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If my Friend was to tell her therapist that she had a suicide note and plans what the therapist do?
she is 24 and dianosed with bi polar and dsevere depression

lilmiss ferret
she would try to talk her out of it and alert family and friends and possibly police

If she is a threat to herself or others I think legally she has to report it to the police.

Superstar!!!!... to be
If she has already been prescribed medications and they did not work, then she would be put under supervision, possibly in a psychiatric ward. This would be done so that she would not hurt anyone - including herself.

Stacey Michelle
um, he would probably want to send her to a system where they watch over her for a while.
most people would call it a psych ward, but i don't like that term.
he already evaluates the way she thinks and the things she tells him. and if for any reason she gives him belief that she wants to kill herself he has to take it into his hands and make sure she can't.

Sweetest Thing
The therapist must assess whether your friend is serious (having specific plans and/or a note most likely means your friend is serious), if the suicide threats seem to be valid, then the therapist is required to contact authorities and your friend will probably be taken to a hospital.

therapists aren't allowed to tell a third party unless they think you are going to harm yourself or others. if she tells her therapist it really all depends on when it was and if she STILL plans it.

Johnny S.
It would depend on whether or not the therapist believes that the threat is real or not.

depends on the state, she could be sent to a psyciatric hospital/facility for observation. In know in AZ you have to attemp suicide before anywhere will accept you but it varies state by state.

The therapist would know what to do if a real threat is show

911 will be on the way

la bombera
therapists are allowed to talk to outsiders about her if she was a risk to others and herself. (if she threatens to harm someone, including herself, the therapist is pretty much obligated to ignore the doctor-patient privilege)

Mrs Rev. Schnorr, Sr.
Mandatory 72 hour hold in a psychiatric faciliy and then possible referral out for more care. The right meds. can be real life savers. Please get HELP now. Suicide is a permanent "solution" to a temporary problem, and I know for a fact that these illnesses can be successfully treated. Good luck and God bless you, my dear.

Aztec girl
most likely your friend would be monitored or her parents will be notified. It seems that your friend already has a plan of action she wants to take. Even though it may seem bad to monitor her or notify her parents, the thing is that she is a danger to herself.

the therapist is bound by professional obligation to report to the authorities anything the patient might do to harm herself or others.

Tina D
get her help i hope she needs meds and to talk with them now

assess things... if he thinks she is in real danger of commiting suidice, she'd go under observation.

The therapist should put your friend on suicide watch. Maybe admit her to a hospital for a few days. It's kind of hard to warn family and friends because the therapist is bound by the confidentiality clause of her patient. As a friend, you should inform her family and close friends about the suicide note and plans. I wish your friend well. Good luck

If you think your friend is seriously thinking about suicide, you should call her therapist and tell him/her about it. That is what a friend does, looks out for the welfare of their friends.
What ever the therapist does will only help
your friend to live. Admitting her for observation is not the end of the world and your friend should not be afraid to be observed. Depression is a terrible thing to
go through. It leads to these kinds of thoughts. If your friend was not depressed and bi polor, she would be happy and wanting to live. So help her to live.

The law states that when the therapist is sure that the person may cause bodily harm to themselves, or others they must call in the proper authorities. Then most likely your friend will be put on a 72 suicide watch and then released when they feel she is no longer a threat. During this time they will give her counseling, make sure she is taking her meds if she is on any, etc. Wishing you the best...

most likely call someone. they cant tell anyone anything, but if you were to say that, or say that you killed someone, they have to spill the beans. Your endangering yourself.

Oh, and this "Friend" notion...Its you.

Kenya C
Suicide is an illegal act of murder. If a doctor is aware of a patient intending to commit murder, then they are obligated to tell the police.

She needs to be watched really closely. Probably admitted to a hospital for at least 48 hours obsrervation.
Hopefully a good hostpital to make sure the proper medication is given to her unil she can be clinically diagnosed and not released until she is safe from harms way.
Good luck Seek proffessional Guidance immediatly.
Joanne Do not delay.

If your friend was to tell the therapist that they will try to help him/her. If it reaches to the point where she have tried she would have to go to a mental institution. Sometime they tell you to tell them why your writing them seek help.

mERRy XMa$
if this really your friend, you would tell someone like her parents or call the police.

The therapist would probably admit her to a pysch ward, where she can't harm herself.

Missy Jean
if your "friend" is really going to do this, then she should be put in a place where she can't harm herself, like a psych ward. I think that's where the therapist would suggest putting her

Kristin A
admit her on a 72 hour hold because she is a danger to herself. after the 72 hrs, she can either stay at the psychiatric hospital or check herself out.

the therapist would probobly put her on suicide watch, and want to have sessions wiht her more.

p.s.- r u talking about urself?

mr. Deneau
the therapist is allowed to break confidentiality if they think you are a threat to yourself or others.

The therapist will call the police if you do not go to a hospital voluntarily. You (she) will be put in a hospital for about three days.

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