taller naturally?
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please help me... I'm not willing to use any none-natural ways to ...

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 Do you sleep on your stomach, side, or back??
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 I know this is stupid but...?
How do you get rid of the hickups they are driving me crazy!...

 When people die,would'nt it be cheaper to bury them in a carboard coffin?
I mean,i would'nt care,i'll be dead so i wont feel a thing. Coffins are so expensive these days so imagine one made out of cardboard that would be cheap and save people money,what do you ...

In a public place, which are more embarrassing? Hiccups, burps or farts?
Public embarrassments

i'd have to agree with the last poster. i quite openly belch in most situations, so i'd say this was by far the least embarrassing bodily function - if you read some of my other posts, you might understand why hiccuping in public is especially uncomfortable for me ;-). if i got hiccups in public, i'd feel like someone'd just... done something pretty violating to me, i'll say. i don't want another violation notice.

Curious kitten!
farts...cos they smell far worse than burps... hiccups are just funny and cute!

Hiccups can be if your sober and it's early in the day! Burps there not so bad few and far between! Farts gotta be the embarrassing one especially if their heard!!

As a sufferer of hiccups I no longer find it embarrassing because so many people find it "cute" that a grown woman can go on for so long... A burp is a sign of good food mostly so although not everyone is comfy doing so it is part of life and as for farts well...... women tend to hide them much better than men!!

A Whisper
farts defiantly

Most definately farts! Especially if they are heard and people laugh at you - enough to make anyone embarrassed!

its gotta be farts! its the mother of all embarrasments! just imagine imagine bein at a work conference or school assembly and letting one rip really loudly and then having the smell linger around the room while everyone shouts "phwoar!!!! who's died!!!!!!! lol..makes me cringe just thinking about it lol

p.s no this has never happened to me and its for the reasons above that i hold farts when i'm in public until they explode through my head lol

good question!

None of the above really, if like me you're thick skinned - or could that just be thick? - anyway i find public flatulant displays rather amusing. I like to let one go in places like Tesco's when its busy, you get the 'did he just fart' look from people, its hilarious. LIfts are the killer though, a silent but deadly in a packed lift is Manna from heaven :) last time i did it i waited a few seconds then loudly said - jesus has someone just shat themselves, the other peoples embarrasment was beyond funny.

I dont care what anyone says FARTS ARE FUNNY!

pat.rob00 Chef U.K.
they all sound the same , so why worry............

Farts ... you can always make a joke about burps and hiccups, but farts offend everyone, especially the SBD's. There's no disguise for the sound of a fart in public!

Edward W

Farts, but they can be the most fun. I like to save them until I reach my floor on the elevator and then leave a strong "air biscuit" behind in the empty elevator. When it reaches the next floor, I can hear when someone (or more) enters and walks into it. Great fun to hear them react and imagine the look on their face as they back out.

Fresh and Funky

Leopold Bloom
1. farts
2. burps
3. hiccups

I would say burps cos they are more visual.
Most public places are loud and therefore if a fart is noisy you wont hear it and no1 will know where the smell came from if u just keep walking.
Hiccups are nothing to be embarrassed by.



stella b
I would say farts because they could smell as well

Definately farts..they smell!!!

no, blowing your brains out is worse

Farts then burps
hiccups are not embarrasing

burps and farts depending on the sound and smell

farts by far



lol..i think farts,cos they stink !

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