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Dialup, Avatar, Jones!
I haven't slept for 10 days?
Because that would be way too long.

the answer is no

Patrick C
Lay-off the meth!!!

Lay off the crystal meth.

BULL-**** ************** thats nothing but but full of it loll full theres nothing that could NOT BE possible, you would of collapse dum ***

Isn't that an episode on House?

try 7 or 8 days then maybe you can manage that

I have slept for 10 hours... but not for 10 days.... lol =)

Wake up! You are dreaming that you are witty and it is a real nightmare for us!


try sleeping for 10 nights...that would not be so long..:)

Gisele Taylor
Dont kno but u better start....Do u really wanna watch urself get old????........SCARY

what did you snort? =/

you can indeed go without sleep for 10 days are you on drugs? Get off and go to sleep

how many E's have you actually taken, and why dont you decorate the house or something,

jules vane
Would have to be a serious crack problem!

i don't think anyone can go without sleep for 10 days. you would feel too tired and start seeing things that aren't there.

I dont think that thats possible.Your body needs sleep too function.You would pass out before day 3.It would have a very bad maybe even permanet effect on you.

Change Your Environment
You need a comfortable bed and a room that's quiet, warm and dark enough. Unfortunately this is not always be possible. You might have noisy neighbours, a cold north-facing room, a partner who snores, furniture you have to make do with. But there are some things you can do which will help.

Your bed - put a board under the mattress if it sags, or try putting your bed in a different position. Make sure your bedding is clean and that you are warm enough, but not too hot.
Light - if light troubles you use thicker curtains or putting a scarf or a sleep mask over your eyes. If you feel more comfortable with a little light, leave the curtains open a little or use a night light.
Noise - a common cause of sleeplessness! Use earplugs if it's noise you can't do anything about - or change your attitude towards it. People can sleep through high levels of noise - it's not so much the level of noise but how you feel about it that keeps you awake. Use relaxation exercises to calm yourself and take your mind off it. Take some 'diplomatic action' - e.g. talking to noisy neighbours. Keep a radio/tape player by your bed and use it to mask other noise. And if noise from neighbours continues to be a serious problem - speak to college authorities or the local Environmental Health Officer.
Change Your Lifestyle
If you are having difficulty sleeping and are serious about solving the problem you will have to change some aspects of your lifestyle. For a start you will need to cut out or cut down on all stimulants. These include: coffee and tea, alcohol, Nicotine, cola drinks, food additives, 'junk food', slimming pills or appetite suppressants.

Here are a number of other suggestions

exercise regularly
stay up until a reasonable bedtime even if you feel sleepy earlier
go to bed only when you are feeling really tired and sleepy
if you can't sleep, get up and only go back to bed when you're really sleepy again
establish a routine that gives you 7-8 hours sleep (though individual needs do vary)
get up at the same time each day
if you're a late sleeper, force yourself to get up earlier
relax mentally and physically for an hour before bedtime
have a warm bath, do some yoga or take a light walk before turning in
make a list of the things on your mind then forget about them
do a security check - but only once!
replace negative thoughts with positive ones e.g. "I can sleep/get back to sleep"
Some things to avoid:

taking stimulants to keep you awake, or sedatives or alcohol to help you sleep
sleeping during the day no matter how tired you are
going to bed when you're stressed, wound up or not ready
having arguments at bedtime or in bed
using your bed for working, watching TV, eating, telephoning - i.e. waking activities
lying in bed awake for more than 30 minutes
eating, drinking or smoking when you get up during the night
falling asleep in front of the TV
drinking too much towards the end of the evening
worrying yourself into not sleeping
getting angry with yourself or the world if you can't sleep - it only makes it worse!
You won't need to do all of these. Decide which would be most helpful and start with those. If that doesn't help, try others until you are sleeping better. Your aim is to break the cycle of insomnia. You achieve this by establishing a good bedtime/sleep routine and by reinforcing the connection between bed and sleep.

Research suggests that people with sleeping difficulties tend to be more worried, depressed, unhappy and anxious than others, although apparently cheerful, calm and confident people can also suffer from insomnia. If you are stressed or anxious here are a few suggestions:

change or resolve the things causing you stress when possible
accept situations you can't change
keep your mind and body as relaxed as much as possible throughout the day
give yourself enough time to do the things you need to do -including eating
don't take on too much and avoid unrealistic demands
live in the present, rather than worrying about the past or fearing the future
talk to your partner if there are problems in your relationship
have some relaxing, non-competitive activities - something you do just for pleasure, for fun
give yourself some 'quiet time' each day
practise a relaxation technique or breathing exercises regularly
There is a lot of help available. There are numerous books on relaxation. You may find that your college runs a relaxation group. At the University Counselling Service we regularly run anxiety management groups for students. In addition see the UCS leaflets on Simple Relaxation and Anxiety.

