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Well don't ASK then!
I think my doctor behaved inappropriately...?
I had a first appt with an endocrinologist today, regarding a thyroid problem. When the doctor came in for the exam, he did the usual routine, listining to my heart and lungs, and examining the thyroid (which is in my neck). He examined the thyroid first, then listened to my chest (where doctors normally do) and then my back. Neither seemed out of the ordinary. However, at that point he had me lay on my back, and then he pushed my paper gown up to my chin, above my bra. At this point, he placed the stethescope (held so that his hand was flat against me also) right under the top of my bra on my left, then the right. He then placed his hand fully inside my bra, covering my breast, but I couldn't feel the stethescope. His fingers were on my nipple. He held in there for about 3 seconds, not pressing or anything, then removed his hand and slid it underneath my bra on one side then the other. The whole thing made me really uncomfortable. Was this inappropriate, or am I just being paranoid?
Additional Details
He arranged the paper gown so that I couldn't see anything. I only had to remove my shirt for the exam. I've never had a doctor touch me like that, even during a breast exam. There was no nurse present in the room, and the door was closed as well.

something shiny
i'd be pretty freaked, just dont go to him if you don't feel comfortable, or ask someone to be in the room with you next time, like a parent or friend...but i dont think the doctor has a need to stick his hands under your bra, just doesnt make sense, try reading up how endocrinologists do exams...

ew that ddoes sound a bit innappropriate ...never happened to me except during breast examinations. and they dont even check your nipples lol

however it might be hard to accuse him if nothing more happened and you don't know any one else he has done something like this to.

good luck and find a new doctor and put in a complaint for sure!!!!1!!!!!

This is harrament. You should report it to the police. The doctor wasn't supposed to touch you in your breasts. You should have reported this immediately before he does this to another woman or a teenage girl. Do it for your own good and for other women out there.

please report it as soon as possible.

it is just part of the exam but i do think they went a little far on the whole feeling you up thing

I think you should go ask another Doc. If his examination was out of the ordinary for what you went to see him about. Get a sec. opinion especially if it made you feel uncomfortable . I think only another Doc. could answer your question because I'm not a endocrinologist I don't know how the examination should have went. Good luck. I am curious on what another Doc. would say to this because if it were me I am sure I would feel the same as you it just sounds not right.

Zairul N
it is definitely out of the ordinary. Being a doctor myself, there certainly are very god reasons for giving your heart a good check-up expecially in the face of a Thyroid problem, but I have never had to go through the routine you described. If you feel something is amiss, I suggest you bring it up to his superior / ethics committee.

Erica W.
If a nurse isn't present that normally isn't good. I would find another doctor as soon as possible if that is not possible i would reccomend if he does anything that makes your shiver then tell him you don't think that is ethical. Maybe have a friend come with you during your appointments that should deter him from any unruly behavior if worst comes to worst file a claim with the medical board . Then it can be investigated you never know what other woman may feel the same and has not stepped forth!

Could have been checking for lumps. That's what they do.

hmm. i would think that would be very innapropriate for a doctor to do that. but thats my opinion.

Sally G
A male doctor should ALWAYS have a female nurse present when he examines a female patient. ALWAYS. If the reason you were there had nothing to do with your breasts, then he was TOTALLY out of line.

Yes, this seems to me to be inappropriate behavior.

Wooooo...........that sounds really inappropriate. Cupping ur breast under ur bra...........never heard of that being a proper way to check ur Thyroid. I would definetly seek advice from perhaps ur family doctor and then seek legal advice if u feel the need. I have had Thyroid problems and never experienced that type of exam. Sorry u had to experience this.

u may want to check with anyone u know that has been through a procedure regarding a Thyroid problem and see if the doctor did the same thing.
if not, than it might have been out of the ordinary and innapropriate.
ask another doctor as well if that specific gesture was necesarry.
see what he says. if not,
report the doctor. you could help save other patients from being victamized.

Princess LovAngel
thats odd and yes to me its inappropriate. i always thought there was a nurse to assist the doctor during visits. he had no reason to touch your breasts like that if u were getting a thyriod exam. u should complain.

That doesn't sound right. You may want to contact another doctor to see if that would be normal maybe a female doctor.

If the doctor did something that made you uncomfortable and you feel he might have behaved inappropriately, you can file a complaint against him with your state's Board of Medicine or Board of Registration in Medicine. Each state will have its own name for this entity and its own investigation procedures. I would do an Internet search for "(your state name) board of medicine".

I have had a Thyroid problem in the past and never had an exam like you are describing. I think what he did is quite inappropriate. I would change Dr.s and report this to the A.M A. or what ever governing body would handle this.

Know what I would do? Not only would I confront this doctor in front of a witness (nurse, family, etc.) but would strongly warn him that I am considering reporting him to the AMA (American Medical Association) and local police. I have had this happen...it is frightening...dont go back to him for any reason.

yes, he is doing things that are inapropriate. It is hard to prove. I would find another doctor.

No word of a lie, the exact same thing happened to me when I was 17 (i'm now 43). I was seeing a doctor for endometriosis and during the examination he very calmly squeezed each of my breasts, never said a word and carried on with the examination. Later I found out he'd done the same thing to my friend who saw him. I was so young and didn't really realize if he'd actually done something wrong; personally, now i KNOW he did. I still feel like I could kick myself for at least telling my family doctor about it. (she's a female) If something really doesn't feel 'right' it probably isn't and lets not forget, just 'cause he's a doctor doesn't mean he isn't a pervered creep.

Report this incident to the state medical board, but sometimes doctors protect each other too...just don't go back to him again whatever you do.

It sounds like he was acting inappropriately to me. You need to report him. They should be nowhere near your breasts just to use a stethoscope.

Sounds like he was just feeling for swollen glands. But. he really should have had another woman in the room, if nothing else but to protect him from a lawsuit. I would call the dr's office and speak to a nurse, and ask her what that exam would be for. Tell her you're just curious as to what the dr was looking for, not that you suspect you were abused in any way. That way she will likely tell you.

thats really innopropeate tell someone

my mother's a nurse, and i know that if it's kaiser you're going to, a nurse HAS to be present.

make a coplaint i would!

If it made you feel uncomfortable, IT WAS WRONG. Definitely wrong. There was no reason for him to examine you there, it was completely inappropriate. I've seen an endocrinologist and they never made me take my shirt off to begin with. I would definitely go to another doctor from there forward and if you feel comfortable complaining, do so, because I'm sure if he did it to you, he's doing it to other girls as well. Good luck!

It's Just Me
That doesn't sound right! There should have been a nurse present since it was a male doctor, and you were undressed.

You should have asked him what he was doing! I would have!

Questionable conduct.

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