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Pina Colada
I know this is a very gross question, but i need some serious answers!?
these both have to do with human waste:

1. what are the consequences of holding in your diarrhea??
2. if you hold in your diarrhea for too long, will it turn into vomit??

lol...ok, i need some serious answers please! thanks in advance!
Additional Details
lol @ the first answer. well i'm not sitting here holding in my poo as i type this! it's a question from a past experience. thanks for all the answers that even remotely make any sense!

Ask a serious question and you won't get a stupid answer. Or maybe as my anatomy professor used to say " There are no stupid questions, just stupid people."

Black Cat
Ummm.....try it then tell us.

If you hold your excrement in too long, you can actually poison yourself with the toxins from your poo/pee. This would probably take a LONG time though...you would just go before it got to that point, whether you meant to go or not. And no, it will not turn to vomit. It would have to travle ALLLLLLLLLL the way back up your digestive tract, which it simply isn't going to do.

why do you want to know?

well, long term effects....if you hold it in, diarrhea or regular bowl movements, too often you could end up with irritable bowl syndrom when you get older, as for causing vomit, i don't it doesn't actually turns into vomit since it is already past your stomach and in your bowels, but it can make you vomet, since it will irritate your already upset stomach

When my son was younger a couple of hours after he ate he'd start to vomit, this went on for a few days, so I finally took him to the Dr. and was told that he had a blockage (hard poop that basically was stuck in there) Then I asked the Dr. " How would that make him vomit" the Dr. said "if he can't let it out of one end it has to come out of the other" I realize his problem was hard poop not liquid poop, but it still has to "go somewhere"

Joey's Girl
what exactly have u been smokin??? but if seriously if u have diarrhea theres no way u can hold it in....lol

Tim C
it is not possible to have a serious answer without first having a serious question but it IS possible to gain two points

i was actaully hungry before i read this...not so much anymore. thats gross!

It will NOT turn into vomit, but your body may do that because of various reactions. By holding in your diarrhea (dr), you could hurt your intestines or bowels. The strenuous holding of the muscles could cause blood vessels to rupture (very unlikely), or cramps. If at all possible, use the restroom quickly. If not, the urge to go will eventually subside and the feeling will momentarily go away, but when it returns, it will be much worse.

okay....the answer for the two question is,
"Whenever you try to hold on your excreta, they will soon circulate again through your body, and will cause you to experience poisoning. They lead as well to productions of cancer cells." so don't ever try to do it.

Is it possible to "hold" diarrhea in?

logical speaking. you cant hold it in when you have a diarrhea. you use the bathroom on your clothing .and yourself as well in my opion?

I am no doc but if it is bad enough you are not going to be abkle to hold in for to long. No it will not turn to vomit that comes from the stomach I believe. I believe it is called bile by the time it is that far along

If you hold in your 'waste', you can become septic. This means, internally you are poisoning your body and you can die. Also, you can develop a condition called colonomegaly. This is when your colon will get huge in order to accomodate all of that extra waste you are holding in. There are other condtions that are just as bad. It will not turn into vomit. Vomit comes from your stomache, the other waste has already been digested and is resting in your colon.

[email protected]
no your diarrhea cant go UP from your rectum all the way back up your intestines and all the way up to your mouth, its not possible there are many valves along the way and they only go down not up. as for consequences, i dont think there is any unless your holding it for days.. if your just holding it until you can get to a bathroom or until your work/school is over there shouldnt be any problems

you have to ask a serious question to receive a serious answer.

Ron H
I cannot think of any consequence. No, it will not back up over your 25 foot intestine into your mouth.

Drink plenty of liquids.

Cris A
eww. what that ridiculous. u'll mess up ur bladder for sure

I hope this will answer your question. When you have diarrhea your body is trying to dump out stuff that is usually bad for you.

The cause can be bacterial, or even a spicey meal that upset your bowels.
That said, the digestive system works like this. first you mechanically break the food down in your mouth, and then chemically break it down further in your stomach. (this is a super simplification) The small bowel then Digest-It by attacking it with bacteria so that it breaks down for absorbtion.

In the colon, or large bowel, the water is removed from the stuff, which was basically a biological soup before, to produce a solid substance.

If you the stool is watery, the body is trying to throw off something. You can take meds to stop diarrhea, as you have seen the commericals for. However if the problem is bacteria, you are keeping that inside your body which is bad.

while you have posts that say stuff in the intestine can't come up through the mouth, medically that is not right, but you'd have to keep eating to cause a back up like that, and at that point, you would be so septic that your death would soon be realized.

if you have frequent diarrhea, you need to see a medical professional. When I answer these questions, I'm aware of the legal problem I can have if I practice medicine here, as some above have done, it is a felony.

I strongly suggest if you have frequent problems like this, you see a doc. I hope it goes well for you

no idea, how could you hold it in anyway?????

girl what is up your butt?
ohh thats right.. diarrhea!

well if you hold it in to long your a.$$ will explode


its not really smart 2 hold it in all day because it can make you sick

You well sh*t your pants.

umm.....no. your body will just FORCE it out. the next time you have to go...try holding it the best you can and see what happens.

Lucas R
if you keep it in for to long, it can hurt your bowels and no it won't turn into vomit.

kiki dee
just go poop

That is the first time I have laughed that hard in a long time. Thank you!

Pregnant with Baby #2
You can really only hold it in for so long. It won't turn into vomit, it is already to far down in your digestive tract to make it's way back up. Holding in diarhea isn't the best thing to do, but it can't hurt you. If your body wants to get rid of it that badly, it will with or without you. I have Crohn's Disease (an intestinal problem) and I often have to hold it in before I can get to a restroom. It's painful, but it hasn't ever killed me.

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