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I know this is stupid but...?
How do you get rid of the hickups they are driving me crazy!

Ever heard of bitters?.....It's in the store, take it with a lemon wedge, works everytime. I'm sure though by the time you go to the store to get all this, they should be gone, If not.......I'd kill myself. That'll usually take care of the problem too!! :)

Eat peanut butter.

come to my house and then i can clear them up for ya lol

You hear this all the time, but have you ever tried it?

Drink water out of the opposite side of a glass or cup. It forces you to trigger your swallowing mechanism while your Diaphragm is upside down, I don't know why this works, but it always has for me. Can be kind of messy though, hope you don't mind getting a little wet.

Hiccups are a spontaneous and repeated contraction of the Diaphragm. Try eating a large spoonful of ice cream fast.

count from 100 down

Sugar, or hold your breath or I've heard crushed ice works, or you can have someone scare the living crap out of you that also works!

Close your mouth and your eyes and repeatedly tell yourself calmly and slowly that your hiccups are going to go away. This is a mind over matter meditation method and it always works for me.

eat a teaspoon of sugar. (white sugar) dont know why but it works everytime.

Drink a Dr. Pepper and Burp really loud and then hold your breath for 20 seconds..Trust me it works....

try a spoon of sugar if that dont work try water

Ok, go upside down and drink a glass of water. After that have your dad dress up like Jason (horror figure) and scare you at night or day at any random time.

just ignore them, the more attention you give to them, the more important they become to you.

No one believes me but the tried and true way to get rid of the hiccups is to drink water up side down. It works for me everytime.

I usually put sugar under my tong.

i dont know if these work but u could try:drink a glass of water,eat a spoon full of suger(thats my favorite),stand on ur head,hold ur breath and count to 20,or play a game and have someone scare u unexpectantly.

Ask this girl
drink water,hang upside down,have someone scare you when you're not expecting it.just a few ways.OR,eventually it will stop on it's own over time.

Drink sugar water swallow then hold your breath and try to burp

It usually helps to just focus on anything else other than the hickups when you have them. For example, try to read something interesting or watch a good program on TV. Anything that's of interest to you... Eventually, they will go away and you do not have to stress about it so much.

ok this is a good one.....hold your breathe for 10 seconds

just let them work out

relax, its just a muscle spasm. it will go away.

have someone distract u with weird questions, then after they scare u with the questions and u get so involved into y theyr talkn to u like that, u'll forget u even had the hiccups!

u hold your breath and drink loads of water .pls do this separately and not together.

hold someones index finger with ur right hand and stare at them in the eyes for 49 seconds. try it

Fart alot in a jar and sniff it all up! Thats what I do!

Cut yourself lightly with a razor. Some people think that fixes a lot of stuff.

use your esophogas
each time you feel a hiccup spawning, smother it
try to keep your mouth closed
do this for 3-4 hiccups
they will stop after that

mary mary quite contrary
pinch the fleshy area in between your thumb and pointer finger
dont believe me, it works!!

try a tablespoon full of white vinegar. been using it since I was a little kid and it works 95% of the time.

Drinking water and holding my breath usually work for me. But when you hold your breath, take a deep breath, force your Diaphragm way out (you'll look like you have a basketball in your belly) and hold it.

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