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I want to smoke meth today ive been clean 4 months but tonight its overwelming me?

Additional Details
what should i do

dont do it. You have did a good job staying clean for 4 months! If you do it Afterwards you will be made at yourself, and its not worth it. Dont let all the hard work you have for 4 months go to waste! Meth will mess ur life up! Be strong. Pray, it helps a million!

Is there anyone you can call to come and be with you? Someone who can take you for a walk or take you out for icecream. I know that this is a horrible thing to relate your problem to but I am just getting over a guy and have the constant urge to call him. I find that if I have good friends around me and am filling my time with productive things, I don't have time to stop and think about how much I want to call him. I also have to leave my cell phone in a place where everyone of my roomates will see it so they will know if I try. Don't put yourself in a situation where you will be tempted. If you have things in your house that remind you of smoking then get rid of them. Don't hang out with people who do those things. I've had to make a whole new set of friends and let me tell you it is not easy. However it is nice to know that they are not going to ask about my ex and tell me everything about him. The same goes for meth. You can't have people around you who are still doing the things you did before and not be tempted. Also I'm not sure if you are a religious person but I find when I've done all I can and the temptation to talk to him is still there, I pray to my heavenly father to help me move on. Slowly but surely he is. Each day gets easier and easier. He will help you too. You've just got to let him by doing your part first. Then he'll take over the rest. Best of luck!

Just to say, i'm not a smoker and i hope that things will get better in time for you. Have you ever read the book called "Go Ask Alice".... Even if you're not much of a reader, I think you'd really find some thought in that book.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you.
Saw "devil! I rebuke your temptation and cravings and bind them up in the name of Jesus and cast them out before God!
Ask God to forgive you of your sins and that Jesus and the Holy Spirit to come into your heart and help you to become stronger in him.
If you got rid of on demon and don't replace the space with something (like God) the spirit will go and bring others with him and you will be worst off than before.
You are not just batteling an addition but a spirit that is connected. Flesh cannot battle spirit, only God can.
Later a pentacostal or church of God in Christ Church is where you can learn and grow....

You've come so far from where you were. Don't give up. Mind over body, baby.

Go watch funny youtube videos.

Lawrence B
Been clean for 7 months, I know EXACTLY how you feel. Just tell yourself you wont smoke for the next ten minutes. Then after that the next ten minutes. That has gotten me through fiercesome cravings. Just slow your mind down to that smaller timeframe and you can do it.

it's friday night and some places have meetings late at night i think. that's not been my world so i only know from posters and such but i think narcotics anonomous holds weekend meetings at odd times for this very reason. when it gets tempting... so see if there's a meeting going on in your area.

4 months is great! hooray for you! if you can just get through tonight - it will be 4 months and 1 day.

i recently quit smoking after 30 years. i know it's not anything close to quitting meth but here's how i look at it and do it... i am not going to smoke today. just today i will not smoke. and now it's been almost 2 months. i still salivate at the mouth for Nicotine and some days it takes every ounce of my energy not to go to the store and buy a pack - it's not easy to quit any addiction. but your life is so worth it. keep up the good work. you can do it.

the crusader
Sleep off the urge! If you have any Benadryl, Tylenol PM or any kind of antihistamine in the house, take it instead and just go to sleep. When you wake up tomorrow, you'll be glad that you went to sleep instead.

Emo Clown
dont smoke it! im no expert, but just get through this!

Kay G
check in to the hospital - go to er for help. anything but a relapse. good luck.

Dont! Be strong, keep telling yourself what a great job you have been doing and call a close friend or family member they can help you through this.

Google some 1-800 help lines and they can help get the edge off. You have done so great just keep hanging in there

dont do it, once youve done it thats it, and tomorrow you will be shitty with yourself. your 4 months u havnt smoked it, you mite as well have if u smoke it tonite, it wuda been a waste of ur time

Everytime u smoke it it rottens your brain and the damage can`t be repaired .. u have worked soo hard to be clean and healthy .. that`s so wonderful .. i would be soo proud of myself !!!! DON`T SMOKE THAT ****

Are you going to give meth control of your life? Arent you worth more than that to yourself?

You knew how to do things before meth so you dont need it to get thru life... you just think you do because your addicted to it... or so you think.

It is so not worth it to clean yourself up again and go thru all that. The stress will still be there.

just think about how gross it is

i may know
go do something to take your mine off it

Don't do it!!!!! Keep your self busy, go on you tube and watch some comedies or do something else, keep you mind of the drugs please!!!

your better than meth. you dont need it. You dont. dont let it grab a hold over u

I think you should find the number for a support-line. Call a friend, or a family member... don't think random people on the internet can help you with this one. Best to get some REAL support. Good luck.

You should be really proud of your accomplishment I bet it wasn't easy... but it would all be gone if you relapse tonight... Do you have a sponsor or anyone you could call?
Friend or family (who are sober) that you can talk to?
You need to talk this out... if you have nobody to turn to keep asking questions on here...
and I dont talk on chat rooms but if you need to talk you should talk to someone... just please don't use... make sure there is nothing in your house... It's a tough road but you've gone so far... 4 months is huge... just think how you would never want to go through the first 4 months again... Don't do it
Good luck

Alfonso S
dont smoke.

Lee L
Stay strong. You know deep down its not worth it. Go to the movies. Rent a movie sit down and have popcorn. Get a really good book. Do something awesome and fun. Just occupy yourself.

rehab..but since u prolly wont do dat think of the effects of meth on you its HORRIBLE n also think bout you!don do it! eat somthin else lik chocolate somthin you lik..n sleep or stay entertained you wont need it

Get out of the house, get away from anything that reminds you of it, and go for a long walk, or run. Or you could take a cold shower. But staying in the house and just trying to resist will not work, you have to take action and be strong!

PRAY! pray for help...you can do this..the good thing is that you are reaching out for help..call a friend to come over and help you get through this!

aJames <3
Meth is bad for you.. seriously don't do it.

suns fan
go for a drive or just do something to get your mind off of it. dont do the meth.

Go and get lots of chocolate.. or gum.. or something to obsess over..
Or call a friend.. have someone over to talk to.
Maybe not chocolate it could effect your health aswell =S

But DO NOT go back to meth!!!!!!
It can cause so many problems..

Not do it. Do it and you'll be hooked again. Go out and buy a really good candy bar...or some ice cream. indulge in that....instead.

The gr8t alien
Dont do it be strong I have faith in you

4 months?!!?!?! Holy crap. Good for you!
=bows respectfully=
You're getting over the bumps, sounds like. Just breathe, meditate through them. Believe me, it's not worth going back to, especially after you've done such a great job staying clean for so long. I'm impressed. Seriously. Please, though, don't start again. Q_Q

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