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If life begins at 40 how come,?
So does lumbago, bad eyesight, arthritis and the habit of telling the same story three times to the same person?

"Old age is like a plane flying through a storm," Golda Meir once observed. "Once you are aboard, there is nothing you can do."

I think that as someone else posted 40 was the time when children started to leave the nest and parents started to think about what they wanted to do with their own lives. Times have changed now as some people decide to have a career first rather than settling down at a young age and many women only feel mature enough to start having children as they head towards 40 for others it is the ticking of the biological clock which causes them to have a child at this age.

By the age of 40 most people have worked out what they want from life and are able to go for it.

I agree that nowadays people are aware of their health and are trying to do more to combat the effects of aging as far as possible.

Think it is said just to make you feel slightly better.

I am now 44 I didn't buy into the myth, it is all downhill from here.

momof3 Simon's bit of fluff!
Ok hitting forty may not be everything I will admit that everything that once worked now either stops working or dropping off!
Menapause, arthritis, need to wear glasses, forgetting what things are called even your kids lol
Life is for living and I have certaintly lived and intend to carry on nature is not going to beat me. Who care if I have a few extra pounds, cry at the drop of a hat, husband thinks we now live in the North Pole due to my hot flushes.
Enjoy every single day I say you may not be here tommorow sad but true.
I may be 47 but look 30 feel 90 lol

Help I was 40 last week Oh no lumbago, poor eyesight , Please reassure me I thought my life would now begin Ha Ha

john g
I'll have you know that, these days, life begins at 50! (Along with the lumbago, bad eyesight, arthritis and bad short term memory.)

You forgot going deaf and forgetting peoples names.
I know coz I'm there also

I really feel sorry for you.Being so afflicted with such illness
You don't have to be over 40 to tell the same story over and over again.

If life begins at 40 I pity the poor woman who has deliver that baby, it'll be huge!

luvvie you obviously haven't been looking after yourself!!

well i aint 40 yet mom is 46 and shes lookin worse than 100. wot im gettin at is if u take care of urself u will get results in later life ok.

bless the old ones
i have many people telling the same story over and over again but don't have the heart to tell them they've already told me.

Black Orchid
Life does get better at 40 your mortgage is nearly nearly paid your children are grown up and your more secure in your job money isn't so tight anymore and people are less dependant on you so you have more time to enjoy yourself

life begins at 40, because its such a struggle to get passed 20 let alone reaching 40 that by the time your their you would have gone though so much, all you want to do is start living.

Here is the latest one 60 is the new 40

you have made nearly all the mistakes you can and can now get on with life or it could mean that you loose you sense of embarrassment and don't care so those things dint matter

not very smart
its all down hill from 40

Who said that? life begins when you start to live it.

god I hope I don't have to wait that long to start living...at 17 I lived, then stoped but hey 19's a'coming woo

Oh hold on,I have not got lumbago or arthritis,hold on I have not got lumbago or arthritis,hold on I have not got lumbago or arthritis

thanks for reminding me,that im getting old,lol

What you described never happened to me at 40 and has so far not happened to me at age 66.

In plain English, this is the first day of the rest of our lives. Let's make it a good one.

40 is the new 30 perhaps you have had a mispent youth

oh max you start to lose your marbles too so it doesnt realy matter

manno w
Sometimes, you can be better at 40 than you were at 30 or 20 if you buy the bean.

I'm 64 and life is improving all the time, touch wood. Plenty of hobbies and fun..... that'll keep you happy and healthy, either use it or lose it is the saying.

I hope it does!!
I think the expression came from a time when people had kids young and 40 was about the time they all began to leave home.
I am 37 and am fitter and enjoying my life more than I did in my 20's because then I had young kids and was always covered in baby sick and wearing leggings.

Now my kids are almost human and I wear normal clothes again!

Bob G
If you take good care of yourself it really begins at 50. Still healthy and full of energy. Kids grown up and started into their own lives, plenty of money to spend and a lot of knowledge about what to do, where to go and how to go about it.

My younger years were fun but now it's even better. You won't understand until you get here. But keep in mind that we older people have seen both and know the difference where you young people are only guessing.

because the kid's should be up and you can get out and enjoy yourself

What a guy!!
You feel absolutely no different at 40 to what you did at 18. You just know what kind of things to avoid and what kind of thing you shouldn't say. Your behaviour is much better, you no longer waste your life seeking meaningless goals. Life is so much better at 40, that it might just as well be considerted as the starting point. The previous 39 years have just been preperation.

Because, by the time your 40 you have your career your married, have children, have your own home, lots of things, now people 40 are more healthy, they run , eat right and enjoy live.

The first 40 years were just practise! Learning to listen to - and put up with - all the people you thought were just irritating old farts was really a valuable lesson!
You also get to call younger people love and sweetie, forget to put the teabags in the teapot and go out for the paper in your slippers!

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