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I like taking baths in bleach, is that bad?

Meredith R
im no pro or anything, but I could only guess that it is BAD.

My sister had been doing it for years, and I haven't heard her complain. Now, think of those who swim for a living, in competitions, aren't they in chlorine water daily. I personally don't. I don't think it is that serious, nothing that soap and hot water won't handle.
But I do know that she uses about a capful to a whole tub of water.

ummm yes, it is. very bad....wtf

im gunna have to say yeah

Name Hidden
It will start to dissolve your skin!

it is very bad

Bleach can hurt you.
I would recommed that you stop.

uh-oh! It's Elisa!
lol you don't take baths in bleach...do you have nothing better to do and just feel like wasting your points? lol. you know the answer if you have common sense. and by now you would have known the answer if you HAD taken a bath in bleach lol you are funny.

p.s. wow look at how many answers you're getting. you like attention, no?

Kea Darling

Heart's in the 808
Could be a problem yes.

Lynn A
Please stop doing that! It's not only bad for your skin but for your health too. This can cause 'female' infections!!

lol Why do you like to do this? You're not supposed to sit in bleach dear :)

It doesn't seem like a great idea, but sounds like you've survived it a bunch of times. Try getting some high concentrated citrus smelling bath bubbles. I'm sure the bleach makes you feel really clean, but for me, citrus or mint smelling stuff makes me feel really extra clean. There's a brand called Bliss (you can find their stuff at Sephora) and they have minty smelling stuff that is great. It's good for your skin but makes you feel super refreshed.


Read the label.

[email protected]
ha, okay
y don't u try and ask ur doctor? and when they tell u ur crazy! believe them

Mrs. Herrera

um, yes!

Ben W91
ewww i gota use bleach in my job all the time. i hate that melting feling and yes its bad

yuck... thats disgusting

Joel T
Bleach is very bad for your skin. I would stop doing this right away and see a dermatologist in case there are any chemical burns from too much bleach not to mention the bleach if inhaled directly can burn the Mucus Membranes causing a sore throat and eventually get you sick


That is very unhealthy for you!!!

Oh my God, this is dangerous!

i have a question for you, WHY on God's green earth would you be taking a bath in bleach? it's VERY bad for your skin, hair, and health.

Like attention much?


Captain Shrednaut
I'm surprised you aren't in the hospital yet :S

Bleach is really good for you. It makes your hair shine. Your eyes love it, too! Your skin is so happy to be in acid. Your toenails like being burned off, too!

Are you kidding me? What the hell are you talking about?

Stephen P
It should be OK, unless you like life and health.

no its fine. just make sure you have some one there to get you out of the tub when you start dissolving.

not at all, in fact, i like to take baths in diarrhea filled tub's

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