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Dustbowl Blues
If you suffer from hay-fever, has yours started yet?

Additional Details
I suffer with it as well and was thinking it was a bit early to be taking the tablet this morning, but maybe not by the looks of things.

yes and its killing me!

Yep sure has but i only seem to suffer in the morning and in the evening really.

yep mine has started the recognisable itchy eyes, sneezing etc a couple of times ive thought it was a cold but no its just hayfever ive nothing else to put it down too.. plus with the weather being so warm i think this little ole country has got confused..

Liane H
yep. mine started this morning when I was walking to work. My neighbour was outside cutting his grass and it made me sneeze and I haven't stopped since. And I'm gutted I left my allergy pills in Manchester when I was there on business so I have to suffer till I next can get to the chemist this weekend...sniff...

Yes mine started Monday!


Yeh, am absolutely snotty as hell, sneezing, coughing, even vomiting some mornings, taken pills, potions, just seems to laff at me. Been like this for 3 weeks now and am fed up big style

not yet but no doubt it will be soon

YES!!! Runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat, sneezing. I hate pollen!!!

Hope for the Best
Mine started a month ago. My eyes are itchy, nose is blocked/ runny, I'm sneezing all day and night, I've got a soar throat and am even coughing blood on a bad day! ...Still...Never mind.

Katrina M
Oh yes! It has been starting for weeks, but really hit hard over the weekend. Bunged up sinuses and ears, itchy eyes, runny nose. My antihistamines and nose Spray are finally starting to take full effect after a week, but my husband only started his a few days ago and he can't breath, sleep or stop coughing!!

It does seem to start earlier. It used to be May and June that were the worst times (right during exams!), but now I try to start the meds by end of March at the latest.

♥ Bekka ♥
yup, mine started 3 weeks ago.

Just feeling the start of it today. got some tablets from asda, much cheaper than the chemist. here's to looking (and feeling) crap whilst everyone else enjoys the summer!!!!

[email protected]
I've been suffering since early January. The weather has been unseasonably mild and a lot of trees blossomed near me then, we even had daffodils at Christmas!

des c
I have been sneeze last couple of days buts eyes ok. The weather here in North west not as sunny as the south. I am going to Plymouth on Saturday no doubt I will come back full of it.

baby boy due nov yay! x
yes mine started bout 2 weeks ago constantly haveing to wear sunglasses when i go out ! try piriton tablets there brill

hi yes i do i have been taking them for a few weeks it is earler than normal hay globial warming

p g
No it hasn't started yet - but it does depend upon which pollens (there are many - grass, trees, flowers, fungi spores etc) you are allergic as to when hay fever starts

Yeah mine started a few weeks back!

Mark J
Yes it has for several days now.

Andromeda Newtonâ„¢
My husband has been bad with it for about 2 weeks now. It's definitely early this year!

eyes are bit runny.. but nothing major yet!

Tall Blond Chick
Yes, just noticed that my eyes were itching this week. I think it would have started sooner, but I have been on allergy shots for years.

Yep, I have the sneezing and the constant runny nose and eyes! I think I have bruised my ear lobe because the itching is driving me insane, trying to scratch it!

I suffer and it's just starting (but not too bad yet) - I'm trying to decide if it's time to get anything for it yet to try and nip it in the bud!

Luckily it hasn't started yet, but loads of people in the office have started. Its just a matter of time.....


Terraplane Blues
Yes, thank God for Clarytin.

Started yesterday. Burning, scratchy, streaming eyes and woke up this morning all bunged up. Lovely!

Yes, mine are in full swing. I live next to a field that grows 'rape seed oil' and it's bad. I live on antihistamines all the time during this time of the year. My eyes get itchy and watery and my nose runs. Oh what fun and games life can be. I can't move yet because we're renting and stuck in an agreement for a while. I've never had hay fever before until I moved to Cambridgeshire.

Yes. On Monday my eyes were streaming, runny nose. It's awful.

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