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I get really sick when i smoke. please explain why?
i recently started smoking and only smoke just one or two in a week. but everytime i do it, i get really really sick. I immediately feel dizzy and feel like i am going to faint. sometimes i get sweaty.. i feel uneasy and sometimes i have even thrown up.

please tell me why that is??? i know i am harming myself but am i allergic to tobacco or something??


well smoking is bad enough for your health...not counting what it's doing to your body that makes you all sweaty and sick. Have you ever smoked before? Well depending on your age and your health in the first place you could possibly be allergic to tobacco...I used to have one maybe once every week or two but everytime I would have one I would get a major headache and get dizzy so i stopped after a month or so...(which i'm glad I did because it is really horrible for you) I never found out why it made me sick though. Someone told me that if you dont exhale right or you breathe the smoke in too much it can make you dizzy and get you really queasy because it's in your belly and your lungs instead of getting exhaled out. That's especially true with cigars...I couldn't even do one drag of one of those because it made me so sick. Sooo don't smoke and it'll be better for you all around! :)

no, you're not allergic, you're depleting your body of much-needed oxygen and filling it with toxins and poisons. of course you're going to sick!

silly its a warning the body put s up against danger ,, it will soon pass if u continue though .. u then will get addicted and spend $$$$$$ on that which is controlling your body and mine ,, that's what the drug companies and others want u then are their slave friend ,, I KNOW few think of the consequences of their actions biblically speaking . . as right of creation our loyalty should be to GOD and not become a slave to things or anyone .. THIS is a choice everyone individually will have to make personally. believe it or not .. bro mj

Nicotine and all the other bad stuff in cigarettes are drugs. Your body is trying to tell you that it doesn't want any of this stuff. Quit before you get addicted.

y r u so paranoic about it? i's not that the doctor prescripted cigarettes! STOP SMOKING! quitting b4 u start getting used to it, u r lucky u have these symptoms so that u wouldn't get addicted or attached to it fast, no need to know, all u have to know that it's bad and u don't wanna be a smoker, u'll smell yaki!

When you first start smoking you feel sick an dizzy because your body is saying Stop! its Poison! it is a reaction to reject the Nicotine and tobacco. i will give you a tip, i have smoked for 10 years and you should not even have started, you will regret it, you have no money ever! And in 10 years time you wont be able to run upstairs without wheezing and coughing.. Please dont be stupid, quit now

dude if i were you i would quit as early as possible because it will be more complicated than feeling dizzy or uneasy. if you get use to smoking you will be depending on it and the more you depend on smoking the more it shortens your life span...
im speaking as a nursing student just want to help out


Some people don't handle it as well as others.

Take the hint--it's time to quit before you seriously damage your body.

Go see a physician and explain the symtoms. He will know what to do.

can't you understand what your body is trying to tell you.."Tabacco is bad for your health"...STOP SMOKING! You already have a good reason to.

How much are you smoking at a time? One cigarette?
Your symptoms sound a lot like nictotine overload. One time i smoked two cigarettes in a row and had the same symptoms.
Id quit if i was you!

I sure hope you read this as a sign you are poisoning yourself. This is what is happening. You realise you are harming yourself, but you want to continue. So to you it would be okay to eat a little rat poison once or twice a week? Stop being foolish. You do not impress anyone with this. And you are harming yourself. A cigarette is a paper tube with a fire at one end and a fool at the other.

Take this from a former fool.



Under Pressure
Good, hopefully it will put you off for good.

I've been smoking for over 40 years, since I was about 13, it's not the best decision I ever made.

You will never be able to keep it to one or two a week, stop now while it's relatively easy.

Rated R Superstar
Stop smoking at once..don't kill yourself. Quit it before it becomes a habit.

Your lucky! Your one of the few people who are happy to kill themselves that actually cant, be grateful and get over it!!

Dan H
Because smoking is bad for you. It causes lung disease, cancer, stomach problems, oral cancer and many other health problems. Give it up now. There are many other ways to abuse your body that are less harmful in the long run.

Johnny's Girl
UH CUZ IT'S NOT GOOD FOR YOU! yOU'RE body probably can't handle that huge amount of chemicals all at once. Trust me, things like that don't get any better.

‚ô† Kapit√§n J√ľnk ‚ô†

well maybe you should just STOP.


Gawaine R
Luckily for you, your body doesn't like Nicotine (these are typical first time reactions to Nicotine, a poison). Listen to your body and quit smoking now while it will be easy.

You're body is rejecting the poison from those cancer sticks. if you smoke only 2 a week why bother at all. Smoking kills.

Tracy M
Why are you still doing it then???

Definitely quit while your ahead!! It's your body signaling to you that it's harming you. I think you should listen and just stop.

nick p
erm? its not really worth answering is it? just don't smoke you won't have a problem. Itll save you loads of money your breath wont stink you wont go dizzy . why do you want to smoke??

u r not allergic

this is a drug.

you are seeing the outwards effects of harming you body

why the heck do you wanna smoke anyway?

Ace Aerosmith
Because it's not good for you, stupid. You actually had to ask other people for this???

What a moron.

Perhaps it has to do with the poisons/toxins in cigarettes. Would you keep drinking drano if it made you sick? You should probably take you body's hint and stop.

Your body is trying like mad to tell you: "YOU'RE FUGGIN' POISONING ME! KNOCK IT THE FUGG OFF!"

i was like that when i started smoking, i am 22 and have been smoking since i was 13. here is some great advice, DONT SMOKE.

Brian A
Can anyone help me? It hurts my head when I whack it with a hammer. I only do it like every other day, but why does it hurt so much? Do you think I should stop?

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