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Mr. Potato Fart
I can't take a crap?
i havent shitted in 5 weeks and my tum tum hurts how can i make myself crap? please help

You may have to take a laxative. In the mean time, drink lots of water. Fennel seed is a good natural alternative to make you go poo-poo. If this lasts another day, I would suggest you go see a doctor. We are supposed to go everytime we eat. I have that same problem and 5 weeks is a very long time. That is why your stomach hurts.

oh my that's a long time with out a bowel movement. I think it's time to go to the doctors.

Caribbean Queen
Five weeks???!!!! Go to the doctor. He/She should be able to help you. That must be painful. If you can't get to a doctor ASAP then try suppositories, or enemas. Also prunes, dates, and lots of water. Good luck.

well that sounds like a name for a homo. try anal

5 weeks isn't possible you'd be rotting inside and dead by now.

take a laxative. or stop eating cheese and fat and junk food. and start eating veggies wholegrain and stuff...

good shitting!

drink prune juice!
it's good for you.
and it tastes good!
or just eat prunes.

g homie
dude its serious hav u eaten eny pork in a few daes cuz un cooked pork meat can lead to trikinosis an not being able to pooh is one of da symptons consult ur doctor

Um if you cant poop after 3 days you need to go to te hospital so your passed the liit. You may explode so go now!

Buy some prune juice

That's scientifically impossible. But if what your saying is true, try these:

- Laxatives
- Exercising your *** to ****
- If you smoke, do so while shitting
- Lastly, ask yourself "what are hospitals for?"

Clear? Goodluck

Mix fish with milk, and I can guarantee YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO LIFT YOU a s s from the toilet.

drink a gallon of milk

OMGD are you serious? lol thats kinda funny. Well eat Plums and maybe go see the doc..

Good luck hope you will take a crap soon!! lol

Steve s
eat foods with fiber
or get some laxatives

Look in the mirror. stop being a puss* and force that shi* out

I suggest that you go to the ER now. Five weeks is too long. Ideally, the normal time a person has a bowel movement is every 2-3 days. Most likely your belly hurts because you have a lot of gas and/or fecal impaction. They'll give you stool softeners and/or enema to help you have a movement.

Do yourself a favor ... drink lots of fluid, eat plenty of vegetables and exercise regularly -- these will help you from getting constipated. Take care.

take your hand and shove it up your *** and pull it out

Hi, first you need to go to the hospital or doctor youu can damage yourself. What oyu ned is a clean out, or Colon Hydrotherapy. GOOD LUCK

Tad V
You should see your doctor. Otherwise try a laxitive.

Try some Mineral Oil.

Mix a spoonful with a glass of juice or water. Don't wonder too far though. When it works... IT WORKS!

If it doesn't work, you'd better see a Doctor. 5 weeks is an insane amount of time to be going without a crap.

King T
You probably have a blocked intestine and you will die soon.

try a laxative

Steve B
welllllllllllllll..you are in big trouble...i really think that this is impossible,but,your colon would have exploded in a week...........you need an enema........

try a laxative or an enema

Ok if you are serious then I would seriously consider seeing a doctor but if first you want to try and treat it yourself I would use a stool softner like Dulcolax or if they don't have that ask the pharmisist. 5 weeks with out having a bowl movement is not ok. So if you are serious about it, you may have something blocking it from coming out. There are other things you could try, such at a insert that will create an enima I believe you can get them over the counter, I used them on my kids when they would get constipated. Well hope this helps

look up fleet you'll be pooping in no time.

See a doctor, that is too long. You can try laxitives which are in your drug store. Some people eat prunes. But 5 weeks is pretty bad you should goto the doctor

go to your doctor, get an enema

Dave R
Prunes and Bran cereal.

- Dave (works in an old age home)

quick, go to the doctor!!!

drink a lot of prune juice.
that will help

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