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If I smoked May 2nd and will smoke again on May 8th and 9th, will I be clean for a drug test in the?
week of May 12-16th?
Additional Details
It's for a job at WalGreen's

umm no it takes a month 2 get it out of ur system
oh & it depends on wat u smoke

Don't smoke may 8th or may 9th, that will definitely show up. It all depends on if you smoke a lot, if you smoke more than once a month, then it probably will show up. However, if you smoke only every once in a while, the may 2nd one will probably not. Maybe you should buy one of those detox drinks just to be sure? I know a guy who used one and passed a drug test like a week later, and he smokes a lot.

smokey McPot
i like that you plan ahead for when you smoke.

It depends on how much regularly you smoked before the second. If that was the first time in months you would need at least three or four days to test clean.

If you smoke again on the 8th and 9th you will not pass.

Also if you've been smoking regularly before May 2nd you would need at least 30 days without smoking to test clean.

At this point your best bet is clean urine. You could either buy a whizzinator online and order fast delivery and buy the freeze dried clean urine that works with it or get a friend with clean urine to piss in something and find a way to keep it close to at least 98 degrees before the test.

If you can get a small glass vial of clean urine and stick it up your *** that might pass.

It all depends on how they do the test. For jobs they won't always stand behind you while you piss so you can get away with some tricks but you can't guarantee it. That really just depends on the person doing it.

Your best bet is to visit http://www.directdetox.com and stock up! There's some super stuff there that will 200% guarantee you pass your test. It works! I've used it! They also have home test kits so you know you are safe.There's stuff for random situations as well....nice family owned company. They ship overnight too!

happyfeat w
No, lay off on the 8th and 9th. Pot's not going to disappear if you don't smoke it all now.

Tara M
just go sit in a sauna it comes out in sweat. but i wouldnt smoke on the 8th and 9th but if its just for a job it will probably only be a five panel so idk good luck

Tati C
No you wont be...It will be in your system...give yourself 10 days, but why would you want to smoke???

no jsut dont smoke its horrible

Heather R
It usually takes 30 days to clear your system (longer if you are overweight).


they might think u have astma

it naturally takes about 35 days for pot to get out of your system. you could try taking a **** load of Niacin to help clean out your system or go in with someone elses piss

YOU BETTER NOT SMOKE FOR ANOTHER 30 DAYS MY DEAR......I WOULDNT BE TAKING ANY DRUG SCREENS UNTIL AFTER 30 DAYS HAS COME AND GONE WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A PUFF OFF A MARIJUNA CIGEE. sorry but if you want to pass the drug test and nab the job dont take the test, if you do and come back positive you wont be hired.....it takes atleast 30 days for the THC to leave your blood, urine and body ..............not three days

well if u ate a pound of cookies before the test and u puked over the administrator they probably woudnt be woried about ur cigs

lol...thats a dumb question...no...but you know..i soo agree with what she did

Pavlov's Daughter
Sorry, looks like you won't pass. Like someone said, it depends on your metabolism but it can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a month for pot to be completely out of your system.

pot? well, you shouldn't be smoking that in the first place...

*~NJ'z nUmba 1 balla~*
if you use my old method yes but due to being stupid ive hit my head numerously and lost alot of brain cells
but the recipe i kno needs
TEA- A natural antioxident will help flush out the drug
a****load of orange juice.
2 gallons of water
(this is where my memory dies off)

being legit when i was 15 i smoked on 420 and on 422 passed a drug test for my first job.

but the full recipe requires 2-3 days to clean out yo body

One Love.
ha. ha. are you serious?

if u smoked wee .... u kno then sorry but nope. it can stay in ur system for up to 6 months

Jonathan B
Marijuana can be tested for 30 days. Hair tests, rarely done, can go back years.

I'm just glad you're not driving a semi, or piloting a plane. . .

definitely not

Walgreen's drug tests? lol

one sickk individual
no. smoking isnt cool by the way =]

How about you just don't smoke since its a nasty habit!!! xoxo

No, you will not...even if you didn't smoke again on the 8th and 9th, you'd still fail from the 2nd!

no. it takes about a month or two to flush it out of your system, depending on your metabolism. don't do it.

Solution = don't smoke

This is kind of a "duh" thing.

Smart of you to go work for a "drug company".

Definitely not

You dont need a job when your doing drugs.

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