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I cant sleep at night please help me?
please help me it takes me like 3hours to fall asleep at night what can help me fall asleep faster besides pills?
Additional Details
i can read a book in a night but after that im still not tired :(

milk is a good one... the Calcium is a natural sedative. there is a tea... sleepy time extra by celestial seasonings...it helps me relax. its summer... swim during the day.. that zaps me. try the tea, though, use like 4 tea bags in your cup... it will put ya out.

Read a book, go for a walk...that should do...

Lil shorty
warm milk

strenuous physical activity to make you actually tired, and start keeping regular hours. That will help reset your sleep patterns

Even though I'm 33, I find when I am having trouble sleeping, I take a warm bath with Johnson and Johnson's bedtime bath. It's originally meant for children, but it helps me relax. perhaps it might be helpful to you, too.

warm milk with honey

Wise Guy
Then you sleep 3 hour early.


having a good conversation with someone before you go to bed just to get all of the stresses of your day off your mind would help

Warm Chamomile and Lavender oil bath and and a good book.
Oh and dont forget the comfy bed .
Good Luck and Sweet Dreams
Hope this helps.

the PimP ChimP
go streaking for ten miles then you will be wornned the **** out. then when you go home you will have no trouble going to bed.

a warm bath and a cup of ovaltine-also if you have Lavender aroma. If this does not work try Melatonin found at the health store-you need to sleep!

Plain and Simple
Drink some Chamomile tea, take a bath, and get a novel to read in bed. The tea helps with the chemicals in your brain that flip the switch that lets you sleep. The bath will relax you and help you get away from things. The novel will help you stop thinking about your problems, your thoughts will be moving in different paths and you can forget your worries for a little bit. Have everything be quiet, mayber a little soft peaceful music--no news. And get off the computer, because that stimulates your brain!

This is easy. Make sure that you are not drinking to much caffein in a days time. You should have no more than one caffein drink. Also are you being active during the day? If you spent the day catching up on your soaps, your body has not been drained of its energy so you are unable to sleep. Find something that fills your life. And last dont get addicted to late night TV

drink some milk

you need to do something to relieve stress and try hard not to think of anything while you are attempting to fall asleep. thinking and worrying will make it hard. even worrying about not sleeping at night makes it harder to fall asleep. you can try an herbal remedy or talk to your doc about it as a last resort.. maybe he could give you something. also try keeping a normal sleeping pattern.

I know you don't want to take pills but there are some natural alternatives out there. Melatonin is something you may be lacking. You can also try Valerian Root. Both can be taken in capsule form. There are also some sleepy-time teas out there you could drink but I don't have any experience with those. Make sure you avoid caffeine about 3-5 hours before bedtime too. Also, you're not supposed to go to bed until you are real tired. If it takes more than 15 minutes to fall asleep then you should get up.

I am the same what helps thou is reading in bed it relaxes me
so I am not laying there with a million thoughts racing through my head.. try it

unfortunatly you might suffer from insomnia pills might be the only way

i open my eyes fast and then slowly close them till i fall asleep it takes about 12 times of doing this then iam out like a lightbulb.or a boring book works


Thomas G
put down the crack pipe-just say no, sleep will follow

As the previous poster said, try drinking warm milk. I always fall asleep when I try to watch a movie. Every now and then I will take Benadryl to put me to sleep.

If you continue to experience problems falling asleep, contact a medical healthcare professional as they may be able to prescribe a sleep Aid such as Ambien or LUNESTA.

Good luck, and I hope you find a solution to getting Mr. Sandman to visit you soon!

sara ?
stop doing coke or crack and get to bed. lol sry try jus laying there n take deep breaths in and out keep ur eyes closed. n get ur mind cleared try medetating (sp) each night before bed and in tha morning when u get up.

213 krazy killer
u should drink warm milk and then jsut lok at boring tv show and u should fall sleep lol

it work ive done it

mix all ur answers together. . .
nah man im kidding. . . i have
idiopathic insomnia and its great!!!
My body has adjusted to not getting
any sleep and i no longer need it its
1:12am here right now and im still
wide awake i've been answering
questions an here since 9:00pm and
when i cant answer anymore with an
ID i just log in with a different one. . .
so i guess my asnwer is develop
insomnia its not so bad. . . if ur having
all that trouble goin to sleep. . . simple DONT

Drinking warm milk, or Chamomile herbal tea (not caffeinated teas) aides insomnia. You could also focus on your breathing - breathing deeply and slowly relaxes you, or do yoga to stretch and relax your muscles. Also, getting out of bed and sitting somewhere low lit to read for a bit will help to make you feel sleepy. Get rid of any clocks that are visibe/turn your clocks around so you can't see them (usually knowing what time it is and how long it takes for you to fall asleep is the cause of insomnia stress). Are you getting enough excercise? Because often people who aren't physically active enough have restless sleep/insomnia. If none of this works, try taking a gravol or nyquil (not meant as sleeping pills but make you drowsy), orelse you should go to the doctor to treat you for insomnia- going and getting treated by a doctor usually cures insomnia making it less likely to return.

Amber I
Drink Chamomile tea before bed. put a couple drops of Lavender oil on your pillow.

First you need to figure out what is keeping you up:

-bad eating habbits
The rukle is to not eat too soon ebfore bed. eatingh food boosts your blood sugar levels and it may increase your metabolism. these are not a good state for sleep. caffiene should be avoided aswell (for most people). THat includes, coffee, tea, soda and chocolate.

This is the one that gets me. if you are worried, or excited, and your mind is racing then it is hard to sleep. try watching TV.
My favorite way to rid myself of anxiety is to concentrate on my breathing. this works every time for me. breathe in from your nose and concentrate on the sensations associated with the air going in your nose and out of your mouth. put all your concentration on this and nothing else. It takes 5 mins of practice and then it starts to work.

-uncomfiortable sleeping quarters
Too hot? Too cold? Head too proped up? Not proped up enough? Roommate won't quit talking in his sleep?
One of more of these factors can stop sleep and you might not even be aware of it.

Little noises are the worst. you barely notice them when awake but, if you are a light sleeper they can keep waking you during the night. So faintly that you never get a good rest. make sure the noise in your room is soothing or get rid of it.

Once you figure out what it is that's bothering you you can solve your sleeping problem.

i sometimes have that problem too, they have teas that you drink before you go to bed that make you sleepy....good luck

They Have Special Sleep Doctors That Can Help You With Your Problem. They May Have Good Alternatives To Drugs..

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