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I haven't been able to keep anything down today and now i'm starving, what should i try to eat?
i need to eat something but im scared of just vomitting it back up. what do i have the best chance of keeping down?

Richard K
Start with saltines and flat soda pop -- Ginger ale, etc. Get the liquids and sugars into your blood. And seek medical advice if this persists.


Joan McBitch
Toast is best. Dry good. Wet bad.

When I'm sick i eat Saltines and Gingerale.

SOmething dry like bread or crackers without anything on it.

You want something bland. No dairy. No spices or salt. No fruit or fruit juice. Soda crackers (or low/no salt saltines are ok) and water. If you have cereal, try a handful of Kix, plain Cherrios, corn flakes, or rice krispies (dry - no milk).Try very small amounts at a time. Only a few bites, wait 30 minutes, a few more bites.


youve got a hangover.. eat a piece of toast

either a few saltines and some Ginger ale or a piece of dry toast and a cup of tea...go slow...feel better

Milk will settle your stomach, chicken soup and bread.

Terry Z

The best thing to do is drink lots of liquids. Thats the only thing that will help you right now. Because right now your stomach needs to rest from food. So don't force yourself to eat.

Try a slice of dry toast.

Ginger ale, and toast or saltine crackers.

saltine crackers, toast, broth

Ian's GFFFFF!!!<333333
Well, whenever I am sick, I eat some soup and I drink Gingerale or water. Milk will only upset your stomach, so avoid milk. Maybe eat some crackers, too.......
Dont eat like you normally do for 1 or 2 days even after feel better, cuz u might have a bad reaction!!!
i hope i helped!!! good luck!!!
i hope u feel better!!!

Fireman "T"
Try toast, crackers, broth, soup. Hope you feel better!

chicken broth and crackers, milk if no fever, make sure everything is bland, no spices. Hope you feel better soon.

super girl
eat some soup,nothing too greasy.then go slowly on solids,like crackers and toast ,then when your stomach feels good with that,you can eat your regular foods.thats how i do it,and it works.

David E
....drink lots of hot water , if you can get it - chinese congee -insipid but somewhat nutritious...when attempting to eat solids cut them into small pieces and chew thoroughly

-) Soup
-) Apple sauce
-) Bananas
-) Yogurt cups
-) Jello
-) Grits or rice
-) Ramen noodles

Jello. Don't take huge bites, either. Nibble it.

Shelly t
omg don't have any dairy products. Stick with things like gatoraide with electolites. gingerale. crackers. mostly fluids. make sure plent of fluids. If you get dehydrated it will make you throw up even more till you can't stop.
just had to take my 4 year old to the hospital. hooked up to iv bag for fluids. you should be better in 24-48 hours. don't worry so much about the food as the fluid.

Florida Mom
the BRAT diet.


Michael is right, chicken broth and a couple of crackers. Sorry you're sick, hope someone is home to get it for you.

Michael b
soup(broth) maybe a little cracker

Bad Kitty!
From the University of Wisconson Health Services:

After controlling nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea with a clear liquid diet for 24 to 36 hours, start to add bland solids, while continuing fluid intake. To prevent a recurrence of symptoms, a bland diet should be taken for 24 to 48 hours before resuming a regular diet. These foods include:

toasted white bread with honey or clear jelly; avoid butter or margarine
soda crackers
white rice (no butter)
Cream of Wheat or rice cereal (no milk)
applesauce or bananas
boiled potatoes
baked or broiled fish or poultry without skin or fat
cultured dairy products (e.g., yogurt, cottage cheese, buttermilk) but not milk

Gradually resume a usual diet after 24 to 48 hours of eating bland solids if symptoms improve. It may take several days before normal bowel function returns.

You know who I am!!!!
Any time i get sick, i always eat a watered down soup with very few solids in it, and crackers...start with the crackers first before you try the soup tho, if you cant keep crackers down you definitely cant keep soup down.

For a drink, water or some sort of clear soda like sprite, sierra mist or 7 up is the best thing.

Avoid any sort of dairy product, ecspecially if you have a fever ( and im guessing you do) because your body temperature is higher than normal which will result in the milk curdling in ur stomach making you sicker than before...its not a pleasant thing!

I hope you get to feeling better!

Wait at least 1 hour since the last time you vomited.

Then eat some ice chips, about 1/2 cupful. Then wait.

If you keep that down, try some clear broth, chicken, beef, or vegetable broth is good. Then wait.

If you keep that down, try a couple of saltine crackers and a little more broth.

Tea is good too, but don't put a whole lot of sugar in it, since sugar could cause stomach upset also.

Some other things to try once you are keeping down the broth and crackers is jello, dry toast, and chicken noodle soup.

Be sure to be checking your temperature. If it is high and you have been sick like this for over 24 hours, you need to see a doctor.

soup or water

follow the B.R.A.T system when you're sick- bannanas, rice, apple sauce, and toast. if you're thirsty, try ice cubes. those are about the only things that you won't...u no...ressurect.
hope u get better :)

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