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I need an answer, please don't think too much. Just reply: Yes or No?
It's a vital question of my life, do i go on a specific medication which may or may not heal me

Or let nature take it's course follow the Christian Science and leave it at it..

PS: IT's not life threateneng issue here...
Additional Details
Thanks all for listening to me and supporting me thru'.
Sorry if I'm not able to put all med details in here but basically it's a condition which if left uncured may or may not cause a major problem later in my life if tried to cure has a 30-40% chance of healing...and with numerous other side-effects which again medically may differ from person to person so basically it's upto me to choose!!!

It is important to remember that God ultimately lead people to become physicians and to create healing medicines. Faith works wonders, yes, but medicine can help. Use good judgment.

GO ask the wise oracle in Tibet.

Rate the disease. If its above medium-life threatening, go with the medicine. If its something small, take small dose of medicine, don't overdo it.

Follow christian science until a life threatining decision. THen ask.

Being a Christian doesn't mean you can't take medicine... that is foolish. We appreciate and recognize medicine just like any other non-Christian person.
What we don't do is put our full 100% faith into something other than God.

I would suggest that you try the medication and do you best to take care of yourself. If you don't see improvement in a couple of months, then stop taking it.

No, I would leave it to the Christian ways.

Ryan D

No..meaning don't go on the medication...maybe some homeopathic remedies


obviously, the last answer will be yours, but if i was in your situation, i would just be a good christian.


Most medications just patch the problem. If you start taking the medication, and stop taking it in the future, the problem just gets worse. Let nature take its course and try to find a natural remedy.

natural is better than chemicals, i dont even take aspirin

Whipper Snapper!

Go on the medication!!, maybe the way for you to get healed is by taking it and maybe this is Gods way of helping you heal.

Yes, go on the medicine.

If the doctor recomends it, than I guess you could try it

yes to the meds


Yes Yes Yes

yes and no.. can you live with the consequences. up to u

I had to decide the same thing with Multiple Sclerosis. Try the med. I know God gave these people the brains to make these meds. and it may help. Good Luck!!


Ray M
if its not threatening, let it be

Yes take the medication

hecla 1
those 2 are total ends of the Spectrum....meds or no.....there is also the natural course, using diet, and herbal/vitmain supplements a lot of times....the natural route is a good choice initally, then if the problems persists or worsens, medication may be needed.....JMO

well if the medicine is not gauranteed to help id say no..try a holistic approach

I would research the drug to see if there are more benefits than negatives. I think God gave us meds and doctors for a reason - to use them.


All drugs have side effects, so unless you absolutely have to take it, I would try and avoid unnatural chemical compounds being put into your body. Try exercising and eating fruits and vegetables, and meditation to clear your stress and mind and your illness will magically go away.

Why Do You and I Do What We Do
No, let nature takes it course.

Just trying to help
As long as the medicine's not hurting you, there's no reason not to go on it.

If its not life threatening, why is it a vital question? You're contradicting yourself. Try the medication. If it doesn't work it wasn't meant to be...

YES. Go on a specific medication.
Don't leave things to chances and superstitious.

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