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I am entering middle school,how can I be sure to stay off drugs and other bad things?
Please give me some tips. My family uses drugs but I never want to take drugs/smoke or drink.
Additional Details
Wow 44 answers so far!! I can't wait to read them all!

El Bamdito
Plain and Simple. Say No. plus i have a friend that smokes and i always tell him what he's doing is stupid. And maybe noticing the things the other kids are doing when their are high,drunk, etc. (bad decisions). Just stay away from those bad things

Hang out with the right people. If you hang out with people who agree with you about drugs you won't ever feel pressured to do drugs. chances are you probably won't ever seen anyone from middle school again once you graduate, but drugs affect the rest of your life. True friends won't pressure you into doing drugs if you don't want too. it is so NOT WORTH IT!!

Liquor,is quicker.
Keep your own mind, it's easy.
You just have to be strong so you don't give into peer pressure and make sure your friends are not the 'Bad bunch'
My school was full of them but i came out alright.

Tyler S
say no and run away and if your friends are doing drugs then there not ur friends and remember no matter what your friends say no drug is good for u

ps take it from me im in 7th grade and im drug free

Shortee G
stay away from the bad infuances!

Danielle W
Well, you can never really get away from those kind of people, but you must make sure you know how to stand up for yourself and don't give into peer pressure. I think its a great idea that you never want to smoke, drink, or do drugs. Just steer clear of people that you think might get you into drug problems, and dont give into doing these things just because you want to raise your popularity status (im not saying that YOU will, im just saying thats how a lot of people end up doing drugs, smoking, and drinking, because they are compelled to say no). I hope I helped!

Depending upon where you live middle school's are different with drugs.

Speaking from experience with this kind of thing the choice is most definitely and ultimately up to YOU. The people you hang around with that will also very much influence whether or not you try/use a drug. Peer pressure can be intense, but if your peers are really bugging you about it, just let them know how important it is to you that you stay clean, if they're really your friends, they'll understand. If they don't, find some new people to hang out with.

As you go through high school you will find out that there are some people that use drugs that are good friends, that don't pressure you. They are okay to hang out with, as long as you have strong willpower. There will be those that you wouldn't expect to use (I'm talking about people honors students and highly respected members of the KEY club) that will smoke a bowl on occasion.

Its everywhere. Its unavoidable, and chances are, you'll have friends that will use.
The key is willpower.
The only thing that can really get you are two things:
-Peer Pressure
-Curiosity (it only got the best of me twice.)

If you can overcome these you can be drug free.
Good luck.

its me
just say no, be stronger than them, and find friends that dont do drugs, or get a girl that wont let u do drugs and the other stuff

You have to learn to say no. Don't give in to peer pressure. People will respect when you stay by your own values.

Sweet girl
you should see a consular and get help.... you don't want to get into those things... you'll ruin your life. just stay as far as you can.

Well you could always try to hang out with people who dont do those things. thats not even a good thing to do. the only thing drugs/drinks do is mess up your school grades and possiblity of getting a scholarship dont even accept or hang around those people. instead try going to a movie with different friends. also in middle school there are really not alot of drugs/drinking (at least not in my area). just thing of this, if u want to live life spending money/ or using , on things thats going to hurt your future DONT DO IT

hopes this helps.

be yourself. dont let people tell u what to do or what to like. its all about being yourself. if people cant deal with that than there not good friends. and just because your friends do drugs doesnt mean you have to. dont give in to peer pressure.

cory g
what do you think someones going to shove them down your throat?
just do what you want

All you have to do is say no. I was never offered drugs in middle or high school. And if you really want to stay away from it, don't be around people who do it.

Rameez P
It depends on how committed u are to not take them and u shud learn to say no, my family does 2 but i learn to ignore the smokeing

hmm.... I'm in middle school and to me, it just seems like common sense. First of all, try not to hang out with those type of people. Second, if something does happen, just say no. And you can practice ways of saying no before hand if you want.

uh, all you have to do is say no, and dont become a victim to peer pressure. So what if your family does drugs, just because they do doesn't mean you have to!

yeah, try your hardest to find a good crowd. therse deffinately drugs in middle school. but theres more in high school/

Billy Shat
Easy. Don't do them. If anyone tells you it's cool, then say 'I guess I'm not cool' and walk away.

nothing bad ever happens in middle school. there are fights but rarely any drug abuse. But if it was somehow to occur just stay away from people who talk about it of u know they do it. i know I'm on my last year of middle school. That might happen in high school though.

Just use your family as an example and remind yourself you don't want to be like them no matter the temptations in your life.

well just make a... decision right now say to yourself, I won't drink or do drugs! and my middle school wasn't like that, where people were always pressuring you to do drugs, highschool is more like that but i've still never been offered any

lŃ—kegibberish (Be A Music Slob!)
Just don't do them. Say no and things like that.

You are a good kid. If you enter middle school with morals you'll leave with morals. You just have to stick with them.

Colin P
Avoid those who do drugs (if you can)
If you are pressured to do drugs say NO!
If you are worried about a friend, tell an adult/teacher
And don't worry, I can tell that doing drugs is against your personal standards by the way you talk about them, you'll be fine! Middle school can be really fun so enjoy yourself and never be afraid to go for help/advice.

[email protected]
hang out with good kids, if they do bad stuff then get ne friends

Christine K

Jenn Brewers Girl
Join sports, debate...keep busy. If you get around a good group of kids it'll help. Start with basketball.
And when someone tries to get you to, tell them "I'm in training, no thenks"

Candy.Baby.Love :]

Learn to say "NO" and mean it. I finished school 2 years ago and never ONCE did drugs or drank.

well get into a hobby that makes you take your mind off of all those things
or get into some type of sport that you know you will be busy with
and just remind yourself how those things are really bad for you
and it would be a good idea if you have friends who agree with what you think about drugs, and alcohol.
but really middle school usually isnt that bad
its high school that you have to look out for
just remember to be a good kid. :]

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