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If you wear glasses, do your eyes deteriorate?
When you start wearing glasses to correct short sightedness, is it true that your eyes progressively get worse and you need stronger and stronger prescriptions?

I found out today that I need to start wearing glasses, and when I told my flatmate she said that if I wear them all the time my eyes will just adapt to the lenses and then they won't be strong enough. Is that true?

I know in young children when they start wearing glasses they tend to go through a period where their eyes just deteriorate and they always need stronger prescriptions, but I thought that was to do with growing? I'm 24 now, so won't be growing much!!

Your eye condition really depends on a number of variables not the least of which is the specific conditions that lead to your being shortsighted.

I wore eyeglasses from kindergarten through 3rd grade while my eyes actually strengthend. I no longer wear them today.

Your eye doctor is in a much better position to answer this question for your specifics. Good luck to you.

no they will correct the problem

no they get worse!
i am short sigjted and my presciption keeps geting stronger,
my eyes are really bad no and i have been wearing glasses for 4 or 5 years. i am near enough dependent on my glasses now.
it was my optition that told me to wear them all the time but now i wish i hadnt!
so whatever you do dont wear them all the time!!!!!

Yes because they become dependent on the glasses. This is why every year you have to have an eye exam. But it is a lot slower than if you need glasses and do not get any

my auntie just need glasses for reading but coz she wore the all the time she ended up having to wear them all the time so in some cases yes

Beautiful Insanity
It's actually both ways. you're eyes can get healthier or worse. I've been wearing glasses for 12 years now and at a point (like 5 years ago) my vision got a lot better. Better enough for me to stop wearing glasses. Well after 2 years went by, my eyes got worse causing me to have to get bifocals (they're invisible though). Don't worry about getting them, I think they make people look sophisticated. If your really worried, get contacts or suggest lasic surgery.

I dont think its that the glasses or contacts are ruining your vision, but it could be... my prescription gets stronger and stronger every time I go back, but if I didn't go back and get new ones I wouldnt see very well... maybe its just that with age your eye sight deteriorates regardless, thats why you weren't born needing glasses in the first place. Listen to your doc and wear the glasses provided if you think the prescription is too strong see a different eye doctor, everyone makes misstakes, but your glasses shouldnt hurt you they should help you!

Your eyesight won't get worse because you are trying to correct it. It will get worse though if you don't wear your glasses and strain your eyes. Your eyesight will get progressively worse as the years go on, but that's due to aging, not your glasses. Your cornea flattens out as you age. Luckily there's laser surgery now that can correct this if you ever get tired of glasses or contacts.

I strongly agree with your flatmate.

Everytime I go in they make them stronger. So I finally have kept the same pair for five years they are all scratched up but I can still see fine my eyes get worse when I'm tired. This was especially apparent in Dental school around final exam time. Then I'd get a weeks sleep and miraculously my I sight seems better. So I figure Opticians are trained to make everyone's eyesight perfect at the time of the exam. But, my eyes, I think, are naturally lazy so they are used to being slightly out of focus. When I go in for an exam the Optician interprets this as the need for a stronger prescription and now my eyes are shot.

Your eyesight tends to change with age because of the elasticityof the cornea, etc. and the health of the person.

Some eyes change a LOT, others change very little. Wearing glasses does not necessarily mean your eyes will get worse. A person I know has been wearing the same prescription for 30 years.

Yes it does. I stopped wearing my glasses when my tv went out for about 6 months and my sight improved. When I started watching TV again with my glasses my sight deteriorated more.

Short sight increases slightly.If it is not incresing you should thank God.There is no harm inwearing glasses.Those who prefer style use contact lenses,which is costly and difficult to maintain.
If any sudden increase is found you have to consult doctor again

Its a scientific fact that nearsightedness only gets worse over time. The only solution is laser surgery and even it wears off in 2 to 3 years.

ive worn glasses for thirty eight years and my eye have always been the same some time i have a little increase but nothing magor i have two kids 21 and 18 that both out grew there problem with there sight because we caught it early enough so i dont know who told u that but there wrong

I have been told by many doctors that my eyesight would not stop changing until I was in my 20s.Granted my eyesight is much worse but it has stayed the same for the past 4 years and I am 24 now.I am assuming you are nearsighted also but when u reach your 40s and 50s you will also start to become farsighted and need bifocals.The best bet for anyone would be to get laser eye surgery to correct their eyesight.

©rojoe® Semi Retired
I'm 28 years old and have been wearing glasses since I was TWO years old..My eyes havn't gotten any worse,,in fact they have gotten lots better the older i get!

As you age your eyes will naturally decay. I'm sure youve noticed most people over sixty need some kind of glasses.

You are right as a child your eyes change, and at a certain point they quit. I've had glasses since the third grade, and my prescription changed almost every year until I was 22 and since then it has remained a constant.

I can't tell you for sure that it won't worsen your condition, but I can tell you that even if it does, you will be able to see far better than without. Not wearing glasses when you need time will DEFINENTLY worsen your eyes as you squint to see better. Not having the correct prescription can cause you to get headaches as well.

