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I`m Going grey at 25 what can i do?

Are you worrying about something and getting stressed? Maybe it's your job. Try relaxing a bit more.

You can either dye it a colour,shave it off or learn to live with it.Ive been going grey too since about 25.

sofia k
just dye it!
although 25 is an unusual age to be getting grey hairs!

go to the chinese herbal shops they will give you sum special stuff my boyfriend got it and it worked wonders

stop worrying about it

and they do say if you go grey you wont go bald

Siany babe
I havent got a clue but until you get a better answer just try to take it like a man!!!

rory b
i have a boy in my class at school who has already gone completeley grey and he is 15. He dyes it. His dad went grey at the age of 10. It's probably in your genes. You should eiter dye it or go grey and be proud!

Senel A
Leave it. Don't just leave it, draw attention to it. It gives you an air of maturity which could be of help at the workplace. Women also dig a guy with gray hair. Don't ask me why.

dye it

you lucky so&so i was 17 then went bald at20 my wife was 13 so she dyes her hair (pink&purple)she is 38

My uncle was 18 when he went totally grey,the only thing you can do is, either go grey gracefully, which isn't a bad thing, i quite like men with greying hair, it to me is a sign of maturity,
however if you are unhappy then you can get products for men, they are supposed to be really natural looking too, otherwise you could go to a salon and get them to do it, but to be honest doing it yourself is far cheaper, and it's not difficult to do either....
Honestly don't worry about greying it comes to us all, just some younger than others, i suppose you could look at it another way, at least you have hair!!!!! I wouldn't give the same response for a woman though.. grey on a-25 yr old woman is a definite NO NO....
Good luck and all the best for 2007!!

Just use hair dye like 'Just for Men'. If I were you I wouldn't even worry about it. I'd trade balding for gray hair any day.

forge close folks
If you also have hair loss shave it all off.
Get it dyed.
Some like the look of a younger man with grey hair, it never held Richard Gere back did it!!

Make a feature about it, you are more than the colour of your hair.
Be proud that you have hair and note that men (i assume you are a man?) whose hair goes grey early usually do not go bald so you should be able to look forward to a great head of hair when all your contempories are going bald ;o)
Many women find grey hair attractive but this is usually because the man has confidence in himself.

Anne Nonny Mouse
hair dye.

get married.

Well. I have to tell you that its not a big issue.
I am only 17 and I have many many grey hairs.
There isn't anything you can do about it..
Try to listen to classic music and keep yourself calm.
One thing I know that makes people have grey hairs is thinking too much... I personally think a lot..
Forget all that..... It doesn't matter!

have 3tsp of blackstrap molasses every day. it can help to turn grey hair dark again if you are lacking certain dietary elements.

But remember it could be much worse, your hair could be falling out and your head going bald!

hair coloring

Hair dye....don't worry my brother went bald at 22 and his hair never grew back.

You can feel sorry for the bald 25 yr olds who would kill for some grey hair !
A. Stop worrying
B. Ask your hair dresser for the best color to match your original
C.Shave it short so you cant tell.

Embrace it baby grey can look kinda hot i have dyed my hair partly grey and it looks great my uncle started going grey at 12 so you should me so lucky if your going to be boring then dye it a crazy colour

if you don't want to use any hair dyes there isn't anything you can do apart from wear an hat. it happens to most people just accept
it and don't worry

do nothing, you could dye it but that's up 2 u!

could be due to stress, i started going bald at 23. then i lost my job and it all grew back???

vegetable soup
honey, don't do a thing....grey hair is sooooo attractive on a man!

Nothing. Please do not dye it. I personally find grey hair quite attractive.

Do nothing mate...you'll be surprised at how well liked grey haired men are with the women!! Younger and older!!!

I had grey hair at 16...runs in the family......loved it :) and all the attention...play on it...it is distinguished and many blokes (even to this day) go and pay for theirs to be done...ours is free!!!

And as a final note...at least it is yours and you still have it!

Honey pot
i know of someone in his 70s and he has blond hair and no balding,. uses oxygen therapy. swears by it. hope this helps

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