Self Confidence
Research also suggests that people who suffer from insomnia tend to be less confident and have lower self esteem than others. Therefore anything that you can do to increase your confidence or improve your self esteem is likely to help you sleep better. Once again there are very many self-help books available, or you may prefer to consult a counsellor.

If you have been suffering from insomnia for some time you may be depressed. Signs to look out for are:

waking in the middle of the night or early morning and unable to get back to sleep
loss of interest, energy and appetite
aggression and anti-social behaviour
aches and pains that have no physical explanation
If you are depressed it makes sense to seek some help. Speak to a college nurse, see your doctor or make an appointment to see a counsellor. Refer to the UCS leaflet on Depression.

Food and drink
There are some foods and drink which interfere with sleep, particularly if taken just before bed e.g. very rich foods and alcohol. It's therefore wise to avoid or cut down on these before sleeping. On the other hand, there are some foods that are thought to aid sleep. Here are some suggestions:

if getting to sleep is the problem, eat a carbohydrate-high meal 2 hours before bed
if staying asleep is the problem, have some bread and honey or a bowl of cereal at bedtime
have a warm milky drink at bedtime
some people find herbal teas soothing and helpful, especially camomile
hot water, lemon and honey or hot red grape juice are good alternative hot drinks
Sleeping Pills
If you are wondering about taking medication to help you sleep, speak to your doctor. It is also advisable to consult your doctor if you are already taking medication and are concerned about the side-effects or are thinking of stopping.

Alcohol and sleep
Alcohol is more disruptive to sleep than caffeine! Your body will produce adrenaline to compensate for the alcohol in your system. Alcohol also makes you thirsty. Both cause you to sleep fitfully or to wake. You don't have to give up alcohol altogether but in the interests of solving the problem of sleeplessness and establishing a healthy sleeping pattern, why not think about cutting down - perhaps by not drinking late at night or by deciding to have a number of alcohol-free days a week.

If you are concerned about the amount you are drinking or think you might have an alcohol problem, speak to your doctor, a college nurse or a counsellor.

Anger and Sleep
'Bottled up' anger could be the underlying cause of your sleeplessness. If this is true for you:

figure out why you feel quite so angry
address or remove the cause of your anger
where there is nothing you can do about it, accept and understand your feelings
do some physical exercise; this might help you get pent-up anger and frustration out of your system
if you are depressed or grieving (anger can be a feature of both) make sure you get the support that will enable you to deal with your feelings.
Much of the above applies to other feelings, although anger can be particularly troublesome.

Mental games to help you sleep
There seem to be two schools of thought on this subject - those who believe that mental games can send you to sleep and those who believe that they stimulate your mind and keep you awake!

If you think they might help you, here are a few examples:

Word games
spell long words and sentences backwards
think of a poem or song then count how many a's or b's there are in it
work your way through the alphabet thinking of a four-letter word beginning with each letter
repeat long pieces of poetry or prose
Imagination games
recall in great detail a favourite painting, piece of music, place
imagine a storm raging outside while you are safe and warm in bed
visualise yourself sinking into your bed until you can't tell where your body ends and the bed begins
make your mind a complete blank then imagine a pleasant colour and prevent it from taking any form.
And yes, if all else fails, you can always count sheep!

Getting additional help
The focus of this leaflet has been self-help. You may, however, feel that you need some help in dealing with your sleeping problem. There are a number of people who can help you - a college nurse, your doctor or a counsellor here at the University Counselling Service. You needn't feel bad about having to ask for help - insomnia is not a trivial matter. It can be debilitating and, once established, it can be difficult to shift - professional help and encouragement may be just what you need.

Why haven't you slept for 10 days? Is it stress related or are you just trying not to sleep?

Christina T

take a sleeping pill and don't take too many or u can get sick.
eat healthier, like don't drink caffine before bed. or go to a doctor
if you feel tired but can't sleep, have a friend drive you there.
if you feel like you've had sleep, go ahead and drive yourself

That sounds impossible. The fact is you can't live normal without sleeping for more than 5 days.

I would suggest you to take a good sleep now otherwise soon you will sleep forever.


**Super Baby**
Improper use of the question mark !!

But I do agree, that would be way too long.....

Kinda Weird
LoL - true...

My limit is about nine hours of sleep.

but normally six.

you havent slept for 10 days because that woud be too long

That's crazy!!! I have gone over 2 before and it is true, you do begin to see things!

Then that means you have a PROBLEM!!

Michael B
I don't know what in the world you are saying or asking, but that does make an interesting question. What symptoms would you start to show if you were to go without sleep for 10 days?

well by rights you should be dead. so you must have had some sleep. best thing is to go to yr doctor for this. longest i have stayed up for is 3 days and nights due to depression. i went to the doctors and got sleeping tabs which i hated to take but made myself and after a wk was able to stop them and got back to normal sleeping patterns.

you're going to have to sleep on the floor... damn gravity got you again!

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