I think you should discuss these fears with an optomitrist and not your roommate!

I am 31 and I have worn glasses since I was 15 and my eyes have gotten a little worse over the years, I have had my prescription changed 3 times since I began wearing them and I wear mine everyday without fail.

╚ Alien Gurl ?
No, if you wear your glasses your eyes should remain the same. It shouldn't get worse unless you aren't wearing them.

as i got older(into my mid 40 s)--i started to need glasses to read things up close---after several years and incremental increases in the strength of the glasses--i,m half blind when it comes to reading anything closer than 2 feet away---i personally think that the glasses made my eyes weaker (lazy) --i am probably wrong--(or am i ? )--but guys who anlayze your eyes and sell you glasses are in business to make money----period!!!--get the picture!!----as i said--i could be wrong----i just could be ranting because i don,t want to recognize my own frailtys as i grow older---(but maybe i,m right too!!)--my glasses just keep getting stronger and stronger and my eyesight keeps getting worse---go figure!!!------thanks mother nature!!!!!!!!

Ask your eye doctor..you may be a good canidate for lasik and you won't need corrective lenses

Mr. Wizard
I wear glasses--and I dread eye doctor visits. The best advice I offer is take your time in the exam room--look through the lenses and tell the doctor when the vision is clear, focused and sharp.


No: glasses do NO cause eye deterioration. Eye deterioration comes with time and has other factors like genetic inheritable causes.

Common misnomer. Some people's eyesight deteriorates with age, glasses have nothing to do with this. That is, of course, unless you wear an incorrect perscription or none (if they're needed).

Hi. I have pretty much the same condition. I was never near-sighted until I entered college. In the years since my eyesight deteriorated somewhat, forcing me to wear slightly stronger prescriptions.

Technically, wearing the glasses should not deteriorate your eyesight if you are using them properly. Since you are nearsighted, you should not wear your glases for near point, up close visual tasks. That will place strain on your eyes. But for distance that is not a problem.

Your eyesight mainly deteriorates because nearsightedness is a genetic condition. There are certain activities you can do to help increase your eye's ability to focus. The military has used these for a long time. These activities involve focusing your eyes on near and distant objects, alternating between the two. The idea is that your ciliary muscles- the ones involved in focusing- will get better at focusing and therefore you will see clearer. You should also avoid stressing your eyes too much up close. Your eyes will become better adapted at up close vision and less well adapted at longer distance. Some studies have shown that with so many people using computers and doing up-close tasks, nearsightedness has risen to near epidemic proportions. On the other hand, in societies where up-close activities are less coommon, the problem is not as widespread. Therefore, try not to exacerbate your condition by wearing glasses intended for distance at short ranges, or overworking your eyes by staring at a computer screen for hours. Occasionally take a break, relax your eyes, and look at a distant object and focus on it.

Dolores G. Llamas
Nope, I've been wearing glasses since I was a baby and I'm 37 now. My glasses are no stronger than when I was little, and I'm nearsighted and have asthigmatism. Without glasses, my vision is 20/70, which is pretty much what it's always been ever since I can remember.

Elliot T
NO...wearing glasses does NOT deteriorate your eyes. If a kid has bad/poor vision when he/she is little, then his/her eyes will get worse as he/she grows, and he/she will need stronger lens (I know, because I have had glasses since I was about 8 years old, and haven't worn them till now, because my left eye is getting blurry).

Dont know about shortsightedness but when I used to wear my reading glasses they looked so cool I wore them for anything printed, that was ages ago because it made my eyes lazy somehow. So now I just wear them when I need to, mostly for teeny print, and my eyes are loads better.

Glasses are like a crutch. They will not make your eyes change or get worse. The eyes change normally until you reach 25-35 then they stablize.

Patricia Sonia
That's not true.. Of course if you just wear those "reader glasses" AKA Non-prescription glasses; your eyesight problem will get worst. I think you should go to a good optometrist and get a good prescription and wear your glasses as indicated.

you can rebuild your eye sight without glasses , or better lose the glasses and contacts and get your natural eyesight back by the grace of God and some eye exercises ..

Don't believe it !! .. well You tried every thing , why not this one
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one more thing , you can also use The EFT technique
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All the Best ,,,


Marc M
Well, it's kind of no and yes.

No, your eyes shouldn't deteriorate simply because of wearing glasses, (unless of course it's not the right prescription in first place, but that'd be rare).

However, it is also true what you flatmate says, if you wear the glasses all the time your eyes would naturally adapt to them because that strength of lens would be what your eyes are used to.

Your eyes adapting would 'counter-act' the effect of the lens of the glasses. Your eyes would go 'back to normal' strength. Your eyesight would be comparitively the same amount worse than before. But the actual amount would be worse than wearing no glasses. i.e. the lens of the glasses would no longer have the same effect, because your eyes would be used to looking through them

However, this is mainly because of wearing glasses for long periods of time. If you don't need them 'all the time' then don't.

It's like most things, if you get used to something being there, then, you start to rely on it, so if it's not there any more, the absence is a lot more noticeable.

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