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Cristina 11
I need help falling asleep! Please help! I have school?
All summer i've been sleeping at 4:00. Now school is starting, And now I can't sleep early at all! Any ideas to help me fall asleep?

( Except hot milk )

watch a good movie

Charlie M.
One sheep, two sheep, three sheep.....

do something thats very active. go for a long bike ride, or roller skating!

Chillin In the Billin
I have that same problem, i should get used to it though

Aron R
Try shifting your sleep cycle back by no more than 2 hours each night: going to bed at 2 am the first night, midnight the second, and 10 pm the third. That's said to be about the maximum you can comfortably adjust each day. Once you find your best sleeping time, try to keep as consistently close to that each night.

Also, try not to sleep during the day, but if you must, keep it to a brief 15-30 minute nap.

You'll likely be *very* tired by the end of the first or second day, and find that sleep will come rather naturally. That's OK, and even welcome, so long as you can cope for the first day or two - with the usual cautions about driving or other conditions that require you to be alert.

ALL summer long, i've been rolling around in my bed and stuff still at like 4;30-5;00 am, so i definitely need help falling asleep for school..

chica.rey LOL
Take a fresh shower each night and sleep right away while your hair is still fresh sleep at 8:00 or as soon as it gets dark. Hot milk will just warm you up. Get puffed up pillows and surround yourself start sleeping early and do something tiring that will make you tired before you take a shower. Ask you doctor about sleeping pills if you are old enogh.

The key is to retrain your body. It is used to a wake/sleep pattern that worked for Summer, but now it is time to change. What you will have to do is wake up early, starting today, it could be 7 or 8 and find something to do like clean out your closet or straighten your room so you don't want to go back to sleep and do this every day before school starts. You will be tired during the day and want to take a nap, but don't. After a couple of days you will want to go to bed earlier. Good luck

exercise intil you're really tired.
you'll lose weight & will
be able to go to sleep early!

Bizarre Love Triangle
Try reading or watching tv in a very comfortable manner.

Sarah C
Motrin PM, eat a little, spray perfume on your pillow, or put the boringest sho on.....


3rd Time Deleted!
Here are 3 things I usually do to help me go to sleep.
1. Close my eyes think about what happened that day. Soon I start thinking about random things that somehow relate to what I did that day. After a while I start to drift off and go right to sleep.
2. I read a good book. I have a dim light near by so if I get tired I just put the book down and turn off the light and just dose off.
3. I count back from 1,000. I know that must sound stupid, but it actually works.

I hope I helped,


Aubreigh S
Hey! Why don't you try reading before you go to bed? It really works. I read magazines usually before I go to bed. It really works. Alright?

The real only way to handle this is to go to bed when you can and suffer all day during school. When you come home from school the first day you are going to want to fall asleep. DO NOT DO IT! Make yourself stay up until about 8 or 9pm and then go to sleep. You have to retrain your body to go to bed at a certain time. This should have been started about a week before you went back to school as it would have been much easier. ( you could have just stayed up all night and then the next night went to bed at a normal time)

read a book the word will make your eyes tired

Make sure you don't take naps during the day. Try to get up around your usual time on weekends as well as the school week and to go to bed around the same time. Don't have anything with caffeine within a few hours of going to bed. Make sure the room you are sleeping in is dark and a comfortable temperature. I've heard it is best to be a little on the cool side.

well you don't' tell me ho wold you are. maybe parents could get you motivated to work out or something for abit and run abit and then you should be tired by end of day or do something strenuous and it will help warm milk is best also make choc milk.

Sleepy time tea by Celestial Tea. Can be found at most grocery stores. you can also try reading before bed to calm you down. Or close your eyes and concentrate on slow steady breathing, count backwards from 100, each breath is one count.

First you need to get your body adjusted to getting up earlier. Then go to bed an hour or so earlier & it should adjust itself. If this doesn't work & you are of age try a sleep Aid that is none habit forming.

Hi there,

Just go to your doctor and get some sleeping pills.

I am on Nitrazepam.

Linzi. xx

I have the same problem. Basically you need to really focus on nothing. You need to sit in your bed and just sleep. Don't think about anything else. You need to be at the perfect temperature too (so a fan might be a good idea if too warm. Or get more sheets) And just focus. Also as a hint for next year, get into the swing of school early. Start going to bed and waking up. And if you can't get to sleep you'll still get to sleep earlier than 4. And you will be able to sleep well tomarrow if u get up early enough. Now take this adivse and get to sleep!!!

Michelle !
You have to reset your body. Its hard but after a week or so it will work. Go to bed at the time you need to, even if you cant sleep don't get up! Try getting some Tylonel PM its not addictive and works great-- just make sure you have 8 hours to sleep!

Slipknot rox
get ur self super tiered or go to bed at 4 and wake up at like 7
ull be super tiered and ull go to bed early :D

You can try drinking coffee, or something to keep you awake all day until the right time comes to go to sleep. It's really important to start training yourself back to normal hours about a week before school though. And I hear apples give you energy, so try that. =)

Do something really tiring.
Like watch t.v. for seven hours straight.
Or read a boring book, clean the house.
These are things I usually do when I cant fall asleep I get up and watch t.v. for a long time.

Shelby F
yeah thats me.. haha well what i do i just turn all the lights off in my room turn on the tv watch that untill about 11 11: 30 and then turn it on mute and rest my eyes until i get bored and have nothing else to do but sleep! honestly!!!

Tylenol P.M.

thats happens alot. thats y now a couple days b4 school i try 2 restart my self by sleeping early. the best thing u can do is to watch tv or listen to relaxing music till u fall asleep


Jennifer B
just watch a movie , relax, turn the fan on, clear your mind of everything . drink some hot choc milk maybe and it help

Take a hot shower before you go to bed. Since you have to wake up early you will be tired more earlier so yourn bidy will get used to it. dont take naps during the middle of the day

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